Beta Week of March 23???

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  1. Hi Ladies -

    If anyone is scheduled to have their beta tests on or around March 23, please join. My retrieval was on Saturday, March 7 so my 2ww officially ends on March 21, but my doctor does not do betas on the weekend so I have to wait until Monday the 23rd.

    I'm completely distracted and hope that the next 10 days pass quickly. I'd be happy to have some company!

    Good luck to everyone.

  2. Hi, I am also really eager!!! I had my retrival on March 3rd, with the 2ww I will go in for my Beta on the 18th. This is my first IVF and I want to be very positive and I am really hopeful becuase everything so far has gone so well, but due to lots of BFN's in the past it's hard. I'm trying to do positive things no downer movies, books, music etc. I think that's helped! Any tips ladies on passing the time?

    I have been taking the progesterone which I've had some side effects, stomach cramping and some major bloating. My nurse said even if I was pregnant I probably wouldn't notice the signs because of the meds.

    Best of luck sending wishes of BFP's!!!!!!

  3. HI Ladies,

    My ER was on March 5th and ET was the 10th. My beta is on March 20th. The wait is killing me! This is my 2nd full IVF cycle and I am terrified of the outcome.

    Good Luck ladies!

  4. Hey there jo.psaltis!

    Of course I'm in!
    My retrieval was also March 7th, but since my transferred egg was not mature and fertilized until the 8th, my 3-day transfer was the 11th.
    Beta scheduled for March 23rd.

    Good luck everyone!!

  5. My ER was the 4th; my ET was the 7th. My beta is the 20th, and I'm going nuts analyzing every single little twinge I have in my entire body. It's crazy making.

    Both my doctor and my husband made me promise to not do a home pregnancy test, but I just got back from the pharmacy nonetheless. Not only did I buy one, I bought two. *sigh* Now it's sitting here on my desk, and I'm trying to talk myself out of using it!

    Good luck everyone.

  6. I'm also debating on the HPT. My doctor said it's not a good idea...he said it will make me crazy. I'm pretty sure I'm already there with the waiting! If you do the HPT when will you do it?

  7. labterea - imho, it is too early for you to POAS. Try to wait at least until Sunday or Monday.

    Mojo - glad you found this thread.

    I have a splitting headache. I need to drag myself off this board and get back to work.

    Here\'s a little chart for us...

    Name, Beta
    Maria, March 18
    labterea, March 20
    Wants2beMommy, March 20
    jo.psaltis, March 23
    Mojo, March 23

  8. labterea - imho, it is too early for you to POAS. Try to wait at least until Sunday or Monday.

    Really? So if I hypothetically already did it before I saw this message, and it was quite negative, there's still maybe possibly a chance of it being positive if I test again next Monday-ish or so?

  9. Really? So if I hypothetically already did it before I saw this message, and it was quite negative, there's still maybe possibly a chance of it being positive if I test again next Monday-ish or so?

    You\'re funny! You shouldn't be upset if you got a BFN today.

  10. Hi Girls,

    Are any of you having cramping? I have had them since day of transfer (actually before transfer). This is really scaring me! I feel like AF is coming any minute!!!

  11. No cramping fact, I don't feel anything...well, no wait, my stomach felt a little tight yesterday, but I guess I just attributed that to the two estrogen patches on stuck on my belly.

    Has anyone used these before? Any notable side effects that seem to be universal?

    Hope everyone is feeling good, having positive thoughts, and staying away from poas!

    I was not as much of a "couch potato" for the full 48 hrs after transfer that was recommended. Stayed put mostly the first day, but I did go to my desk job, the next.

    Also pretty hard to laze about when a my 2-yr dd is needing to be taken care of. My DH is good, but not that good!

    I guess I may be naive, but I think whatever is going to happen in there is going to happen. Does that make sense or am just stupid?

  12. I am on the patches too...they are itching me like crazy!

  13. Hi! looks like I am on the same track. ER was 3/7 and 3/12 ET . We just transferred 1 as we have almost 3 year old twin boys from 1st IVF. 2nd IVF and FET were not successful. I hated just putting 1 back but we cannot handle twins again. I also have a lot of cramping. From my successful IVF I also had a lot of AF type cramping but I don't remember if it started this early. I would never be able not to hpt, for me it would be far more stressful to wait for the Beta. I want to be emotionally prepared!! Good luck everyone. My Beta is 3/24.

  14. I'm not on estrogen patches, but am on PIO shots. Anyone else? They're a pain in the butt. Literally.

    I was pregnant once before (lost at 12 weeks), and just looked back in my journal from that 2ww. I didn't have any real symptoms until 7dp3dt, so I'm going to try not to obsess for a few more days!

    Hopefully the weekend will go fast for all of us. I hope that we all get BFPs next week.

  15. sjg - when are you going to start poas'ing? LOL
    I will take my cue from you! I was going to try and hold out till a week from tomorrow. You think we can try earlier?

    aimilia - where are you putting your patches?
    Mine don't seem to itch yet, but I think I put them in a bad spot cuz all I see is a ring of fuzz around the edges from my clothes rubbing on it. Maybe my thigh would be better?

  16. they are on my belly just below my belly button...I use two of them at one time and the nurse said to use them on the same side...i have the same ring of looks really gross...i just got out of the shower and they keep trying to come off..luckily i get to change them skin is red underneath where it is itchy

  17. Hi everyone -

    Mind if I join? I just did a four day FET yesterday and already I'm going crazy. We only trsfrd one because of a previous second trimester loss at 23 weeks (twins).

    I have had a cold all week and am really cheering my body on to do both, fight a cold and allow for implantation! I too am wearing two of the patches, oh the itchiness and red little bumps

    I don't have a set date yet for Beta but believe it will be around 3/24.

    What\'s everyone doing to keep busy?

  18. Andrea: Welcome. Hope you kick your cold soon.

    Mojo: We can see how we're feeling when it gets closer. I'm thinking that I'll test on Friday - so just one more week to go.

    Maria, labterea and Wants2: You're getting close. By this time next week you'll all know.

    Have nice weekends, ladies.

    Name, Beta
    Maria, March 18
    labterea, March 20
    Wants2beMommy, March 20
    jo.psaltis, March 23
    Mojo, March 23
    Woog, March 24

  19. jo.psaltis I was thinking Friday too! Great minds think alike!! Ha ha. Or at least two anxious women! I have 2 tests and I swore to my dh that I would buy more.

  20. I'll play too!!!

    Transfered on 2 embies Tuesday, (thats all I made) But RE office can't get me in til 26th!!!! I CANT WAIT THAT LONG Gonna HPT I think sunday the 22nd?

  21. For those of you who test when will you start?


  22. Hi girls, I've decided not to POAS! I did a test a couple of days ago (my beta's on the 18th) it was way too early! Just looking over the other threads many gals don't see a posititve until the beta for my sanity I'm not doing it, just vowing to you ladies

  23. I'm with you Maria. I'm not going to POAS either. As much as it's torture to not know the outcome. I'd rather have as many days possible with at least the hope that I might be pregnant.

    I'm really trying not to read into anything, but I feel very PMSy. My lower back aches and I'm very irritable Anyone else feeling this way?


  24. I feel that exactly! Right after the transfer I felt really bloated and more GI cramping, now it feels like more menstral symptoms. looking at some of the other threads it looks like other girls felt the same way and still got a BFP. Like you said Andrea I'm doing everthing to try not to look into it but it's very hard. Good luck to everyone this weekend, we should all do something really nice for ourselves!

  25. I'm going to try to resist the HPT...they are calling my name though...I have resisted so far because I know it's too early...I think I will give in next week though...I have a transfer was on the Tuesday,the 10th...I havent left my house since...I really havent done anything since I'm too scared! But I have cabin fever...are any of you doing anything besides being a couch potato? Am I being too careful for nothing?

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