Beta Week of March 23???

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  1. Turtle- I know what you mean girl! I worry myself to death! To tell the truth when I drink alot of water I don't feel as crampy. I know that sounds crazy but hey whatever works! We are suppose to fell a little crampy because our sweet babies or baby is getting settled in our bellies. My DH is the same way girl and that drove me crazy! It is a good thing we have GREAT husbands! Try not to worry and think you are pregnant now! Everytime I go to the bathroom and wipe I thank the Lord that everything is okay. I know that is crazy but I do! I am so thankful! I do worry that my beta's are the lowest on the board. Everyone has high betas. I pray that everything is okay! I go back on Monday for another beta.

  2. Hi ladies,
    Bev, I just read your post and when I was cramping and spotting, I would drink a ton of water and lay down and it would go away. Even the mildest level of dehydration can really upset the uterine environment. And, so far, I haven't had any spotting or cramping since Monday night (fingers and toes crossed).

    HUGS to all the BFN! Luck and Love on your next round.

    Can\'t wait to see more BFP's and big betas!


  3. I just got a call and my beta has gone DOWN. I'm numb and absolutely cannot believe it. I'm praying that it's a vanishing twin, but I've lost my faith. I'm really sad.

  4. jo.psaltis-I am so sorry! What did the Dr say?

  5. jo.psaltis - I'm so sorry. Please don't give up just yet. Positive thoughts.

  6. sjg, OMG, I'm so sorry. I'm so hopeful for you that it's a vanishing twin and that your other little embie holds on tight. I will say an extra prayer for you tonight.

  7. SJG- So sorry to hear about your number. I hope that you're right and that it levels off soon. Try to hold on to the faith. We're praying for you.

  8. sjg-I know that there is no right thing to say right now. Just know that I care. Very much. And I'm sending good vibes and white light.

  9. sjg- I am thinking postively for you...hopefully, it is a vanishing twin or something...your 1st number was really strong. When can they schedule the 1st ultrasound and see what is going on in there?

  10. Hi Ladies I had my second beta on Monday and it went up to 1158!

  11. WOW Wants2beamommy,
    How many days apart were your betas? Are they thinking multiples? Congrats, I hope mine do that tomorrow, although I will be happy with a simple double.

  12. Great beta #2 aimilia - yeahh, maybe multiples. When is your u/s?

    Natalia & turtle - good luck on betas tomorrow.

    georgiaf - I hope you got your BFP.

    jo.psaltis - when are you going back to RE?

    LBNYG & reine_c - have you been tempted to POAS? Have you noticed new symptoms?

    Did anyone get throbbing headaches? Is this a symptom or med side effect? I've had it all day.
    Btw, being well hydrated does help with the cramping, thanks for the advise ladies.
    Ok, 41 more hours till beta. Thanks everyone for all the support. You are keeping me sane through this excruciating wait.

  13. I've resisted the temptation to POAS! One more day and then Friday I'll know!

    My symptoms are:
    -extreme fatigue (it's gotten worse the past two days)
    - on and off cramping
    - on and off nausea
    - bloating
    - vivid dreams

    Of course, lots of these symptoms could be due to the POI injections. I've also had what must be a nasty stomach bug, which my re's nurse says is unrelated to anything having to do with the IVF cycle (POI or meds) or possible pregnancy. So I am not sure what's up with that. Everything I eat goes right through (TMI and GROSS-- sorry). Of course, I am worrying it is a bad sign.

    Hang in there ladies! Continue to be gentle with yourselves!

  14. Len & reine_c
    Haven\'t POAS'd. I've tried to talk DH into it, but he's not budging Yesterday, I felt minor cramps, but nothing today. I can't tell if my boobs are getting slightly tender or if they're just sore from my squeezing them all the time to see if they're sore I can tell you one thing, I've been going #1 every hour!
    DH had me really confused earlier when he asked what time my appt was tomorrow. I replied 930 and then realized tomorrow is only Thursday. I'm wondering what would happen if I just went tomorrow and played dumb that it was Friday. I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time that it's happened.

    St Gerard, please pray for us and our sanity!!!

  15. much hugs sjg, I hope your theory is correct.

  16. my first beta was on friday which was 247 and then the second one was monday. The nurse said it could mean multiples but can't really tell until the u/s. My u/s is scheduled for April 7th. Seems like forever away!

  17. Sjg- Oh no! Sweetie I'm so sorry! ((HUGS)) I wish there was something I could say that would make you feel better. It's a small drop so Still lots of hope

    aimilia- That's wonderful! How far along are you? My brain is out to lunch right now so I'm not even gonna try to figure it out

    Moon- My fingers are crossed for you! Think double!!!

    Beverly- Thanks for the advise. I'm gonna try that starting tomorrow. I don't wanna be up all night peeing!

    AFM- I guess I'm the lone ranger tomorrow! DH thinks I'm crazy but I just POAS again!!! There's still a second line and it's darker that the first 4 or so I took. Stiil not sure how any of us function during the 2ww. If it was any longer I'd drive everyone around me insane!!!

    Ladies, everyone has been so helpful and kind. I've been luck to find such a great group to go bonkers with. I really do love ya'll

  18. Hellooooooo ladies! 2nd beta in: 429! That's 13dp3dt . Tuesdays beta was 195 11dp3dt. I'm PG! Yipeeee. US sched for 4/9. Anyone have any thoughts on if this number is high enough for multiples?

    Hope everyone else had a great day and I'm waiting to see some more big numbas posted!

  19. Here's a big number. 16dp3dt beta of 744. Holy cow and OMG.

    Moon- Love to see your number go up like that! It's wonderful!

  20. Holy cr@p turtle! Whatta number.

  21. WOOOHOOOO - Fani what a great number!!!! Possible multiple... Did you have any significant symptoms?

    Natalia - YAY the number more than doubled. Can't wait 'til your US

    jo.psaltis - I'm keeping you in my prayers. When is your next beta?

    freedom - my DH is not budging either re: POAS. I'm driving him crazy (thank goodness he's very patient with me). Boobs are still sore and lots of dreams.

    I've been waiting for 3/27 to come and now I'm terrified. A big part of me feel that I'm prego but the rest of me wants to be prepared for the negative. It's our last try and I pray that it works.

    ceeap, freedom, reine_c - May we all get high betas and healthy pregnancies.

  22. Oh buddy do I have symptoms. Sore boobs, mild headache, So tired that when I stop moving I fall asleep, upset tummy, hungry, mild cramping, I think thats it.

    For those of you with betas tomorrow- Lots of Luck! Hope to see more great numbers

  23. great numbers ladies!!!!!!
    freedom, reine_c and Len - good luck tomorrow - I hope we all have the BFP's we have been wishing for!!

  24. Congrats to all! Woohoo Great Betas!

  25. I just got the call. I am pregnant! I am in shock! I made the nurse repeat herself like three times. My beta was 963-- which she said is a great #. I am now 12days past a day 5 transfer. Hope all goes well for the rest of the Friday crew.

    You ladies have been such a comfort. A thousand times over, THANK YOU!

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