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  1. Hi,
    I'm not sure if I'm asking this question in the right spot. But I was wondering if anyone had any info. on very low beta numbers. To give some background info., I'm 15dpo, 9dpt. I had a FET and had 2, 6day embryos transferred. Hcg level came back at 2.3 today. Nurse says they caution patients against being optimistic with levels this low. (Duh) But that they consider me to be pregnant right now since anything over 2 is considered a positive. Repeat beta is Monday. I have had light, brown, spotting off and on for the last two days along with cramps. I'm on PIO injections so it's not AF. I'm wondering/hoping, could I have had late implantation which would help to explain the really low number? Has anyone ever heard of someone getting a number this low and going on to have viable pregnancy? Thanks for any help you can give me. Trying not to lose my mind.

  2. I am sorry to be the one to say this (I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but if I were you I'd want honest responses), but I have ALWAYS been told that anything under a 5 is considered not pregnant. I am sort of surprised that your nurse was just "cautionary". At 15DPO, your beta should ideally be well over 50, though of course there is a wide range of numbers that would be considered appropriate. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is wait 48 hours and retest. However, rather than it being a non-viable pregnancy, it doesn't sound like anything stuck - or you'd have a beta over 5 - at least in the teens/twenties. Sorry! ((HUGS)))

  3. I thought the same thing too when she said that 2 or under was a negative. I thought it was 5 or under and you're negative. She said no. That it's 2 or under. I checked online several different places and they concur. Did they change this recently or something? Even betabase has low range hcg numbers up to 15dpo listed at 3. I don't know what to think. Seems unlikely that this is going to go anywhere. But like you said all I can do is wait. Guess I was looking for a miracle story. Guess I'll just keep praying for one and practicing cautious optimism. Thanks for the input.

    Any input on the spotting? Can't be AF because of prog injections. Some kind of weird breakthrough bleeding or something? A few people have told me possibly implantation bleeding. But at 9dpt I'm thinking it's a little late for implantation bleeding isn't it?

  4. valentina31183,
    I don't want to give you false hope, but... Frozen embies are notorious for being low and slow. Typically, brown spotting accompanied with cramping is usually associated with implantation. It's very possible that they could be digging in a little late. Again, don't want to string you along, but look on other threads here. Tons of people have discussed the fact that frozen embryos just take a little longer to get going. I really hope it turns out to be just that. keep us posted.

  5. Thanks Natalia, that's what I thought too. Maybe just a few slow takers in there. Unfortunately I was wrong. I lost the pregnancy. Second beta was this morning. Numbers dropped.

  6. valentina31183 - I am sorry to hear the news. I am still wondering about this new "over 2" level - it really makes me wonder, but this was the first time I'd heard it. My RE always goes by 5, so I wouldn't have considered there to have even been a pregnancy with those numbers. I only say that b/c it always matters to me to know whether I truly had a chemical or if something just didn't stick. That way, I have a bit of an idea of what truly happened with the cycle. Anyway, again...sorry to hear your news. I know how very hard it is.

  7. Google like "early pregnancy hcg levels" or just "hcg levels." I've found that the majority of places I looked online stated 2 or more as a pregnancy. My RE, OB, and acupuncturist all concur. So I don't know if that's a new thing or just a personal thing for each Dr.

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