betas not doubling - low progesterone - heading for M/C

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  1. thanks youngihm, and i totally appreciate your thoughts. i actually met with dr spandorfer at cornell yesterday for a consultation (felt a little strange going to a new re when i am technically pregnant) and we did talk about doing PGD in my next cycle. he recommended waiting to see what the results from hte D&C analysis show before we make a decision - which makes sense. we are going to meet with a genetic counsellor to disucss it in a couple weeks. we did consider pgd before this cycle because of our history of genetic abmormal embryos, but opted not to do it because of the lower delivery rates and given our (relatively) young age. now i think we are in a different situation....

  2. I agree that it may be time for some sort of more high-tech testing.

    I won't be checking in as often for the next couple of weeks (if at all) but please know that I'm thinking of you and wishing you well.

  3. Emma, I'm sorry to hear of your ordeal. I went through a very similar situation earlier this year. I had low betas that hardly rose, then skyrocketed. Nothing showed up on an u/s for a while, then they finally saw a misformed sac. Nothing seemed to form inside of it and we never got a heartbeat. The waiting it out between one set of bad news to the next bad news was torture because we knew it wasn't going to work, but couldn't move on until we were absolutely sure it wasn't going to work. It dragged out for months. I eventually had a d&c for the same reason you are considering ... to decide if genetic testing was appropriate. That's what we have done now and I'm 5 weeks prego and extremely nervous, but hoping for the best. We used Dr. Schoolcraft (CCRM) in Denver and have been pleased with the success so far. Their knowledge and technology is so advanced compared to even the best fertility doctors. You are asking all the right questions and I wish you all the best!

  4. thanks JW - it has certainly been an ordeal. d&C was today. and it totally hit me in the recovery room that this pregnancy is over the the whole ivf cycle was a bust. i was pretty upset for the first time i really cried. now i am feeling a little better. i am ready to move on. we will get teh results from the analysis in a couple weeks and then will make a decision on what to do for the next cycle (possibly PGD?) we are also considering switching to cornell. right now i am trying to feel better physically, focus on my 16 mos daughter and lose some of this IVF weight that i packed on over the past few months!!!

  5. Emma, so sorry about the d&c. The only half good thing about a d&c is the anesthesia and you wish that it wouldn't wear off for a long, long time to avoid waking up and being sad. Hang in there.

    Regarding genetic testing, we did some limited pgd testing out of Chicago with mixed results. On one hand, it kept us from putting in a bad embryo that otherwise "looked" fine. However, our Dallas doctor was really against it. That is the pregnancy that resulted in the below-described situation. Our dr thinks the problem could have been caused by manipulating the embryo because it was otherwise genetically healthy.

    So the next time, we did MicroArray Testing with Schoolcraft in Denver. I believe that Cornell offers the same. Schoolcraft says this type (and CGH also) does not manipulate the embryo in the same way and won't cause damage like pgd can do.

    It\'s all a big biology lesson to me, but I hope this gives you some ideas to let you ask a lot of questions to figure out what's best for you.

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