Beta - week of April 7?

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  1. Anyone else entering the 2ww soon and looking at a beta the week of April 7? I'm waiting for transfer sometime later this week and hoping to connect with others who are on the same timeline.

    I'm 35, doing IVF/ICSI #2. (I have Endo; hubby has male factor.) My ER was yesterday, Tx could be Thurs or Sat. with beta most likely April 9.

  2. Hi Emine-
    I am back again with you cycling this month. I have my IUI tomorrow so my Beta will be on the 8th. So you and I will be suffering through the 2 ww together. I am praying that this thread will be luckier than next month. Good Luck with your transfer this week.


  3. Hey, Gina! Although I'm glad you're joining me on a thread again, I'm sad that you and I have both been through the wringer recently.

    I'm sure this thread will be happier this time around! It just has to be. Good luck with your IUI tomorrow, and thanks for joining me in the 2ww.

  4. OK, My ER was today with 18 eggs retrieved. I wil have my transfer on Sunday and Beta is scheduled for April 7th

    I\'d love to join you in the excrutiating 2ww


  5. Welcome, Angela, I'm so happy you found us and are joining us in the crazy wait. I noticed on the other thread that you had 18 eggs retrieved from one ovary! Wow, that's impressive. That is way more than I had with both ovaries (13).

    How are you feeling after ER? Rest up.

  6. Emine - felling mostly tired, a little sore. I feel very lucky that i responded so well to the stims. This is IVF#2 for me. I hope it takes this time.

  7. Angela, it's our second cycle too, so I totally share your sentiment on "hoping it takes this time."

    I hope you're feeling better today, and less sore. Did you get your fert report today and do you know yet when your transfer will be?

    So far, we have 10 embies dividing. I may have a transfer tomorrow or Saturday. The RE will decide early tomorrow after looking at the embryos.

    Gina, how did your IUI go on Wednesday?


  8. heather - We have 15 fertilized eggs...hoping for a 5DT on Sun..we will know on friday when they check them again. I would love it if they could all go to blast so that we have lots to freeze..It is just a day at a time wait. GL...Hope you go to day 5 too.

    RE said either 3dt on Fri 1130a MST or 5dt 9a MST on Sun.

    Good luck.

    Gina - how'd it go?

  9. hey ladies,
    can I join? I had 4 day 3 embies tx yesterday and my beta is on 4/6. This is my 2nd fresh ivf - not including a fet last october. i am really hoping that this thread brings all of us luck. xoxoxoxox Lisa

  10. Welcome Angela and Lisa!!
    Here\'s where we stand ladies, looks like Lisa you are up 1st!

    chomphoo- Beta 4/6
    ginac7273- Beta 4/7
    natasa- Beta 4/7
    Emine- Beta 4/9?

    Heather- have you transfered yet?
    Angela- good luck Sunday
    As for me, I had my IUI 2 days ago and I am srill having major cramping on my right side- which is where my biggest follie is so I am hoping thats a good sign.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Lisa, welcome - thanks for joining us. You and I transferred on the same day! Was yours a 3dt or 5dt?

    Gina, thanks for keeping tabs on us. I hope the cramping you're feeling is indeed a good sign. Glad the IUI went well, but I'm sorry you're in pain.

    Angela, I have my fingers crossed for you for a day 5. Did you hear from your clinic today?

    AFM, I was going to go until day 5, but then my RE suggested at the last minute that we do a day 3 this time around. It was such an unexpected rush yesterday after I heard the news, that I left the clinic without my instruction sheet. So, who knows when my beta will be. I did manage to go for a blissful acupuncture session before and after the transfer, though. We Tx'ed 3 embies.


  12. TEmine- I'm sending lost of baby dust your way I saw on the other thred were you had a day 3 that doesn't always mean anything bad I'm hoping all your little EMBIES stick & when is your BETTA DAY??

    Angela- I was wondering how oyur lil EMBIES were & I hat it didn't turn out the way you would have thought I just knew with so many you would have so many to freeze as well I'm so sorry but at least you had three good ones to put back you should do just fine...STICKY BABY DUST TO YOU!!


  13. OK so we transferred 3 embryos today...the embryologist said they were "excellent" grade. So heres to hopin.

    I would attach a pic of the embryos they put in IF I KNEW HOW

  14. Hello Ladies,
    How is everyone. Angela that's great news. Is anyone going to POAS before beta? I will for sure. I'm obsessed with poas. Probably Day 10 I will start. Have a great day.


  15. Angela, I'm glad your Tx went well, and that you had 3 excellent embabies to transfer.

    Mrs Polo, thanks - I appreciate the words of encouragement.

    Lisa, any symptoms yet?

    Gina, I'm with you on the POAS. I'll definitely be doing that again this cycle and I'm happy to have a partner in crime. The Ovidrel trigger should be out of my system 10 days past trigger, which would make it March 31 (I triggered 3/21). Last time, it was out much earlier.

    With a 3dt, what's the earliest I can test? I was thinking about POAS the day before beta and on beta day.

    AFM, my beta is the same day as Lisa's: April 6. It's a few days less to wait than I orginally thought. Phew! Still seems like a loooong ways away, though. Thank goodness for good company. Have a great weekend, everyone.

  16. I have to say you all have amazing restraint. I did not use HCG for my trigger so I am negative NOW 1dp3dt - I used no false +hpt

    I am tempted to test daily until my beta...Starting now and maybe progressing to 2x daily on 5dpt my BETA is scheduled for 4/07 which will be 12dp3dt

    somebody help me stop the madness

  17. Angela, I actually have zero restraint. Last time, I POAS every single morning, despite AF's presence. I just couldn't believe that it was negative and stayed negative. It's a self-preservation strategy this time to try and wait a bit longer. However, I do reserve the right to cave and POAS early, though. ;-)

  18. Ladies, you are going to go broke if you POAS every day until your BETA - lol!! However, I will also POAS - I am thinking the day before BETA. My huge fear is a false +. Ugggh, that would be torture so, I want to make sure the HCG is out.

    TTango - we are on the same schedule- yeah. I was also a day 3 tx. I had the same reaction to getting the call and running around like a mad woman that same day. Last time I was a day 5 so, my re suggested to be more aggressive this time - put in 4 embies on day 3. I always thought that day 5 was best but, since I have unexplained infertility he thought it was better this way. So, don't worry - a day 3 could be what we need!!!

    No symptoms yet - cramping went away - now my butt is sore from the PIO and my boobs hurt.

    Where does everyone live? I'm in NY - I live an hour away from NYC
    Anyone traveling for IVF?
    xoxoxoxox Lisa

  19. Lisa - dont u know they come in multipacks LOL

    You can get em for about $3 a pice that way LMAO
    I dont have to worry about false + tho

    I triggered with Lupron

  20. Lisa, LOL. Last time I went w/ a combo of digital (2 pack) and dollar store HPTs. Kept the digital for beta day and the dollar store ones for the obsessively early daily testing. In my defence: had to do *something* to keep me busy. As it turns out, it wasn't the best way to channel my obsessive tendencies.

    Very cool that we're on exactly the same schedule, but sorry to hear about your equally hectic surprise 3dt. Thanks for telling me not to worry - I need to repeat that to myself! To answer your question: I'm in NY too.

    Angela, lucky you for not having to worry about an hCG trigger causing a false positive. If you don't mind me asking: how does the Lupron trigger work and when is it used instead of hCG?


  21. Lupron trigger is given the same 36 hours before retrieval ..It had something to do with helping prevention of OHSS..but now I am wondering if that had any effect on the quality of my eggs and why only 3 were doing good?????

  22. hmmm - multipacks - only $3 a piece?????? maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I started testing today!!!! I'll let you all know when I cave in. My re made me POAS the day after my HCG to see if it worked -(instead of going into NYC for an us) it came up in 2 secs ++++ it was the only time I have ever seen that - I thought that was kind of mean of him!!! However, I have 1 stick left from that pack and I'm holding onto it - it could be a lucky one!!! At least I have all of you on this thread - I would def. be going nuts!!! thank you - xoxoxxo LIsa

  23. Angela, thanks for explaining the Lupron trigger. It does makes sense, because an hCG trigger iike Ovidrel would increase the odds of developing OHSS after ER (if you're already at high risk). I wish I knew whether Lupron could have an effect on the quality.

    By the way, which HPTs will you be using? I have just one left over from the last cycle, and need to go HPT shopping!

    Lisa, I agree - that was very cruel of your RE. I've never seen a + on a HPT, and seeing a false + after a hCG trigger would be devastating. I hope the leftover stick from that pack is indeed a lucky one.

    Thanks for keeping me sane while we wait. Can't believe Lisa and I are only 3dp3dt today. Man, time is dragging!


  24. Lisa...I bet he had you pee on an ovulation kit which tests for the LH surge and not a HPT. I had to POAS the day after trigger too..but it was an OPK. To make sure my body was ready to ovulate.

    Tango- I bought some FRED and CBED (for later)

  25. Well here we start another week! I tested this morning- have NO idea what made me do it, I think I wanted to see if the Ovidrel trigger shot was out of my system. anyway there was a faint and I mean faint 2nd line, so my guess is its just getting out of my system, If I check tomorrow I am thinking it will be gone. How is everyone else doing??

    Emine- Beta 4/6
    chomphoo- Beta 4/6
    ginac7273- Beta 4/7
    natasa- Beta 4/7

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