BIL killed himself today

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  1. Just found out tonight that my BIL, who DH doesn't hasn't had a relationship with since I have known him, killed himeslef today. I do not know many details right now, but I am so sad and angry for my MIL. We talked wiht MIL this evening to with her happy mother;s day and all was fine. He husband caller here about an hour later and gave dh the news. Dh had to call his dad. What a lousy evening.

    I just found out that BIL calle dhis mom (MIL) to wish her a happy mothers day this morning. Everything was fine, no mention about being depressed or any issues... several hours later he was found dead. What a F-ing *** to do this to his mom on mother's day. I am so sad and angry for her. Her Mother's Day will be completely ruined for the rest of her life.


  2. Suicide is the most totally selfish act. Unfortunately the people who commit suicide are too sick to realize that. I am so very sorry for your family, especially your MIL. She is in my prayers.

  3. OMG I am so sorry! how tragic for your family and MIL, I can't even imagine...


  4. I'm really sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with your family, especially your mother in law. I can't imagine.


  5. So sorry to hear that! do it on Mother's Day is salt in the wound. I hope your help and kindness through this terrible ordeal will ease her pain.

  6. OMG, that is so very very sad. For everyone. Reaching that level of despair must be terrible, no matter what the reasons are.


  7. My heart breaks for you, your family, and esp. your MIL.

    I know there is nothing I can say to make it better, just please know that I will be keeping you all in my prayers.


  8. OMG Sandra, I am so so sorry. Sorry for you, hubby and his family. Mother's day? What a selfish b at stard. Please tell your DH that I am thinking about him and his family and just how hard this must be for everyone.
    So sad for you guys.

  9. Sandra, I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with your DH and his family.


  10. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I can't even imagine what your family is going through. Prayers are with you all during this very difficult time. Suicide is such a tragedy for everyone involved.

  11. I am so so sorry. Your poor MIL.


  12. That is so awful, I'm so sorry. Your poor MIL...I just can't imagine the depths of pain she must be going through.

  13. How awful! Your poor MIL! You will all be in my prayers......


  14. What a horrific tragedy. My thoughts are with your fdamily

  15. I'm so sorry for your whole family

  16. OMG, that is awful. I'm so sorry for your MIL and family. Sending you all peace during this difficult time.

    Take care,

  17. So sorry for your family. What a horrible tragedy.


  18. I am so sorry for your family and especially your MIL.

    I have to say though to those of you who say what a selfish bastard etc I think you really do not understand this. He called and wished a happy mothers day - this does not sound like someone who in his last act wanted to hurt his mother. Something happend/was going on with him that caused this and as a pp said he is too sick/confused to see straight. Think about take your life is a very desperate act, one where you feel (correct or not) you have no other options. I never understand why poeple think this is selfish. Yes it is very hard and hurtful to those left behind but can you imagine for a second how hard and painful life must be if you have the drive to end it? I really feel for this man's mother, I can not begin to understand the pain in losing a child under any circumstances. But I also feel sympathy for the man who commited the act - I pray for him and hope he is at peace now. Some have a difficult time in life regardless of their exact circumstances and I think we owe them compassion as well - life is too short and precious for all of us to be judgemental.

  19. So sorry for your loss....

  20. I am so sorry. When I first saw the thread title I thought how awful, I didn't even realize it was on Mother's Day (I opened it today). How doubly awful for your MIL. Things must have been so bad for BIL for him to do that. Sympathies to your family.

  21. I don't even know what to say this is such a horrible situation. He must have been in a-lot of pain and now his pain belongs to the rest of the family.

    Sorry for - well, just sorry......

  22. I am so, so sorry for your family and your MIL and DH and everyone. Your poor MIL will probably always have a sad mother's day. You and your family are in my thoughts.


  23. I am so sorry to hear of your family tragedy.

  24. That is just awful Sandra for all of you. I cannot imagine though what he must have been going through internally to do something so horrible. Perhaps he wasn't thinking of how much more it would impact him mother? Very sad no matter what.
    ~ susan

  25. Sandra -

    I am so sorry - what a horrible thing - thinking of you, DH, MIL and your entire family.


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