betas not doubling - low progesterone - heading for M/C

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  1. i got my BFP on monday - beta was 104 and progesterone was good. went back for second beta on wedensday and beta was 132 (140 hr doubling time) and progesterone was low - i think 16 or so. nurse told me it was unlikely that this was going to be a viable pregnancy, but wanted me to up my progesterone and come back today (friday). now i am waiting for the call from the doctor. i am not expecting good news. part of me just wants this to be done so i will be able to move on to my 4th cycle (UGH!!!)

  2. E - what type of progesterone are you taking? I know how hard it is to keep up hope, but try. Drink a lot of water, rest and relax if you can. Stressing and worrying won't do you any good, and it may be for nothing.

    Hugs - A

  3. iouliasideraside, you are right. It doesn't sound great, but I am going to hope that the second beta was just wrong, and that you get good news now. (( )) Fingers are crossed.

  4. i got my third beta yesterday. it was 196, so it did increase more than the second one (85 hour doubling rate vd. 140 hr). RE is still not optimistic. i am going back on monday for more bloodword and an u/s - so they can rule out an ectopic. to be honest, i am really annoyed. i know almost for certain that this pregnancy is not viable and it just feels like its being dragged out. i hate this waiting - especially over a weekend. this weekend we had two parties to go to and i didnt drink (youngihm docs advice that i should act as if i am still pregnant) which was hard considering that i TOTALLY NEED A COCKTAIL and i am so sure that people noticed that i wasnt drinking even though i was holding a half full glass of wine all night.

  5. Keep us posted. I'm still hoping you beat the odds. (( ))

  6. thanks for checking in. i have a ultrasound and bloodwork tomorrow morning. i'm so anxious. i've basically given up on this pregnancy, so i am expecting bad news and will be shocked if i get anything but....

  7. What happened?

  8. basically i am a medical mystery. so here's the history

    beta #1 104
    beta #2 132 (140 hr doubling rate)
    beta #3 196 (80 hour doubling rate)
    beeta #4 732 (reallly fast doubling and beta jumped a lot so now we are in the range of where there could be hope, but we still dont see anything on the ultrasound. concerned that its ectopic, but dont see anything in tubes either
    beta # 5 (this was thusday and 3 days after beta #4) 1600?!?!? still nothing in the uterus or on the ultrasound. so they are really confused but wanted to give it another few days just in case it is viable (re gave me a less than 5% chance that this is viable) so i go back in tomorrow to see whats what. the whole thing is so weird. i;m feeling like its probably ectopic, but probably implanted somewhere else beside the tubes. i havent felt anything. i know if i do i have to go to the ER immediately. honestly, i just want this to be over already so that i can move on and start a new cycle in a few months.

  9. I am so sorry you're going through this. It sounds very, very frustrating. Fingers crossed that it's not ectopic. (( ))

  10. I dont want to give you false hope but i went in at five weeks and had a beta that day of over 2700 and did not see a sac on ultrasound. i thought for sure it was going to be yet another m/c. he is 3 and half now! i hope you get great news today, let us know!

    love jpintolopes

  11. thanks for your support! so the update today is that they finally saw a sac (no fetal pole) in the uterus, so thankfully its not ectopic. as far as viability. they still dont really know. my beta was 3300 so on the low end of normal (i am 5 weeks 5 days) i have to go back on thursday adn they say that we should know more definitively then. but thats what they said about today's visit!

  12. sounds great! on top of what i told u the other day we went in at 6 weeks only a sac no heartbeat. then we went at 7 weeks and he had a heartbeat! hang in there! when do you go back?

    love jpintolopes

  13. so i was back at the RE today for what felt like the millionth time. based on the ultrasound, the gestational sac is irregularly shaped and the fetal pole is not the right proportion to the sac. my re was very pessimistic - gave me a 10 - 15% chance that this is viable at this point. we have to go back on monday and at that point, if we dont see a heartbeat we will schedule a d&c. i havent gotten the results from my bloodwork yet, but i'm guessing it is not good, as i havent felt even this slightest bit of a pregnancy symptom....

  14. Pregnancy symptoms don't mean anything. Your news isn't great but it is much better than you were expecting, isn't it? Or are you just too tired and drained now to keep hoping? I can understand that, too, if that's the case.

    May I ask if you're sure you would need to do a D&C if the news is bad? youngihmsonally, I preferred to not have one and to m/c at home when I knew a pregnancy didn't have a chance. I was afraid of scarring from a D&C. My RE let me give it a few days after stopping the progesterone and the m/c wasn't bad physically. I was in the 9th week. I know a lot of doctors automatically schedule you for one but I'm not sure why.

    I truly hope you won't need to even think about that, though. Wishing you all the best.

  15. Emma... Monday will be 6w6d, right? I'm surprised your RE would call it so early if there's no heartbeat. We went in a 6w4d, and there was no heartbeat, but we saw one at 7w1d. Some embies might be slow starters or later implanters, etc... If there's a sac, fetal pole, etc... with a pattern of growth, my RE and OB don't call it until well into the 8th week to give the slow starters/implanters some time to catch up. I know your situation is not ideal, but there are healthy babies, toddlers, etc. out there who didn't start out ideal. Thinking of you and sending you hugs.

  16. I've been following your story - I'm sooo very sorry. I'm hoping that skanavi hit the nail on the head with a simple slow/late implanting embie. Crossing everything for you!!!!

  17. thanks all for your support. i think my re was less concerned about the late implantation than he was about the irregular shape of the sac and the proportion of the fetal pole. my betas went up to 13000 today, so that is a little promising? i guess we will wait until monday to see what happens. i guess we can always wait a few mors days. re said that he usually sees a heartbeat wiht his technology by 6 weeks 4 days at the latest.

  18. youngihm, thanks for your thoughtful reply. i realize that my news is not as bad as i was expecting, and i am pleased to get some encouraging? news. i am just trying to not get too invested in the good news which i know will likely turn to bad news sooner or later. i hate to hear myself sound so pessimistic, but the one thing that i learned from my last pregnancy is that nothing is for sure until it is for sure (i lost one twin at 5 mos. at that point, i almost lost the other one, but carried her full term - with a month of bedrest at the end due to IUGR. she is now 15 mos and youngihmfectly healthy) i just look back at the beginning of my last pregnancy and think of how presumptuous i was with my BFP, the ultrasound pictures and all the planning for my twins.... i think that excitment all made it harder when things didnt work out the way i thought they would. this time around i feel much more detached from this process. i hate it because it makes me feel a little cold, but i dont think i can have it any other way.

    as for the d&c vs m/c naturally, i have actually been thinking about that today and i think i am going to ask my RE about going naturally - just to see what the options are.

  19. It's youngihmfectly understandable to try to protect yourself. I'll keep hoping you won't need to worry about D&C, etc. Best of luck. Glad your numbers are rising. It ain't over by a long shot.

  20. Emmaster,

    I had a similar exyoungihmience and everything turned out fine. I don't know if this was an FET for you, but frozen are said to develop late. My OB/GYN thought for sure that I was going to miscarry based on the ultrasound at 5 wks. I went back to my RE and he, too, was concerned, but we waited it out. Eventually, I think around 7 or 8 wks, we were able to confirm with heartbeat and sono that all was fine, although he was still developing behind in terms of measurement and due date. We continued on progesterone until 12 wks. Later in my pregnancy, we were warned that he may be down syndrome due to 2 markers for downs. I refused the amnio as I wouldn't have done anything differently one way or the other and didn't want to risk a miscarriage. I gave birth naturally to a healthy 9lb boy born a day after his due date. By the way, the same doctor who told me I was going to miscarry, didn't get across the birthing room quick enough when I was giving that final push-my baby slid out and my DH and the nurse basically caught him!

    I think you are making the right decision is not scheduling the D&C. Sometimes doctors can be so technical and this is not always such an exact science (ironically, particularly after going through such an exact process as IVF!) Good luck, prayers with you and baby!

  21. i just came from my RE. i am 7.5 weeks and measuring at 6 weeks. there was a heartbeat, but it was really slow and he thought probably will not last. i have to go back in a week and see whats what at that point. i am totally numb. RC still gives this about a 10% chance of being viable. i'm exhausted!

  22. i just came from RE yet again and today we saw no more growth in the fetal pole (still looks about 6 weeks and i am over 8 weeks) also we were not able to find a heartbeat. re thinks that what he saw last week and said was a flutter was really just my blood flow. so d&c is scheduled for thursday.

    i'm obviously devastated, but relieved that at least this 'not knowing' youngihmiod is over. on to IVF #4 next month!

  23. I know how hard this is. I'm sorry.

    Emma, when almost the exact same thing happened to me last year, I opted to not have the D&C and to go off the meds and miscarry naturally. It happened at home 5 days later. (I don't know if you're on meds or not, of course, or if this is something you'd want to do.) Sometimes the doctors don't tell us that's an option, but for some of us, it might be the best one.

    Please understand that I know that D&C is the right option for some people. I just worry that too many doctors automatically schedule one as soon as they see that a pregnancy isn't viable and don't talk to the woman about other possibilities.

    I wish you well. Take exta-gentle care of yourself. (( ))

  24. thanks youngihm. i was leaning toward letting it miscarry naturally as my doctor did present that as an option to me. i am leaning toward the d&C becasue that way the tissue can be examined and youngihmhaps they can figure out what the cause of this m/c was. i have previously conceived a baby with severe chromosomal abnormalities and have also had other ivf cycles where embryos looked great initially and then turned out to be abnormal, so if we can find a reason for whats causing this, i will be so relieved.

  25. And forgive me if I'm asking stupid or inappropriate questions (or if I'm just plain getting on your nerves!) but have you considered doing PGD in future?

    There are pros and cons and I know it's not always completely accurate and it's expensive but ...

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