Beta Week of March 23???

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  1. Browneyedgirl-Woohoo! CONGRATS!

  2. congrats on your beta Browneyedgirl!
    I had my second beta yesterday and it went from 90 to 358!! My u/s is scheduled for 4/14.

  3. Ariel and Browney, Congrats! Browney, how in the world are you going to keep the secret for that long! Geez, I didn't last 2 days. But, then again, I'm weak .

  4. Ariel-Congrats great second beta!

    Moon-I was going to try to keep it a secret but my Daddy found out that I was pregnant and he told everyone...

  5. Well my 2nd beta was Monday@3575! Gonna have u/s on 6th also!

    Brown- Congrats!

  6. Turtle-Woohoo! Great numbers! You have got to be prego with twins! We are hoping for twins! My U/S is on the 6th too.

  7. Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing great! The board is very quite today.

  8. I see no one is posting right now. In the 2ww for u/s, huh. Me too. Here's a funny for all to enjoy. You might be a fertility patient if... You are holding a tourniquet between your teeth like a drug addict in the staff bathroom at work in the middle of the night drawing your own blood so you can get one more beta in before u/s. I am posting this while waiting for the result and while I still have a sense of humor. As always, afraid it will come back, well down, stalled or gone. Happy waiting everyone!

    results are in: beta 17,113. I am 23dp3dt (if I did my math right). Woohoo, and whew!

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