Beta Week of March 23???

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  1. Did someone say irritable? I outright sobbed for 40 freaking minutes this morning--no exaggeration--over how DH was Swiffering the floors.

    Irritable? Nah, not me!

  2. Irritable is an understatement...DH and I just got in a huge fight because he wouldnt do the dishes!

  3. Hi everyone. A quick note to say hi on Saturday night.

    Re: testing- I know it's tempting but it's scientifically impossible to get a bfp until about 4 days before your expected period. Please don't torture yourself by testing too early.

    And for people feeling depressed, irratable or bad, please be kind to yourself. We've been through so much this month: making the decision to do ivf, dealing with all of the logistics, injecting ourselves with hormones, having a surgical procedure, and then wondering if we're pregnant! Some of us work and/or take care of kids and spouses, and deal with whatever else life has thrown our way. So if you're stressed, it's natural. But this is also an exciting time - we should all assume we're going to be pregnant and think positive thoughts and take care of our bodies.

    I\'m staying in tonight and am going to say a prayer for bfp's for all of us!

    Stacy (ttc'ing for more than a year, and hoping for a healthy pregnancy)

  4. Hello everyone - do you mind if I join you? I just returned last night from my 3 day transfer on Wednesday 3/11. Beta is 3/23. We did an FET of 3 embryos that tested CGH normal with Polar Body testing. I have my in-laws coming into town tonight for the week and already am afraid I did too much today trying to get ready for them. (although no heavy lifting or vacuming) I was very good for my 48 hours of bedrest though. I will POAS on Monday morning of BETA or the day before.



  5. Here's an updated chart that includes the new people. Welcome everyone.

    Name, Beta
    Maria, March 18
    Beverly, March 19
    labterea, March 20
    Wants2beMommy, March 20
    jo.psaltis, March 23
    Mojo, March 23
    fciarabelli, March 23
    Woog, March 24
    georgiaf, March 24
    Turtle, March 26

  6. Hello Ladies- I hope you don't mind if I join in on the wait? My beta is 3/19/2009 at 9:00. I am 6dp 5dt and I have taken HPT all have been neg. Just from my experience I would try not to POAS and I know it is easier said than done. I totally agree w/jo.psaltis. Praying for all of us BFP.

  7. I know its hard but lets try to be positive! I figure at least I don't have to change the litter box, right? DH has to do it . All we gotta do is take it a little bit easy, you know, eatin bon-bons and junk, hahaha. I figure the more I get stressed the worse I feel. And lets not forget that STRESSED backwards is DESSERTS!!!

  8. Thanks everyone for reassuring me that I'm not the only one who's irritable! I seem to be doing better today overall. Hope it continues.

    jo.psaltis - Thanks for the reminder of what we've been going through and to be kind to ourselves

    Turtle - like your thinking about desserts!

    Hope everyone is doing well. We can make it!

  9. Hi all, just a quick hello! Looks like our list is growing for the week...glad to pass the time with everyone.

    AFM- just taking it one day at a time. While I do hope to get that BFP, I don't feel anything symptomwise. I tend to be the one that assumes negative until proven otherwise. Lol.

  10. Mojo- I am one of those people too because I am just scared of being disappointed. Good Luck wishing you a BFP...

    AFM-I took a HPT and NEGATIVE 7dp 5dt so I am very down today. I wish everyone BFP.

  11. Hi ladies -

    Our betas are getting closer. I was feeling very calm over the weekend, but now that I'm half way through, I'm getting nervous. It's 6dp3dt for me, so still relatively early in the game. But I wish that I would feel something -- anything -- to give me some hope.

    This is going to be a long week. I'm glad to have this board.

    Beverly -- sorry for your BFN. It's still early, so don't give up hope.

    My fingers and toes are crossed for all of us.

  12. Hi ladies,
    Mind if I join? I am 3dp3dt (or 4dp depending on whether or not you count the day of transfer ) . My ET was 3/13, transferred two 8-celled embies and one 7-celled embie and also used AH on all three . This is my second IVF, first one ended in Chem. Obviously, praying for BFP . Taking PIO. Feeling kind of down today, none of my embies made it to freeze (had 9 growing as of Friday, none made it ). Beta is scheduled for 3/26, I'm with ya turtle!

    Hang in there ladies, My dump truck full of sticky baby dust gets reloaded hourly, gotta fresh load with this post!

  13. Name, Beta
    Maria, March 18
    labterea, March 18
    Beverly, March 19
    Wants2beMommy, March 20
    jo.psaltis, March 23
    Mojo, March 23
    fciarabelli, March 23
    spyridof, March 23
    Woog, March 24
    georgiaf, March 24
    Turtle, March 26
    Moonlaunch, March 26

  14. Hi All!

    Can I please join the insanity? My beta is March 23. I am 2dp5dt.

  15. Hi spyridof. The more the merrier. I don't think I could have remained this sane for this long if not for the ladies right here. They're a great group!

  16. Moonlaunch- Sorry that no embies made it, but this round is gonna work(fingers crossed for us all )

    Is it just me or was the weekend great and monday morning at work just kinda Cr*py? I realy love being able to come home and see how everyone here is or just read and realize that we aren't alone in our insanity. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on really bad days. I wanted to say thanks to all of you

  17. Hi all!
    spyridof- glad to see you over here too! the 23rd can't come soon enough! I will be sure to go in for blood draw to make the first shipment out.

    Afm I don't think I can wait till 23rd before testing at home. I swear I am going to try and hold out as long as possible.

    jo.psaltis- are you still testing friday at home? if you wait till then, I will do my darndest to wait till then.

    hello to everyone else!

  18. 9dp3dt.
    Just returned from the bathroom--light reddish brown spotting. I think I'm probably down for the count this time around.

  19. labterea - Can't that be implantation bleeding? I hope that's what you're seeing.

    Mojo - Yes - let's try to wait until Friday -- just a few more days.

    spyridof - Glad you came to this thread. Now we can talk to each other all over these boards! We're almost there.

    AFM - nothing new. Just wishing that this week goes by quickly.

  20. Can it be implantation bleeding? I kind of figured at 9dpt, it was a little late for implantation bleeding.

  21. labterea - Does it look and feel like your period? When I was pregnant, I had spotting from 7-10 days post transfer. It was very light and not bright red and not like my usual AF. Good luck.

  22. Not has heavy as my period, and not as bright either. However, both heavier and brighter this morning than when it started last night.

  23. Can you go in for a beta or take a HPT? Tomorrow will be the official end of your 2ww, right? Hang tight. My fingers are crossed for you.

  24. Hi Ladies,
    The wait is getting closer for me, I go in tomorrow at 7:45, I'm thinking tomorrow morning will be torture so I'm planning to watch movies until they call. I've held off on the HPT (can't believe it) I think for me it would make me crazier if I kept testing.

    Amorsaldo-I feel for you, really it could be either, so just try to keep hopeful for the implantation bleeding. Do something really special for yourself

    Good luck to everyone this week!! Hopefully it will go really fast!

  25. I have what is now almost, but not quite, a full blown period. I am going in tomorrow for my blood test, instead of Friday. I even mostly made it through the entire conversation without crying.

    Next time around, huh? I don't quit easily.

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