BF Twins - my cravings are worse than when I was pg! Anyone else eating alot?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I have twins that are almost 7 weeks old (but were preemies, born at 35 weeks). I am BF both exclusively and am finding that my food cravings are off the charts - worse than when I was pg! I want to eat/drink everything in sight. I am wondering if I should follow these cravings (to keep up my supply) or if I should be trying to curb it a bit (with the food, anyway).

    I am especially craving sweets/carbs - and my little guys are getting chubby cheeks (which I am glad for...means they are doing well) - does this affect my milk quality at all?



  2. My twins are 4 1/2 months old and I have also had a lot of cravings for sweets. I don't know who the sweets affect milk quality.

  3. congrats on you twins. I also had a voracious appetite when I was feeding my twins. I ate seconds and thirds and I also downed gallons (as in many!!) of icecream per week the whole time I was feeding them. Even so I lost all my baby weight and maintained it. Now that I'm done I have to really cut back on food and have actually gained about 3-5 pounds back because I'm still over eating a bit.

    As long as your food choices are healthy or (as in my case) provide lots of calcium enjoy it!!

    oh, and yes, these craving were waaaay worse than my pregnancy cravings!!!

  4. I ate tons, couldn't get enough!!


  5. I was starving with just one at a time!

    I had several aunts who breastfed twins. One of them was still breastfeeding a toddler when the twins were born. I was probably about 10 at the time. We stayed a few days with her (okay in retrospect how did my mom justify leaving us with her sister who had pretty young babies, they were probably 6 months or so by then?!), BUT I clearly remember her eating 12 tacos! TWELVE! And that was just for dinner.

    Good luck, and keep eating,

  6. Way worse cravings during breastfeeding (or pumping, in my case) than pregnancy...especially sweets. Completely agree!!

  7. Glad to hear it's normal! DS is 10 months and I am hungry all the time. Starving. I could eat nonstop. I honestly have never once felt full/satisfied since before he was born.

  8. I was just nursing a singleton and could out eat DP 3 meals a day. He was amazed! It lasted a long time, at least a year, but I'm finally getting back to normal.

  9. Lisa:0 Oh yeah! Big time eating (craving) still happening here too. I am restricting dairy too so that makes me crave dairy more than usual.

    So it does not go away. I have made sure I have good snack available, such as granola (oats increases supply), and other fast things like green onion cakes (from the freezer, just toast for 1 min and ready, yum), multigrain bread with honey to help with the sweet cravings. Hmmm..not sure if it affects your milk.

    got to run...
    DD 2.5
    DS1 & DS2 5.5m

  10. Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one with lots of cravings. I am only nursing one and he is 9 months now. I have sweet cravings all the time. I eat lots of ice cream too!! It's good to know that it is normal to have so many cravings after pregnancy.

  11. Glad to hear I'm not alone! MJ - just curious, why are you restricing dairy? Ginorm - ice cream is my number one craving!
    Thanks everyone for posting. I joined WW (had some credits left from before as I was on WW before getting pg) and am wishing I would have waited - the portion control part of it is getting to me as I am SO hungry/thirsty.

  12. What is it with the ice cream?! I've never eaten so much in my life. It always seems like a good idea right before I go to bed.

  13. Lisa, R had a cow's milk protein allergy (presented with blood and mucos in the stool-it was confirmed by an elimination with the boys I noticed O has similar symptoms. I have not totally emilinated as I did with DD but just restricted obvious dairy. I do not worry about hidden the milk protein powder used to cover my sweet potato fries. This time I just cannot give it up. Dairy (and soy) protein is difficult for some babies to digest. In my case we see a lot of this in our family.

    Opps..DD fell. Got to run...
    Mary Joanne
    DD 2.5
    DS1 and DS2, 5.5m

  14. nursing uses up a lot of calcium so that may explain the icecream cravings. if you are restricting dairy please talk to your doc about calcium supplements. I didn't know enough about this for my first (singleton) but read a lot more about it for my twins. if you don't take in enough it will be taken from your bones and teeth!

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