Beta - week of April 7?

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  1. angelarm - it was a HPT - I had to buy it. It was very strange taking the test knowing that the follies weren't even out yet. I bought the Clear Blue Easy Digital pack of 2. So, I'm saving that last one as a good luck stick. My husband thinks I'm nuts!!!

    gina - could it be that the faint line is coming rather than going????

  2. OK - I get that the three they transferred were good. But here is my dilemma. I just found out that NONE of the others made it...None to freeze.
    They did tell me on day 3 that the rest werent doing well and that the ones they put in were great..But a little part of me is skeptical...Did they just put in three for the sake of transferring...Were they just being nice?
    I know---I'm NUTS!!!!!

    So, im my head I am wondering..well maybe the ones they put in didnt make it either. I know I am only 3dp3dt But I cant help it.

    I am already trying to figure out how to pay for another cycle in April..convinced that this isn't gonna work.

  3. Angela, you're not nuts! I totally get the freaking out, and already thinking about plan B. Having a backup plan is a good coping mechanism. We know we had bad quality embies on day 3, so I'm not particularly hopeful either.

    The criteria for freezing is usually very strict and it's not unusual to have nothing to freeze. Just because they didn't make it to freeze, doesn't mean the transferred ones were bad quality. They usually pick the very best ones to transfer. I'm sure your day 3 embies were truly gorgeous.

    Thanks for the heads up on which HPTs to get.

    it's probably the trigger, since you're not quite at 10 days post trigger yet, right? If it's negative tomorrow, you'll know it's out, and then the next faint line will be reason for excitement...

    I'm hanging in there, working longer hours to keep my mind occupied. Haven't POAS... yet.

    Lisa, do you feel anything? Tomorrow is supposed to be the beginning of implantation for us... I feel twinges on and off, but it's hard to say if it's from the retrieval, transfer or Endo.

    This is what happens in a 3dt:

    1dpt ..embryo is growing and developing
    2dpt... Embryo is now a blastocyst
    3dpt....Blastocyst hatches out of shell on this day
    4dpt.. Blastocyst attaches to a site on the uterine lining
    5dpt.. Implantation begins, as the blastocyst begins to bury in the lining
    6dpt.. Implantation process continues and morula buries deeper in the lining
    7dpt.. Morula is completely implanted in the lining and has placenta cells &
    fetal cells
    8dpt...Placenta cells begin to secret HCG in the blood
    9dpt...More HCG is produced as fetus develops
    10dpt...More HCG is produced as fetus develops
    11dpt...HCG levels are now high enough to be immediately detected on

  4. Angela - I'm with you. I also got a call yesterday that my remaining 3 embies didn't make it to freeze. Last time I froze 3 - so, I'm also going nuts. However, all we need is 1 to stick! I'm also concerned about the day 3 tx and having it be a pity tx!!! Let's try and keep our hopes up - it is not over!!!

    Tango - thanks for that day by day chart. I actually thought that the embies would have stuck by now. I do feel twinges and slight cramps but, who knows what that means.

    Everyone stay positive - xoxxoxoxoxo

  5. Hey Ladies,
    This whole process is so stressful. Do we ever stop worrying.
    Beta is less than a week away...
    Emine- Beta 4/6
    chomphoo- Beta 4/6
    ginac7273- Beta 4/7
    natasa- Beta 4/7

  6. Hi - may I join in? my beta is April 6th. So far I have had no symptoms today however, i got very light heavy and have a pinching feeling in my belly. fingers crossed.

  7. Ok I know this may be gross...but for some reason I am compelled to post this. OK today I am 4dp3dt and I have had crampy type almost like constipation feelings since retrieval. NOW....USUALLY a few days before I get AF i have a rather large BM (I warned u TMI,,,Everyone has there own AF predicters..Dont judge LOL LOL) thats what happened and my first feeling was..OH NO AF is coming....but..then the crampy stuff kinda went away and a couple hours later this weird tingly, pulling feeling low in my pelvis area....??implantation????

    Of course the crazed hormone driven devil on my shoulder made me POAS....and of course BFN....I am just so freaked out about this whole impromptu 3dt and no eggs to freeze.

    someone lend a hand here?

  8. EB, welcome! I'm glad you found us. Lisa and I both have our betas on the same day as you. Let us know a bit about yourself, please. When did you have your transfer? 3 day or 5 day, and how many embies did you transfer? I'm glad you're starting to feel something!

    Angela, I can't comment on your AF predictors but I'm glad AF hasn't come. It's way too early for the hCG hormone to show up in your body. You are only 4dpt today, and typically, that's when a blastocyst starts to attach to the uterine lining. There is no hCG yet, so a HPT will only start to detect it in your urine in about 4+ days (8dpt). If you have a late implanter, then you may have to wait another few days.

    Gina, I can't believe it's still a week away! I've seen snails move faster than this week.

    Lisa, how are you holding up?

    AFM, not feeling anything yet. I'm trying not to think about it, but it's proving impossible to keep my mind distracted.


  9. Hi ladies,

    I'd love to join in as well. My beta is on 4/7.

    Here\'s a little about me. I'm 44 and am trying to conceive my second child (DS is 2-1/3 and was conceived naturally when I was 41.5). We've been trying for #2 for almost 2 years now and am now doing my first cycle with DE (well, the first one that made it to retrieval).

    My donor had her ER on 3/24 and we transferred 1 good looking embie on Sunday (5dt). We froze another 6, which is really comforting.

    I'm really curious if the chart Ttango posted below about what happens on each day past transfer is basically the same for a 5 day transfer, except that I'd subtract 2 days. Just curious, as by that logic, I'd be the equivalent of 4dpt on the chart below.

    Anyway, I did feel some crampiness on day of transfer through this morning, but that seems to be pretty much gone now. I felt some other kinda sharper (pinching) pains at points today, but am probably just being hypersensitive. But, if implantation doesn't really start until tomorrow, I'm guessing all of those sensations are pretty meaningless. Did anybody else feel crampy before 4dp3dt (or 2dp5dt)?

    I'm also starting to get a minor cold. Of course, that's no fun, since I can't really take much for it. But, I'm curious if it is due to an immune reaction to the embie. With DE, of course, the whole thing is "foreign" to my body. I'm hoping it's a good sign, but again, it could be absolutely meaningless.

    Oh, and I'm starting to feel tired...but maybe that's just the cold coming on.

    Anyway, I'm glad to have some company in the next week or so!

  10. Welcome- sara + mmanap!!

    Emine- Beta 4/6
    chomphoo- Beta 4/6
    sara- Beta 4/7
    mmanap- Beta 4/7
    ginac7273- Beta 4/7
    natasa- Beta 4/7

    My update- I POAS today to make sure the Ovidrel was out and today it is out, no double line what so ever! So now once I start POAS before beta I will know if its a positive its a legit positive.
    Anyone take a test yet?? Other that me being insane and taking a few


  11. natasa - Good news - stay positive. I have also been examining everything - every twinge, pull, AF sign. Last night I also had cramping like AF was coming and I got freaked out - then it passed. Was that good or bad - who knows? Just keep analyzing and keeping us updated - it helps to get it out. Plus, we don't judge - other people think we're nuts!

    EB - Welcome. what else can you tell us? how many did you tx? day 3 or day 5?

    Tango - I'm feeling nothing unusual. As soon as I think my boobs hurt - the pain goes away. The same goes with cramping! My butt is totally bruised and the pain from the PIO taking over all of the over symptons!!

    Gina - Good news - now you know the HCG is out. How long did it take? I bet I'm clear now too. hmmmm - when can I POAS????

    mmanap- Welcome!!! Hope you are feeling better soon - getting a cold now will only make you feel worse. Maybe it will help you take it easy.


  12. Hi, we transferred 2 embies (a 3 division and a 5 (icsi) division) at 3 days. Just saw my RE and she said she was 'very disappointed' since last time we got 6 eggs. I felt like saying "YOU'RE disappointed"!
    Anyway, this is our 2nd try and we are out of insurance. We are moving onto DE if this doesn't work. I just tested (5 days after transfer) and got the expected BFN. I guess there is still time but I don't think I stand much of a chance to be honest.

  13. EB, I'm so sorry about your disappointment. You are right: it is still too early to test. Wait at least a three or four more days and test again. I don't think it's all that common to see positive HPTs less than 10days after O and I think 12 days after O is safer. I plan to wait til 12 days after O. We only transferred one embryo, so I'm guessing it may take longer to see positive results.

  14. NW Girl, welcome and thanks for giving us the back story.

    Here's what happens in a 5dt:
    -1dpt ..embryo is growing and developing
    0dpt... Embryo is now a blastocyst
    1dpt....Blastocyst hatches out of shell on this day
    2dpt.. Blastocyst attaches to a site on the uterine lining
    3dpt.. Implantation begins,as the blastocyst begins to bury in the lining
    4dpt.. Implantation process continues and morula buries deeper in the lining
    5dpt.. Morula is completely implanted in the lining and has placenta cells &
    fetal cells
    6dpt...Placenta cells begin to secret HCG in the blood
    7dpt...More HCG is produced as fetus develops
    8dpt...More HCG is produced as fetus develops
    9dpt...HCG levels are now high enough to be immediately detected on

    EB, I can't believe your RE said she was disappointed. As if the pressure isn't enough! REs deal with IF patients all day every day, you'd think they'd be more sensitive. I'm self-pay, so I can empathize with being out of insurance. Give it a few days before you test again, because if it's positive, the earliest you could expect to see it would be 8dp3dt.

    Lisa, Gina, Angela,
    I'll write more soon. Dinner's ready!

  15. I hear what all of you are saying - I'm 31 years old ttc for 3 years and have spent over 30k so far and my diagnosis is still unexplained! I don't think I could have started this process any earlier!!! Talk about disappointing, I feel like my body has failed me - docs are crazy if they say they are disappointed. We put so much pressure on ourselves to make these dreams come true. I'm sorry sara for that response from your re.

    Ladies - I think we need more time to pass in order to POAS and get BFP - according to Heather's list it looks like this weekend would be the best time to test. I hope I can hold out to Sunday but, it may not happen. I'm trying to be strong!! To all of you early testers - have hope.

  16. Angela, are you hanging in there? I know it's hard to stay positive, especially if you've seen a BFN. I'm thinking of you and wondering if you've done another HPT.

    yay for the trigger being out of your system. I haven't POAS yet as it is way too early for me, but I will start this weekend. You're not insane, with the last cycle, I POAS every single day. It was harrowing seeing all those negatives, so I'm trying to wait it out a bit more this time (self preservation!)

    Lisa, I'm glad AF hasn't come, and that it was just cramping without AF's ominous presence. My hiney is completely bruised too, and it's getting harder to inject the PIO by the day. I feel your pain. You're completely right, all symptom descriptions are welcome, regardless of how benign or bizarre they may seem. We SO don't judge.

    AFM, I'm examining every possible symptom too. I have these weird fleeting moments where I notice things and then they're gone. A bit of cramping and pulling - but just as I notice it, it passes. I noticed my veins being very prominent and blue the other night, and got all excited, but now it's back to normal. Sigh. I knew it was too early, but a girl can dream!

    I have woken up for the past 3 mornings with my heart fluttering in my chest. So weird, it feels like it's making extra beats, but then it goes away. I don't know what that's about. Last cycle I didn't have any sleep disturbances, but I'm having a harder time getting uninterrupted sleep with the double dose of progesterone. I'm on suppositories and PIO in an effort to keep AF at bay.

  17. Hi Ladies,
    We are getting there, tomorrow is Friday and end of another week- yippie.

    Yesterday was a weird day for me, I woke up feeling not that great- so I threw up a little (nothing major). Then felt ok- then I get to work and I was typing and got sooo dizzy and everything was blurry and double. The feeling was so weird, that has never happened to me. So not sure if I am coming down with something or it was a fluke thing or what to think.
    My weekend plan is to POAS on Sunday... ok maybe LATE saturday night. I just cant help it. I went and bought a new 3 pack of First Response- and they had a bonus digital test included. I know I am crazy but I only buy First response because thats what I used to get pregnant 2 years ago with my DD. I know- Im insane

    Emine- Beta 4/6
    chomphoo- Beta 4/6
    sara- Beta 4/7
    mmanap- Beta 4/7
    ginac7273- Beta 4/7
    natasa- Beta 4/7

  18. Gina - throwing up and dizzy!!! That is awesome!!!! Good for you - that must be a good sign!! keep us updated.

    I wish I would trow up - instead I started spotting last night. AF is coming - I always spot 3-5 days before AF. So, I'm down in the dumps. My boobs don't even hurt anymore. So depressing.

  19. Tango - I cant help it..I am completely insane...I did 3 different HPTs today all BFN...I just have this sinking suspicion it didnt take. I am sore all over from the PIO. I am so depressed today. I mean i am hoping to see even the faintest of lines. the only thing i feel is the occasional pulling feeling in my groin on one side or the other. No bb tenderness, no prominent veins, no nausea, no nuthin

    When r u gonna POAS? Am I the only certifiable one here LOL?


  20. Angela and Lisa, don't give up! Lisa, it could be implantation spotting, right? That could be good news. And, Angela, it's really most likely too early to see anything. And, don't worry that you're not feeling many symptoms. Plenty of women feel no symptoms in the 2ww. Nausea usually doesn't start until at least a couple weeks after the beta (mine started week 7 with DS).

    I'm going to test on Sunday, I think. A friend told me that I may be able to detect something then (12dpo) if the blast had been hatching at 5dt (which it wasn't). So, it's more likely I won't be able to see anything until Monday, if it's there. Some people don't see anything until beta day.

    Can I ask the group how many embies each of you transferred? I'm guessing that affects how early we might see a positive, if you have more than one embie in there increasing hcg levels.

    I transferred one lone, but lovely, embie.

  21. Angela - you are not insane - you are just testing too early. I'm going to test on Sunday (if I can wait)

    anyone else want to POAS Sunday?????

    mmanap - I tx 4. 2 were perfect and 2 were good. This is my 2nd fresh ivf - I also did a FET - so, I told my re to get aggressive this time. I told him not to mess around!! However, all we need is 1 excellent embie to stick!!

  22. Lisa, spotting can mean many things at this point. With my last cycle it was obvious AF had arrived, and I hope yours remains light and that it's just implantation bleeding. Are you using PIO and/or progestorone suppositories?

    Sounds like your embies are terrific quality. I have my fingers crossed for you. There will be lots of time to be sad, angry, and depressed if it didn't work, so try to think positive for the next few days. Easier said than done, I know.

    Angela, you're not certifiable. I didn't POAS before tonight (see below) because I didn't have any First Response tests left in the house. It was easier to avoid the temptation when I had to make the effort to go and buy them. It's still very early. Many girls don't test positive before their beta. Try not to give up hope just yet. I understand that we have a 6th sense that tells us whether it worked or not, but even that can be off.

    mmanap, we transferred 3 embies, none good quality, unfortunately. I hope your one, lone, day 5 embie is THE one.

    Gina, I hope it wasn't a bug, and that the dizzyness & vomiting are the first signs of pg. I bought the exact same First Reponse 4 in 1 pack with 3 regular sticks and 1 bonus digitial. Nice.

    I caved tonight and used 1 of the sticks. There is a very *very* faint 2nd line. It's been 12 days since I triggered with Ovidrel. During last month's 2ww, I tested negative 3dp3dt (6dpo) and never saw even the faintest line. Of course, I had AF at 5dp3dt (8dpo) last time to confirm the negative.

    Can this be real? I'm trying not to get excited, but I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight. I am 7dp3dt (10dpo) today.

  23. Wow! How exciting, Ttango! I hope your line keeps getting darker each day. Will you test again tomorrow? Afterall, you have that 4pack to use up!

  24. Its Friday!!!! Long week, so happy its Friday

    Emine- think positive, a 2nd line sounds pretty exciting. Im sure you will test again this morning- keep us posted!!! Im so excited for you.

    chomphoo+ mmanap- yup I am with you, testing on Sunday FOR SURE!!! Maybe even around midnight on Saturday night

    Angela+ sara- how are you guys doing?

    Emine- Beta 4/6
    chomphoo- Beta 4/6
    sara- Beta 4/7
    mmanap- Beta 4/7
    ginac7273- Beta 4/7
    natasa- Beta 4/7

  25. is 7dp3dt and nothing...BFN on HPT X3

    I havent had any spotting either. I am waiting for AF to rer her ugky head any day now. I just dont "feel it". I have no idea how to come up with another 10k but I have to give it one more shot

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