Beta - week of April 7?

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  1. I'm so bummed. got a BFN this morning. DH thinks it doesn't count because I had got up to pee in the middle of the night so he said that ruined things for this morning's test.
    I am more nauseous this morning and my sense of smell more enhanced. all the symptoms..sore boobs, heavy uterus feeling. If I'm not pg this is the best simulation ever! I really hope the hpt was wrong. With my dd my beta was only 34 at 12dp so that is making me not give up entirely.

  2. one more thing:
    mmanap and Erolleype-congratulations!
    Lisa, Gina and anyone else who got an early - please don't give up hope. hang in there. I am trying!!

  3. Thanks to all of you (Gina, mmanap, pragkou and all) for the thoughts and prayers. Just keep the faith, and never give up.

    We transfered 2, twins will be like music to my ears. So I will update you'll with the count tomorrow, I can't wait to see what it is.

  4. Still BFN BFN BFN BFN BFN BFN....9dp3dt
    anyone have an extra 10k to spare for my next cycle?

  5. Angela, sorry for your results, but you do still have a couple more days and it is possible to still get a positive. Try to hang in there!

    Good luck to those of you getting your betas tomorrow! I'll be checking in frequently hoping to hear your results. I hope we get a lot of BFPs tomorrow!

  6. Good Morning,
    mmanap- Congrats!!!!

    AFM- I POAS this morning and still a BFN, but on the other hand no sign of AF- so I am still holding out hope. Its not over yet, it still could happen.

    Anyone else test today?
    Erolleype, pragkou, TTTang and chomphoo- good luck with BEta today. Keep us posted.

    Erolleype- Beta 4/6
    pragkou- Beta 4/6
    Emine- Beta 4/6
    chomphoo- Beta 4/6
    sara- Beta 4/7
    mmanap- Beta 4/7
    ginac7273- Beta 4/7
    natasa- Beta 4/7

  7. another negative hpt. Already thinking about next cycle. I have 3 frozen blasts.
    Best of luck to everyone

  8. pragkou and Gina, sorry for the HPT results. I know it's still possible for you both to get positive betas, so I'm still hoping for the best.

    AFM, I POAS again today and it looked about the same as yesterday. Should I be concerned that it's not getting darker? I know the tests aren't supposed to be quantitative, so maybe it all just depends on concentration in the urine at that particular time and I shouldn't worry. But, I am a bit worried. Tomorrow's beta will hopefully reassure us (or not).

  9. I did my beta at Cornell today so I POAS this am and it was a BFN. No surprise but very sad. Just waiting to hear from the hospital. Congrats to all the BFP's out there. EB

  10. Hi ladies,
    JUst got the result from my beat and its 198.7, I can't express enough how excited I am, Thank you all for you kind word of encouragement..... we all need encouragement because theses cycle are like a roller coaster ride. Its just too much.

    Hopefully we will be hearing soon from Tango and Lisa.

    pragkou did you get the results from your beta yet?

    Gina, dont give up hope yet!!!! I'm praying for you.

    mmanap, EB, Angel, good luck on you Beta tommorow.

  11. Congrats, Erolleype! Should you change your name to "yuptwoothers"? Could be twins with that number, right?

    Sorry about your results EB. I cycled several times at Cornell with my own eggs, before moving onto DE. Although I never got a BFP with them, you are definitely in good hands and hopefully they will have a good plan for what to do next. Good luck.

    I hope we get some more good news from the other betas today.

  12. Erolleype - congrats!!!

    pragkou - Gina - EB - so sorry you're with me
    My BETA is in - BFN

    It seems as though a bunch of us live in NY.
    EB and mmanap- I see that you go to Cornell. What do you think of them? I go to RMA. I love my doc - he gets backs to me in seconds any time I need anything and he truly cares. I get one on one attention and I think he is awesome however, I just got my 3rd BFN. I just don't know if I would have better results somewhere else. My infertility is unexplained and it gets kind of frustrating. When is it time to move on to de?

  13. I'm so sorry, Lisa. Your next steps are definitely a personal decision. I cycled at Cornell 3 times and I truly believe they tried everything reasonable to get my pregnant with my own eggs. I did end up going to SIRM for one cycle after cornell, with no luck either. So, for me, at the age of 44, it was time to go with DE. I guess we knew that was the likely answer for us, but, having had a DC naturally at 41.5, it was hard for us to accept we couldn't get PG with my own eggs again. But, after over a year of trying with my own, with that biological clock ticking ever so loudly in the background, we decided to go with DE. For us, it was partly our age (we didn't want to be ancient parents) and DS' age (we didn't want a huge age gap).

    Good luck to you as you decide what to do. I'm sure you could get a second opinion at another clinic before deciding to go with might be worth it, for your peace of mind.

    Oh, I don't live in NY...I cycled at Cornell from out of state. My current DE cycle was at ORM in Portland.

  14. Lisa, I'm really sorry about the negative. This just sucks so badly. Be gentle with yourself. I am sending you lots of strength for your next move, and hope you find peace in your DE decision. ((HUG))

    Gina, I'm so sorry about the negative HPT. I'm hoping for a miracle for you tomorrow.

    Angela, I'm really sad for you that all the HPTs have been negative so far. It ain't over until tomorrow, though. If it becomes necessary: have you considered cycling at a more affordable clinic? My RE's rates: $5,500 plus $500 for monitoring if your insurance doesn't pay for u/s and bloodwork, it includes ICSI.

    Erolleype: great HPT result and even better beta result! 198.7 is amazing. Ours is pretty close - see mine below.

    EB, I'm so sorry about your negative HPT. Did you get the official word from Cornell yet?

    mmanap, a line is a line. I know it's hard, but try not to worry about the line darkness. I've read that the manufacturers do not even reference the line darkness, and it's only us IVF/IUI gals who give any weight to it. There was one day that I tested when the line was lighter than the previous day (instead of darker). Your beta result is around the corner. Good luck for tomorrow!

    pragkou, it could just be too early, with your first hcG level being that low, I'm hoping for another surprise tomorrow. It's great that you have a backup plan - that's what got me through my last negative cycle... It still hurts like crazy if it's negative, but there's a lifeline.

    AFM, sorry to keep y'all hanging, but I worked this weekend and worked late tonight. My beta result: 193.5. Even though I'm obviously delighted, it feels silly to get too excited at this point, or to celebrate in the face of what so many of you are going through this week. My thoughts are with all of you.

  15. Heather - Where the heck r u???? I am in az and 8250+meds is the lowest around here.

  16. Good Morning Ladies,
    Heres an updated chart

    Erolleype- Beta 4/6- BFP . Beta = 198.7
    pragkou- Beta 4/6- BFN

    Emine- Beta 4/6- BFP Beta = 193.5
    chomphoo- Beta 4/6- BFN

    sara- Beta 4/7- BFN
    mmanap- Beta 4/7
    ginac7273- Beta 4/7
    natasa- Beta 4/7

    AFM- NO AF yet, so waiting on Beta results. Still praying!!

    natasa and mmanap- did you go in for Beta today?

  17. Good luck to all BETA testers today - hoping for the best.
    Congrats to all +++++++

    Angela - I'm with you - my re is 10,000 + meds.
    Heather - where are you cycling? Your re's rates are excellent and you got a BFP!! That is excellent news!

    Angela, pragkou, EB - when do you think you'll cycle again? I'm a teacher and think July might be the best for me. However, I would love to start tomorrow!!!

  18. As soon as i come up with the cash

  19. Well, ladies, I haven't gotten the call from my clinic, but can access my labs via an intranet site and my beta was 66.7. I'm worried, since I know they like to see 100 or so, I think (I'm looking forward to what my clinic says about this).

  20. Hi all. This cycle has been such a roller coaster. I tested on the am of my test and it was BFN. My beta came back at 18!! so I have to go in again tomorrow and keep taking the PIO. I know this is probably a chemical pregnancy but of course, that little ember of hope is alive and burning. I just seem to be stuck in limbo throughout this damn cycle. It's like water torture! I am going insane from such long stretches of stress.
    Congrats to the BFP'ers and hugs to BFN'ers. How weird that I fall into both camps!

  21. hello to everyone, I pray that God continues to pour out his blessing on all of you, keep your heads up and keep holding on.

    EB - I hope you get some better news tomorrow, there's still a grain of hope.

    mmanap - that sounds like a BFP to me, wishing you all the best. Yuptwoothers will definitely work for me, I will welcome it whole heartedly.

    Angel & Lisa - those prices are good compared to what my clinic in Miami charges. My cycle was 15,000 + meds which include the ICSI and AH. Plus the additional 6,000 for DE + her meds. There's no way i would have been able to do it again. So I thank God this will make it through, wishing you both all the best in your decisions moving forward.

    Tango our beta's are pretty close, when will you go back for the second beta, I'm not schedule to test until next monday.

    Gina - any update on your Beta today?

    Hugs and kisses to all, you'll are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

  22. Wow, EB! I'm sorry the rollercoaster continues for you (perhaps for me, too, but I still haven't spoken to my clinic). I really hope your little embie hangs on and that your beta shoots up tomorrow.

    For your first beta, how many days were you after ovulation? I know that can affect what expectations to have.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  23. EB, oh, I can't even begin to imagine the torture! I don't want to give you false hope, but have a look at this site:

    There are thousands of women who have had betas as low as 1-16 for up to 19 days past ovulation who ended up with successful pregnancies. There is definitely hope. May tomorrow bring good news which puts an end to the roller coaster.

    NW, how awesome to have access to an intranet site where you can help yourself. Check out the site above. Did they call you back, and what did they say? I don't think you need to worry. My understanding is that it's more important that the number doubles.

    Angela & Lisa, I'm at CNY Fertility in upstate NY. They have offices in Syracuse, Albany and Rochester. They have tons of out-of-town patients and are extremely well organized and compassionate. Even with my BFN-cycle, I was singing their praises.

    What I liked best is that I felt Dr. Rob Kiltz listened to me after the BFN and was willing to switch things up. He has been very honest with us about our chances, and supportive. He also gave us his cell number during our first consult... They handle about 1,000 cycles a month. Here are two links: and to see pics of their facility:

    We wanted to go to Cornell, but couldn't afford it since it's all out of pocket and we figured we'd try CNY first and save Cornell as our hail Mary pass. For self-pay, CNY allows you to pay $3k and do the rest of the $5,500 as monthly interest-free payments for a year. Second and third cycles are cheaper. They also offer a 6-cycle (no refund) plan for around $13k.

    Lisa, their price for DE is some of the best I've seen. Shout if you can't find it on the site and I'll post the link to it.

    Erolleype, my next beta is tomorrow (Wed.) and then my u/s is Monday. I'd go stir crazy if I had to go a week without knowing if the beta is doubling.

    Gina & pragkou, did you get the official word on your beta?

    Thinking of each and every one of you.

  24. Hi Ladies,
    Yes the official word was NEGATIVE!! I was a BFN. So here I go again,my Day 1 is today so I start my meds for my IUI cycle on Friday.

    Any other updates Ladies?


  25. Gina, I'm so sorry to hear about the official negative, but it sounds like you've got a great attitude and are luckily trying again soon. I hope it all works out for you this month!

    Tango, that's amazing that they do your US so early! If my beta tomorrow looks like it's on track, my US won't be until 4/27! That seems like a lifetime away, but I know women who don't go through IF treatment don't get any feedback during that time either. So, hopefully it won't be an excrutiating wait.

    Right now, though, my focus is on my beta tomorrow. I've looked at betabase before and 100 is the median for singleton pregnancies at 14dpo (yesterday for me). My clinic didn't seeme too worried about the fact that my number was lower. We'll just have to hope for doubling!

    Thinking of you today, EB! Good luck with the second beta!

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