Beta - week of April 7?

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  1. Angela, it is still likely too early to see results, so don't give up. I hear what you're saying about not feeling "it". I am feeling pessimistic myself today. I really don't feel anything today. But, I have to remind myself that I didn't feel anything before DS (although I really wasn't paying attention as I really didn't think we'd be so lucky to have our first natural attempt was my last good egg!)

    I'm a little worried about testing on Sunday now, since I'm pessimistic that it worked. I know I want to POAS before beta, but maybe I'll wait until Monday, just so I don't ruin one more day that would otherwise be a little hopeful. I probably won't be able to wait though.

  2. Heather - a second line??? that is a very good sign - test again and again. I'll live through you until I POAS Sunday. Do you have any symptoms?

    Gina - looks like we might be the only sunday testers - stay strong only 2 more days!!

    angela and mmanap - I'm a hypocrite (see AFM below) but, I do think that you shouldn't give up hope - that's all we have ladies!!!

    AFM - still spotting and still flipping out. I think it means that AF is coming. I had a meltdown this morning b/c I have no symptoms. So, now I'm trying to relax and wait until sunday to POAS. Trying to stay positive - and calm.

  3. Hi Ladies, Emine invited me to this post..... I was all over the place looking for buddies that were close to my timing.

    I'm Glad to fine you guys here, and its so good to know that, I gat friends now that can relate to me on this, becuz I havent really metioned this cylce to my friends and family. It was so hard to hear everyone talk about how sorry they were for my last failed cycle.

    My beta is schedule for Monday, when is a good time to start the POAS? Is anyone of you felling alot of cramps? Also i get so exhausted so fast, I'm a gym freak so I cant belive how walking up a flight of stairs can drain me? Is anyone feeling the same way?

    As I read the post and try to figure out all the acronyms, I am at a lost for AF & BFN..... can someone shead some light on what this is?

  4. I'm definitely going to be using up that 4-pack before Monday. The 2nd one I used this morning showed a slightly darker line (stil very faint, though, not nearly as dark as the control line.)

    I don't have any symptoms. Bo.obs are not big or sore like they were before ER, no cramps, just an occasional twinge that I had with my BFN cycle too, no bleeding (this is good!), no nausea, no headaches, no nothin'! I don't feel "it" despite what the HPT say.

    It's way early for me to be getting even a faint line. Of course, I'm wondering if more than one of the 3 we transferred took. Don't lose hope, girls, a lot can still happen between now and Monday/Tuesday.


  5. Thanks, Heather! I needed to hear that you don't have symptoms, despite the pos HPT.

    I think I'm probably still on to test on Sunday, so I'll be joining you, Gina and Lisa. Best of luck getting through Saturday!

  6. Hi there,

    May I join? We transferred on 3/26 and blood test is Monday, 4/6. That will be 11p3dt. We used DE (I'm 42)
    and only transferred one day3 embie. But it was beautiful.
    I have weird symptoms this time. my sore breasts come and go and come and go. I wonder if that's normal. I sometimes get indigestion after eating. I'm exhausted, dizzy spells, infrequent hypersensitive smell spells, and lots of headaches. I am wondering if I just have a head cold!! The waiting is impossible.
    I am debating wether or not I should POAS Sunday morning. I don't know if I can wait until monday to find out. And I'd like to hear/see the good news(hopefully!) in the privacy of my own home with just me and my husband there!
    Best wishes to all-

  7. Welcome pragkou - I'm on the same schedule as you. my beat is set for 4/6, and i'm thinking the same thing about doing a HPT on sunday. I can't wait to do it. I also use DE and we transfered 2 on day 5, so hopefully both made it.
    My symtoms is exhaustion and cramping, Like when you're about to have your period. I've been having the cramps for the pass week, so I'm not sure whats that all about, but hopefully its nothing other than implantation cramps. My boobs are swollen, but that may be from the progesteron shots.

    Tango - how many you hane left out the 4pack? As the days go by, your line should darken.

    chomphoo - I will wait until Sunday with you!!!!! which is taking forever to get here.

  8. Erolleype, I'm glad you found the thread and are joining us in the craziness while we wait for our beta test. AF is "Aunt Flo" or menstruation. BFN stands for Big Fat Negative, and BFP stands for Big Fat Positive.

    I haven't told many people about our 2nd cycle, I'm sort of in stealth mode this time. I understand how excruciating it is when you have to repeat the negative news and relive it with every single person who is in the know. It wore me out and I swore never again! I'm a very truthful person and struggle to tell lies. It's been hard not being completely open and honest with everyone, but still easier than cycle #1.

    pragkou, welcome! It's great that so many of us have our betas on Monday. I'm totally an enabler and would say, yes, having an answer from a HPT before the beta gives you time to process, whatever the outcome. With a negative last month, it really helped to know beforehand. If it's a positive, well, then you have a few extra days to be excited before the confirmation blood test. Sounds like you have a lot of pregnancy symptoms already!

    AFM, I've felt twinges today, but it comes and goes, and still feels just like my BFN cycle. Stinging Endo ovarian pain, rather than crampy AF pain.

    Hang in there, everyone, we're almost there.

    Gina, I copied your colorful list, and added yup & pragkou.

    Erolleype- Beta 4/6
    pragkou- Beta 4/6
    Emine- Beta 4/6
    chomphoo- Beta 4/6
    sara- Beta 4/7
    mmanap- Beta 4/7
    ginac7273- Beta 4/7
    natasa- Beta 4/7

  9. Heather - Yayyyy Sooooo happy for you

    AFM - I am just about out for the count I think. 8dp3dt and NADA ZIP ZILCH BFNBFNBFN not even the faintest line. I am so depressed.

  10. Hi natasa,

    The first time I got pg with IVF, my beta 12dp3dt was only 34. That means I would have had a bfn 8dp3dt. And I went on to have a great pregnancy and healthy baby. don't give up hope. you may have a late implanter.


  11. Thanks pragkou..I appreciate the kind words of hope. It is just so hard. I have this deep feeling though that it didnt work. But I will hold out until BETA which is Wed.

  12. Hi everyone,
    Welcome pragkou and Erolleype!!

    I am struggling not to POAS today, I am trying to keep busy. I really dont know which way I am leaning- am I or am I not. I do think in my heart I am, but my head keeps telling me another thing. Sooooo, the wait continues.
    Come on Ladies- lets get those BFP's this week !!!!!

    Erolleype- Beta 4/6
    pragkou- Beta 4/6
    Emine- Beta 4/6
    chomphoo- Beta 4/6
    sara- Beta 4/7
    mmanap- Beta 4/7
    ginac7273- Beta 4/7
    natasa- Beta 4/7

  13. me too. I just bought 4 tests to take tomorrow morning. I'm sick over it!

  14. Gina - Thanks wfor welcoming us, Just always stay positive. you still gat a long way to go.

    Angel - You keep your head up girl, it aint over until the fat lady sing..... its still possible.

    pragkou - Congratulations you live through this already, how old is your IVF baby.

    Tango - thanks for filling me in, Now im understanding this much better. I'm learning new phrase, I just found out 2 days ago what POAS is. LOL . One last thing please explain what 11dp3dt all about?

    I woke up last night with bad bad cramping pains, is any one of you ladies having cramps like me?

    Baby dust to all of us.....

  15. Angela, with my first cycle I just knew it didn't work, even though I had nothing to base it on. Have you had any spotting since yesterday's update?

    Erolleype, I don't have any HPTs left! Will need to go out and buy more tonight. I used the last two sticks this morning - 2 lines, and a "Yes" on the digitial.

    This IF (infertility) stuff is a whole new language:

    - 11dp3dt stands for eleven days post three day transfer.
    - My transfer was on Thursday, March 26, therefore I'm 9dp3dt today (April 4).
    - Transfer day is 0, it starts counting the day after/"post transfer"
    - Add the two numbers to get the days post ovulation: 9dp3dt = 12dpo (twelve days post ovulation, your egg retrieval date).

    You'll get the hang of it soon! Sorry that the cramps are so bad that they woke you. I have stinging pains near my ovaries that come and go, but they don't feel like the usual dull menstrual cramps.

    pragkou, are you going to be doing more than one test tomorrow? What kind of tests did you end up buying? I'm amazed at the 34 beta you had with your first IVF at 12dp3dt and that it all worked out fine.

    Gina, you are very strong not to POAS! I'm very impressed that you've made it this far.

    Gina, Lisa, mmanap and pragkou, I'm really happy to have POAS buddies tomorrow and Monday. Hooray!

    sara, how are you holding up?

  16. Tango- Way to go girl!!! congratulations, I am so excited for you.... I bought my HPT (first response) today but I'm afraid to use it... I will wait until tomoro. I think I am getting the hang of it, so since my 5 day ET was 3/27 I can say that I am 8dp5dt and 13dpo...... is that correct?
    Thank so much for explaining this to me, what an excellent teacher

  17. Heather - I havent had ANY spotting this 2ww.I don't know if that is good or bad. HPTs are all -------. Last time I spotted but it turned out to be chemical anyway.

    i am going more HPTs left. I am at work and I cant leave to go get any

    today is 8dp3dt and i am trying to find ways to come up with money to try again.

  18. Hi Ladies - I just wanted to send ++++++ thoughts to all of our Sunday morning POAS(ers). Can't wait to see - hoping for the best for all of us. xoxoxoxoxox

  19. Does anyone know if all tests are the same? the store I went to only had two kinds. one was an ept and the other one is called answer.
    I am a little nervous to test tomorrow because I feel pregnant and I want that feeling to last as long as possible. so worried to get a -.

    but I've been through this so many times. before I got pg with my dd I had tried IVF 8 times. So I've seen many a negative pee stick!

    The time I finally got the positive, I was too scared to try the home test and waited for the doctor's call. that's when I had my beta of 34.

    sending baby dust to everyone!!


  20. Hi pragkou:

    Here\'s a link to a website that compares the tests. Most detect at a level of 25, but some can detect lower levels.

  21. Thanks mmanap

  22. I tested this morning and got a BFN. Not so shocked b/c of all of the spotting but, I still had some hope. I wish other POAS(sers) had better luck.

  23. Greetings to all who will be POAS today & tomorrow!!!!

    Lisa - its still early, so dont give up hope, just yet.

    I woke up this morning at about 4:30am, was trying not to POAS becuz, I was a nervous wreck. But I couldn't resist and went ahead and did it anyway. Lo and behold 2 lines (BFP). as excited as I was I just strated crying and crying, just thanking God for his wonders. Ladies let us continue to pray, becuz prayer changes things. Let God's will be done in us, because he's a great God, and we cannot do it without him.

    Baby dust to all of us...... keep the BFP coming

  24. Good morning,
    Erolleype- Congrats! When will you test again.
    I just tested and got a BFN, still no AF, I keep running into the bathroom to check. Since I did an IUI its still maybe a day early. When I did an IUI with my DD I didn't get a BFP until 12days past IUI, so if I get another negative tomorrow I would say it truly might be a negative. I'm trying not to give up hope. Everyone else who is testing today, good luck!
    I will check back in a few hours to see if there are any updates. Until then I will keep doing my hourly bathroom checks to make sure AF isn't on her way.

  25. Congrats to Erolleype! That's great news for you.

    Gina and Lisa, I hope you have better luck with your tests tomorrow.

    AFM, I postponed getting out of bed as long as possible, but finally did and POAS. We have a very faint positive line!! I'm cautiously optimistic this worked, but I sure hope I see a darker line tomorrow!

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