Beta Week of March 23???

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  1. labterea-I am so sorry! I will be praying for you...(((hugs))

  2. So I'm officially going insane.

    Despite what is now almost full blown AF, I just poas. I had one, and I was going to do it today (10dpt) anyway. I tested 5dp3dt, and it was negative--way too early.

    However, I'm pretty sure this one is positive. Either that or I can't tell the difference between a real positive and an evaporation line. I guess if it's truly positive that means I'm having a chemical though. That doesn't make me feel much better.

    However, Maria, I am holding you close to my heart and hoping for the best possible outcome tomorrow. ~Suerte.

  3. labterea - I am so sorry you're going through this. You just have to wait a day then hopefully will have some answers.

    Maria - Good luck tomorrow.

  4. So sorry labterea - I'm keeping everything crossed for you for tomorrow!

    Is anyone else exhausted? I could sleep all day! I'm 6dp3dt and am already getting antsy. Ugh!

    Hang in there everyone!


  5. labterea - so sorry...will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping for the best

    HinCali - I am ancy as well and am 5dpt. I have been tired too but haven't been sleeping well (waking up from about 2:30-4:30 every night )

    Maria - good luck tomorrow. Keep us posted.

    Mojo and sjg - How many dpt will you be on Friday? I'm trying to decide if I do poas when I should do it.

    Welcome spyridof and Natalia!

    AFM - not sleeping well (side effect from progesterone?). Yesterday had the thought "maybe I am pregnant" today the thought "I don't think I'm pregnant". Have been crampy, bloated with inconsistent low back pain still. Is it AF? Meds? Pregnancy? Oh dear...7 more days to go.

    Hi to everyone else.

  6. Woog - I'm 7dp3dt today, and will be 10dp3dt on Friday.

    Here\'s an updated chart with some new additions.

    Name, Beta
    Maria, March 18
    labterea, March 18
    Beverly, March 19
    Wants2beMommy, March 20
    jo.psaltis, March 23
    Mojo, March 23
    fciarabelli, March 23
    spyridof, March 23
    Woog, March 24
    georgiaf, March 24
    Turtle, March 26
    Moonlaunch, March 26

  7. Hi ladies,
    I'm nuts! I'm trying to force myself to feel crampy. I always have cramps with implantation, so all day I'm going "was that a cramp?" I'm a nutcase . And, yes I'm exhausted too. Stupid progesterone, it sucks the life out of you! Also having back pain. I'm 4dp3dt. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!


  8. labterea- Soooo sorry bout AF. Still hopeing everything still turns out good . Let us know! I know you've been a little down lately and this doesn't help. Sending GREAT BIG hugs your way.

    Moonlaunch- Progesterone does suck! PIO is the worst!!! I tried extra peanutbutter last time and it seemed to help a little.

    Maria- Good luck! hope you get that BFP

    AFM- DEFINITLY gonna POAS, just can't decited when. I'm 7dp3dt and was gonna wait til sunday but am getting ants in my pants! Thinking about POAS earlier, any thoughts from anyone on it?

  9. tamis61 - I am 6dp3dt...even though I actually had my ET 4 days after retrieval, the one little embie put back was not matured and ICSI'd until the day after retrieval. That would count as a 3 day right girls?

    Ugh, this waiting is killing me. Would it be bad to go out and buy tests and just resolve to try every morning? LOL At least it would give me something else to do besides trying to get the sticky remains of the estrogen patch off of me! What is the secret to getting this stuff off? baby oil?

    Natalia - i dont have a cramp in site...and for the life of me I can't remember if I had any when I did get a BFP. But I feel nothing!

    maria - good luck!

    spyridof- how are you holding up? I am having trouble concentrating at work and am spending way too much time doing oddball google searches. I have so much to do before the end of the quarter too! focus focus!

  10. Hi Ladies -

    I'd like to join you! My beta is scheduled for March 24th.

    Has anyone experienced cramping every day since transfer? I'm 4dp3dt, and I've been cramping quite a bit. Is it considered to be a side effect from the Prometrium suppositories or Vivelle Patches? Right now, I'm still taking it easy and keeping my feet up as much as possible... Any advice? Thanks!


  11. Good morning ladies, Good news form me my beta was 120!!! Looks like it's a BFP for me. I know I still have a long road ahead but soooo happy to be positive at this point.

    Welcome kathoot I did have cramping since my transfer I thinks that's pretty normal. I am also taking the prometrium suppositories, may be from that.

    Best of luck to Everyone for BFP's!!!!!

  12. Oh Maria congratulations. I'm so thrilled to hear good news. I'm very happy for you!

  13. kathoot,
    I always get cramping when I get my BFP! I say it's a good sign.

  14. Maria - CONGRATULATIONS. Hooray - our first official BFP. Can you let us know what, if any, symptoms you experienced during the 2ww, especially towards the end?

    Tapped - Welcome.

    AFM - I'm not having the best day. I had to take my almost 15-year-old cat to the vet because he hadn't been eating well for a couple of days. He had an expensive battery of tests done and I'll get the results on Friday. The likely problems are his thyroid or his kidneys. I'm hoping that he can be stabilized with meds and that he's comfortable and happy. Getting old blows. Also, I'm not feeling any pregnancy symptoms and my heart is telling me to expect a BFN. The last time I was pregnant, I knew it before I tested. Today is 8dp3dt for me. I thought that I might POAS on Friday, but now I don't want to.

    Hope everyone else is feeling well.

    labterea - did you have your beta? I'm thinking of you.

  15. Congratulations Maria!!!!!

  16. That's great news Maria!! Congratulations! You are the first of MANY more to come! ENJOY!!!

  17. Name, Beta
    Maria, March 18, BFP (beta #1 = 120)
    labterea, March 18, BFP (beta #1 = 79)
    Beverly, March 20, BFP on HPT 3/18
    Wants2beMommy, March 20
    jo.psaltis, March 23
    Mojo, March 23
    fciarabelli, March 23
    spyridof, March 23
    Woog, March 24
    georgiaf, March 24
    kathoot, March 24
    Turtle, March 26
    Moonlaunch, March 26
    Ariel, March 27

  18. Maria - Congrats! Hope beta doubles!!!
    You BFP is a great start to the many to follow...let's get 100% girls!

    jo.psaltis - sorry about your cat. Mine is 19 and while she does eat, she's gotten to the point where she misses her litter box (we've had to put down puppy pads) and is having accidents around the condo. I think I am mentally ready to say goodbye, but my dd LOVES that damn cat. She hunts her down, hugs her, carries (strangles) her. I just don't know what to do at this point. I don't have any symptoms either...and I am feeling like you are..but it is still early for us! Don't lose hope yet!

    kathoot - glad to have you along!

    AFM - same as jo.psaltis, I don't have any symptoms...I feel like I am just prolonging the inevitable and all the crinone and estrogen patches are being wasted on a non-pregnant girl. I guess I'm trying to force myself to remember that the time I did get a BFP, my first beta was 52 and that was 14 days after IUI, so even if I did a test now, probably nothing would show up yet. I didn't get a BFP on a home test until the day prior to my beta...
    Hang in there everybody!!!

  19. Holy cr@p you guys! The nurse just called and told me it's a BFP. Ummm you guys know what a roller coaster it's been. I was CERTAIN it would be negative--I'm bleeding enough that it's a normal AF, though it is tapering off from yesterday.

    I was so stunned. I actually said, "I can't be pregnant; I'm bleeding." She told me that a lot of women bleed for their entire first trimester. RE is putting me on more progesterone. I am to continue with the endometrin suppositories and also use PIO. I'm not even going to complain about an IM shot. I'll do ANYTHING to make this work.

    Thing is, I'm afraid to be hopeful. My beta was only 79, and that's not very high. Is it? Someone say something hopeful?

    I'm aiming for cautiously optimistic here!

    And just for the record, I don't think I could have done this without you guys. Thank you very much for being here.

  20. Congratulations - that's GREAT NEWS!!!! 79 is fine -- they want it to be over 50. So just relax and enjoy!

  21. Dont worry your beta number is fine! congrats My first beta was 66 at 10dp5dt and my nurse was very negative about it and I was distraught...I called the other nurse and she told me not to worry they only look for over 50 and it was going to be numbers rose as they should have and I'm 8w1d pregnant with a singleton we saw and heard the heartbeat last week. Your number is really ok! Good Luck!

  22. Maria & labterea - congrats! That is such great news

    jo.psaltis - hope your cat is ok. I too am feeling a BFN - my beta is now Monday, March 23. It's only 11dp4dt but I can't go on day 12 cause I have to work. The nurse said if they couldn't tell they'd have me come back.

    Mojo - Hang in there

    Hi everyone else

    AFM - Nothing...really feeling like it's a bfn. I am not going to poas either. Anyone else read into the nurses voice when she calls with lab results? I know it's only 6dp but I just talked to the nurse and I'm analyzing our conversation and her voice/comments etc. I start thinking they can tell or have a good idea whether it's + or a - and....I sound crazy don't I?

    Sorry I'm not spreading a positive vibe right now. Talk to you ladies later.

  23. Ok girls...thats 2 for 2....
    Beverly, you are up to bat next!

  24. hi ladies,
    I tried to start my own thread but nobody is replying...I thought I'd get lost in the shuffle on this one because I"m only 2dp3dt. Anyway, here is my story:
    This is my 3rd cycle, my second cycle gave me my beautiful 2 year old boy. We switched clinics because of insurance issues and we are actually much happier at the new one. I had my ER last friday and got 15 eggs, 8 fertilized but we had already decided to do a 3dt so we had the ET on Monday. We are dealing with a severe low sperm count.
    My beta is 3/27.

  25. YAY to Maria & labterea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ceeap: Welcome!

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