Beta - week of April 7?

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  1. Gina, I'm so sorry. Each negative is simply soul destroying. Trying again is the best medicine, though. I'm crossing my fingers that this next IUI cycle works for you.

    This successful IVF#2 cycle of mine started just two days after IVF #1 ended in a BFN. Getting right back on the crazy horse is the only thing that worked for me emotionally and mentally. As it turned out, it worked physically too!

    EB, how did today's beta turn out? I'm thinking of you and hoping the news was great.

    NW, good luck with your beta tomorrow. I found out today that my clinic does weekly prenatal u/s until 8-10 weeks when their patients "graduate" to an OBGYN. I'm really relieved about that, because the uncertainty would drive me crazy.

    AFM, I received the 2nd beta result today and it more than doubled! The relief is huge:
    14dpo = 193
    16dpo = 531

  2. Tango, that's great news and I'm sure it's a relief! And, you are so lucky to get all those US! I'd just get one on the 27th (which is almost 7 weeks) and then another at 9 weeks and then I graduate (hope I make it that far though, as tomorrow's the first hurdle!).

  3. Gina - I know you dont wanna hear a bunch of "I'm sorry" but my heart is aching for you, my first IVF was BFN and in order for me to overcome it I had to grieve all by myself as I prayed and ask God to give me the strenght to make it through. Starting your next cycle rite away is a healing pill to help you get through this heartbreaking time. Just stay focus and God will make a way.

    Tango - excellent numbers, I am so bumbed that I dont get to do my second beta until monday, but I'm trying to keep my mind of it and let nature take its course. When is you next beta scheduled? U/S on Monday..... wow my U/S is not schedule until April 28.

    mmanap - Good luck on your next beta tomorrow, I hope it more than double, I'm sure it will. good luck with that.

  4. Of course I already knew before i went....All the -----HPTS

    I do have some good news. I asked about what i could do for paying the second cycle and lo and behold..the billing dept screwed up...They billed my insurance (I have no IF coverage) and they paid almost half....Sooooo I have about a 3700 credit at the RE and the finance lady said..she will only bill me for the IVF part and bill my monitoring ie US and BW to the insurance. (approx 3200$)

    Bottom Line...I only have to come with about 2k to start a new cycle and she said she would help me get meds for free...YAyyyyyyyyyy

    So I will be cycling again beginning of May..3rd times a charm right.

    congrats to all BFP's and I am so sorry for all the BFN's I feel your pain.
    Good luck to everyone...see you on the May Boards.


  5. Angela, I'm so sorry about the BFN, but it's great that your clinic is going to make cycling again more affordable for you. I really hope your next cycle is the one that works!

    EB, any word on your beta? I hope it looked good.

    AFM, I got my second beta back and my clinic is pleased, so I guess I'm going to trust that things are going ok for now. It didn't quite double, but it was close:

    9dp5dt: 67
    11dp5dt: 127

    No more betas for me. The ultrasound will be 4/27. That's a long wait!

  6. Angela, that's great news on the financial front. It's wonderful that your insurance paid a portion of it, and that the clinic will find free meds for you. I'm excited for you, and think you're incredibly strong and courageous to try again.

    EB, Gina, Lisa & pragkou, I'm still thinking of you.

    Erolleype, GL for your 2nd beta on Mon. Here's to skyrocketing #s. The wait is excruciating, but I hope you get good news Mon.

    NW, that's close enough. I'm glad your clinic is happy with your #s and that you have your u/s scheduled. Wow, that is indeed a long wait.

    AFM, my u/s has been moved to Wed. for scheduling/work reasons. Hey, I'm not complaining. At least it's not a 2ww. No more betas for me either - clinic is happy with the doubling rate.


  7. Tango, my clinic is telling me I have to do beta, progesteron and estradiol test every week forup to 12weeks. I know you said no more beta for you, but do you have to do any other b/t? For me to do blood work every week its way too expensive, its like $300 a week. Are you still on meds?

    Angela, I'm glad that post BFN is working out in your favor. God will make a way, just continue to believe and stay strong.

    mmanap, congratulations on your numbers, things seems to be looking good for you. Can i ask what meds you're on and for how long?

    Gina, EB, Lisa, pragkou you are all in my prayers, just keep the faith.

    AFM - I'm still on the prgesteron shots and the estrogen patches, It seems like will will be on these meds for another 12 or so weeks, (SUCKS). My RE said that they have to monitor my levels for them to determine if they need to increase or decrease the meds. Will update you'll on Tuesday with my results as Monday here (Bahamas) is a public holiday.

    I wish all of you a blessed easter weekend and pray God's continued blessings upon you all.

  8. Erolleype, my clinic will probably draw blood every week when I go for u/s and I'm sure they'll keep checking hCG & progesterone level. I didn't have to go for a 3rd beta two days after the 2nd, and don't have to go in for bloodwork specifically, or in addition to the u/s appointments.

    My clinic charges a flat fee for self-pay patients for monitoring ($500) and it includes all the u/s and b/t - from baseline to prenatal. So far my insurance has paid for u/s and b/t (nothing else), so the clinic has continued to submit it to the insurance. $300 per b/t seems expensive.

    So far, I'm on PIO injections and prometrium supp. 2x day and the clinic told me to continue taking them for now. I expect to remain on them for a while, but don't know exactly how long.


  9. Heather, that's not bad at all. One flat rate is what I need, but I will check with my Insurance to see if they would cover the b/t, I'm pretty sure the u/s would be covered. If not, its gonna be hard for me to continue with the weekly b/t as DH and I would not be able to aford it much longer. When DH heard about the $300 weekly he was very upset, so I will have to talk to my RE to doing the b/t maybe every other week.

    other than the $$$ i'm feeling great. how's every one esle out there doing? Hope you are all have a wonderful weekend. Hope to see you all back online tommorow.


  10. Hi ladies:

    Well, I'm thrilled to report my third beta has more than doubled. Here are my betas:

    9dp5dt: 67
    11dp5dt: 127
    16dp5dt: 1145 (today)

    I calculate doubling would have been about 762; betabase median for singletons is 1234. So, I'm closing in on the median and feel much better about things. Now I think I can wait a bit more patiently for the US on the 27th.

  11. NW, that's fantastic news. Congratulations with the beautiful 3rd beta. The wait for the u/s is torture! I thought the 2ww was hard, but man! I wish my clinic would've done a 3rd beta, because waiting without any feedback has been tough.

    My first prenatal u/s is tomorrow and I'm quite anxious about it. GL with the 2 weeks you have to wait until your 1st u/s.

  12. Hi Girls, - I just wanted all of the BFP to know how happy I am for all of you and that I you are all on my mind. Have happy and healthy pregnancies!!! I will continue to check in to see how the u/s go!!
    xoxoxox Lisa

  13. Hi Lisa, that is so sweet of you, thank you. I hope you get your BFP on your next cycle in July. All my fingers and toes are crossed!

    AFM, my 1st u/s brought unbelievable news: we saw 3 sacs! We're still in shock, but very excited and slowly coming to terms with this huge, unexpected development.

    14dpo = 193
    16dpo = 531
    23dpo = 7,906


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