Beta on Friday 5/22- anyone else?

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  1. I have my Beta on Friday @ 8am- I have promised myself no HPT's. I tortured myself w/ through my several failed IUI's.

    About me~ new to this site- was on another IVF support board, but felt the need to explore more, and found this one and decided to join.
    DH and I are Unexplained Fertility, we have had serveral failed IUI's and this is our 1st IVF cycle.

    ER & ET info- 13 eggs retrieved- 10 mature- 5 fertilized /we did a 5dt with 2 early blastocysts and 1 survived to be frozen.

    We are paying 100% out of pocket, so we are really hoping this works. Not sure how we could afford another cycle- not to mention the emotional aspect of the entire process. Anyway- as far as symptoms right now- I have breast tenderness/swelling, and off and on "twinges" most the cramping and bloating has subsided.
    I am going crazy with anticipation and looking to hear from others~ what are your symptoms, Anyone else testing on Friday?

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