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  1. I just had two blasts transferred on day 5. They weren;t expanding or hatching.

    3 of the rest were frozen that were fully expanded. I had 15 on day 5, but only 5 looked good and 3 made the cut. Guess I have bad eggs.

    My RE said the critieria to freezing a blast is that it has to be fully expanding on day 6 and I have read this as well on the SIRM website. It says and RE ..."If the blast is not fully expanded that it is most likely chromosonally abnormal. "

    So my questions is..... Why don't they tranfer on day 6 instead of day 5. Tried to do a search and cant come up with any info.

    Does anyone have any insight?

  2. The embryologist told me that day 5 blasts have a higher success rate than day 6 blasts, but it doesn't mean you can't be successful with day 6 blasts b/c I'm currently pg with a day 6 blast. They only freeze excellent quality day 5 and 6 blasts though. Good luck with your cycle.

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