Betas doubling at slower rate

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  1. It seems like most people on this board have their betas double w/i 48 hours. I am so worried since my beta is taking longer to double. With the pregnancy I had my DS my beta more then doubled in 48 hours. I can't stop obsessing! I also read that HCG < 1200 most of the time doubles within 48 hours and then when it gets above 1200 it takes longer to double.

    14dpo - 302
    16dpo - 494 (67.6 hours)
    17dpo - 714 (45.2 hours)
    19dpo - 1195 (64.6 hours)

  2. I think your numbers look great - we obsess over the doubling time within 48 hours, when in reality it is more like 72 hours. I would enjoy being pregnant, try to not stress, rest, drink liquids and enjoy the time until your US. I know, easier said then done, but I really think your numbers are just fine!

    Wishing you the best -


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