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  1. Hi there,

    DD is 7.5 weeks old. A VERY stormy age since 6 weeks or so (see my other thread - the 6 week storm).... in addition to this being a hard age, she was also diagnosed with pretty bad reflux. Her voice,cry is very hoarse, and we went to the ENT and he viewed her throat with a camera and saw inflamed vocal cords from the reflux and a little bit of laryngomalacia. When laying down much of the time (but not all the time) she snores, has labored sounding breathing (NOT a throat issue, just flemmy). Anyway, the ENT saw no need for any reflux medicine.

    Now she is having a very difficult time staying alseep. i rock her to sleep, put her down and she's up again upset in 20 minutes. This went on for 5 hours last night from 7pm - midnight. Then it was up every 2 hours.

    I would love some input on those whose babies had reflux and what remedies (if any) you used and whether it helped.

    BTW I'm EBF and she is a snacker - 1 bb for 5 minutes max and then she cries and about 90 minutes later she does the other one the same way. Too much foremilk? She gets p-offed if I try to force her to stay on or offer the other breast.

    Then again, it could just be the age on top of everything.

    - exhausted....

    thank you mommies!

  2. DS was never diagnosed with any severe reflux (pediatrician called him a happy spitter -- not bothered by the spit up and gaining weight). Having said that, he did spit up A LOT!! In fact, I used to think he was spitting up the entire nursing at times.

    I would say your first route would be to eliminate certain things from your diet. Start with diary (milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, etc.). Tends to be the first culprit. You need to do that for about 2 weeks to see if it's even working. If not dairy, then you can eliminate nuts.

    I went through months and months of frustration. Couldn't figure out what was causing it. Well, around 5 months, all of sudden the reflux just diminished drastically. I think in part it was the maturing of his digestive system... He's also a snacker like your DD; one boob per nursing. When I try to nurse him on both, I'm pretty much guaranteed spit up. It does mean that you end up nursing more often, but no reason to overwhelm her with too much milk.

    Perhaps you can check with your pediatrician. If she's gaining weight and seems happy otherwise, you just might only have a "laundry problem" (as mine liked to say).

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