Bleeding post beta?

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  1. I had my first beta yesterday at Day 18 and had a 2000 HCG measurement. Was feeling cautiously optimistic about that but today seem to have developed light bleeding. Anybody else had this exyoungihmience?

  2. I too had bleeding post positive beta. A week after my third positive beta I had a major bleed. Went to ER (should have stayed home) told rest and wait. Called my RE and she also said rest. Bleeding lightened up and a week later at my ultrasound found out that all three babies (yes three) were ok-but I had a SCH. Drank lots of water and tried to keep my feet up as much as possible, but I still worked. Sadly I had a missed miscarriage with the twins, but not due to the bleeding. However, I'm 28w6d pregnant with my darling daughter. Just call your doctor, and as long as your not cramping that's a good sign as well. Keep us updated! When is your ultrasound?

  3. Thanks, maryv. First u/s is Thursday; second beta is tomorrow. Doc basically said could be nothing, could be something. But like yours, said try to relax and let's see what tomorrow's beta brings. Ay yi yi.

    Congrats on your dd. While sorry for your m/c, hoping that will give even more room, nutrients, etc. for your daughter to be healthy and comfortable!

  4. When I was pregnant with my baby I had 2 bleeding episodes in the first trimester. Both of them started just after a bowel movement. I mentioned this to the doctor and she said that there is so much happening 'down there' that it's not uncommon to have light bleeding. I put myself on modified bedrest anyway for a couple of days after each incident.

    Best of luck!

  5. drtcleader - I also had bleeding during most of my pregnancies. With my m/c, the bleeding usually started before the 5th week and my hcg numbers were always low (MUCH lower than 2000). I am assuming by your message that your 2k beta came at 18dpo, or was there an embryo transfer that would add days to that total?

    I also bled at 6.5 weeks...a pretty heavy and bright red bleed (with some cramping) that landed me in the ER, and as it turned out it was likely a second embryo that tried to stick but didn't. I am 17w now and have had no other issues.

    No matter how you slice it, bleeding is scary and it's hard to wait it out, but my youngihmi always tells me that they see MUCH more bleeding with women who've done ART/IVF, and though they aren't exactly sure why, it is common and usually resolves itself. I hope tomorrow goes well for you.

  6. That's interesting, thanks so much for your comments. Beta today more than doubled (5000) so hopefully it's just something quirky. Going for u/s tomorrow so maybe we'll have more idea.

  7. So glad to hear your beta came back nice and strong! Good luck today!!

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