Beta on Feb 5th...anyone else?

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  1. Rachel -- Thinking of you! Hope you get some good news today!!

    Sam -- Did you get your results yesterday??

  2. Waiting for 2nd beta is torture!!!!!!
    I feel less pregnat since I found out I was pregnant! I'm sure it was all stress that made me feel that way lol.

    Hope all is well!

  3. I have been without electricity (and internet connection) due to a power outage after an ice storm. Sorry I haven't been keeping everyone updated.

    My first beta was 7dp5dt at 125. My second beta was 9dp5dt at 292. Jeni

  4. Wow Jeni! Congrats! :-)

    I actually didn't go in yesterday and opted to go in today instead since the only appointment they had yesterday was at 7:20am! Yikes! So, I will post back later with my results from the 2nd beta. Anyone else have any more results?


  5. Congrats Jeni!!!
    Congrats ZaksMom!!!

  6. 56, as expected, game over for us this time.

  7. 56, as expected, game over for us this time.

    I am so sorry mahamuni. Take good care of yourself. Jeni

  8. mahamuni -- So sorry you didn't get better results. This cr@p is so hard. I hope you are able to keep trying. Good luck and take care.

    CHPIPI -- Thanks! How are you doing?

    Jeni -- Great numbers! Are you still without power?!?

    Sam & Sydney -- Can't wait to hear your next numbers!

    Scottsdale -- Saw your other thread about the + hpt. Really hoping that it's going to be good news for you.

    skarkos -- Glad you are keeeping your head up and have DD to hold onto if this cycle doesn't work out. Still praying for a positive outcome for you!

    AFM -- My second beta is 1235, so everything seems to be doubling ok. Nurse thinks there's a pretty good chance both embryos stuck, but obviously won't know for sure until the ultrasound on the 22nd. I asked about my progesterone level, and whether it would be tested again, she said it was at least a 20 and they won't test any more. Do you all find out your progesterone levels? I've never asked before, so don't know what it should be... She did tell me I could switch to the Crinone instead of the PIO shot, but I'm planning on just staying on the PIO because the Crinone is so much more $$ and we pay out of pocket.

    Hope to hear some more results soon!

  9. Well got my call 392 for 2nd beta!! My pio level went down to 35.1 from 60 but they said over 30 is fine. I hope they r right.

    Good luck evreyone else. I'm sneaking this in at work sorry short.

  10. WOW lots of great second betas! Congrats guys! I'm glad to hear of success stories (especially after people that have waited so long and had so many attempts). It goes to show this does work! Be good to yourself!!

    For those of us with not so great betas, we have to find the strength to keep trucking...some how and somewhere.

    skarkos: Your are sweet to update me and I hope for really good things for both of us very soon. Please do not ever feel like you can't talk about your DD!!! Congrats, and that has to be motivation for you to keep going

    We transferred 2 day 4 embryos that were great quality (not sure of exact grade) but our embryologist has a great reputation for grading strictly, and he was very pleased!! We also froze many great quality ones. SO, I can't give up...although to be honest, I have started to consider surrogacy just because we are unexplained also. Everything looks perfect every cycle, and then just doesn't implant. We've had 2 chemicals...I've done all of the 'crazy' immune therapies that are suppose to help with this. Nothing has made a difference. At this point, we just want to meet our baby! You are so right-this isn't for the faint of heart. It has really done me in almost! LOL

    Will update tomorrow beta#, and you do the same!!

    **Wishing you, and all of us, the best.**

  11. Well, my 2nd beta results are 569. :-) Things are looking good so far. Now, I have to hold out until the 7 week ultrasound.

    mzor - I am glad that you are sounding positive about the future with IVF/surrogacy. The best of luck in whatever route you take. I am still hoping that maybe your second beta will be good news.

    pankass - Congrats! Great beta!

    mahamuni- I am so sorry. :-( Do you have a plan for what you want to do next? Best of luck to you!

    Panasia - Any news?

    SLOGOTHETIS - Woohoo! I am cheering for twins! Sounds like your beta #'s are telling you something exciting. :-)


  12. Sam -- Just checking in to see how you are doing? Other than going crazy waiting for the ultrasound! Hope all is well!

    Scottsdale -- Saw your posts about the fantastic beta increases!! I bet you feel like you are living a dream right now! Congratulations! When is your ultrasound?

  13. Mommy- great number!! Hope the time flies until U/S. My beta was negative. Going to try again in April. I have three frozen. We will transfer the three blasts. At this point, multiples really arent goign to happen us expeically since that was my fifth failure.

  14. Zaks: My ultrasound is 2/22. No more betas! Just counting the days
    How are you feeling? When's yours again?

  15. mzor - I am sooo happy for you! I cannot wait to hear how your u/s goes! :-D That makes my day!

    Panasia - I am so sorry. :-( That cannot be easy. I wish you the best of luck next time.

    Zaksmom- I am doing well. I am trying not to obsess over it. I cannot wait to see the little heartbeat though. How are you doing? When is your u\\s?


  16. Rachel Diana: I know the thing that always helped me through a BFN was to schedule another cycle. It was like I knew I had a plan and could regain hope again. That's great you have frozen to use, and it will be much easier than going through a fresh again. I wish you the best. Keep us posted when you start that cycle Sending you good vibes!!!

  17. scotss- thank u- another cycle planning does help. I am onboard for beginning of April for ET. I am sure u are feeling that 2/22 is so far away but what a joy it will bring u to see ur little bean.

  18. Panasia: I'm so glad you have another one planned. Keep your focus on a positive next cycle! There has always been this part of me that just wanted to keep going-after every failure I would say I can't stop or quit now. It sounds like you have a great attitude!
    Wishing you the best.

  19. Rachel -- Very sorry it didn't work for you this cycle. I'm sure it doesn't help much, but glad that you have a plan to continue. Good luck to you.

    Scottsdale -- My ultrasound is the 22nd too!! But it's not until 1:45!! Oh well, just glad I get to go in for an ultrasound and hopefully see something besides a follicle!!

    I'm feeling fine. No MS or anything. Always tired and have zero energy by the time I get home from work. But I take DS to work with me (family run business), so I feel like a SAHM with a full time job, which doesn't help the energy level or the laundry level. ;-)

    How are you guys feeling after the stims/ER/ET?? Any soreness still? I still feel very tender in my lower abdomen and sometimes if I stand up too quickly I will get a sharp pain in the ovary area. It's been over 3 weeks since ER, does that seem normal? Can't decide if I need to call about it or just wait and mention it at ultrasound if it hasn't gone away by then...

    Sam -- When is your ultrasound?

    Hope everyone's having a good weekend. We're supposed to be getting another 6-10 inches of snow between tomorrow and Monday...Spring where are you????

  20. Hey Zaks:
    Mine isn't until 4:30 on 2/22. I made the later appt so my hubby could be there too. A couple of days last week, I felt yucky after lunch. Never MS, but after lunch, I would get a little queasy. The last 2 days I've had none of that. Really no symptoms. A couple of times I felt a little twinge in my uterus area, but that is it. I'm totally freaking out now that I have another week to wait. This morning I almost feel like AF is coming-no cramps, but just that feeling you get. AGGHHHHHH!
    I've read somewhere that the ovaries take weeks to calm back down after ER, so I'm sure your sharp pains could be remaining from that, but also crazy pregnancy feelings. Did you have that previously with your DS or do you remember?
    I'm making myself so crazy I even took another HPT this am. It's positive.
    Have you guys felt at all like that feeling you get before AF?
    Happy Valentine's Day Girls!

  21. Scottsdale - Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Can't wait to hear your results from the u/s. :-) I got that AF feeling the other day really plays tricks with you this early in pregnancy.

    Zaksmom - The standing up and feeling a pain in your ovary is's from getting up too fast after being down. I had that in my previous pregnancy and this one too. :-) My u/s is on the 25th at 8:30am. I am very excited. Although according to a website I was on, my embryo's heart has started beating today! On Valentine's Day, I felt this was a sweet sign. :-)

    On another note, I am still nervous about the CVS test. We did PGD, but I have heard many stories of that not going as planned. I am going to be very cautiously excited until we can get those results back. I am hoping for the best! :-) I am trying to take this one step at a time. The u/s is my next step....after that I will be obsessing over the CVS test.

    Everyone else, have a great day! I hope it is full of love!

  22. Scottsdale -- I've been having the off and on queasy thing too. It's actually been pretty strong today. I'm also feeling the semi-AF crampiness today. Not totally like AF cramps, but definitely uncomfortable in the abdomen and lower back. I hate this part!! I keep telling myself it must just be things growing/expanding -- which is a good thing! (I don't remember any of this with my first pregnancy, but it has been almost 5 years ago.)

    Sam -- I agree with the taking it all one step at a time! We can only take so much at a time! :-) I saw that about the heartbeat too! Mine said it should begin around the 13th, but I thought the same thing about it being Valentine's. I love little signs of good things like that!

    My sign for today: Went to church this morning with DH, DS and my parents. When they start listing the prayers for special intentions (the sick, elderly, soldiers, etc.) the speaker also asks for blessings for all pregnant women, who are having a baby, or babies, that they be healthy and strong! I looked at my mom and dad (DH had taken DS to bathroom) and we all had wide eyes!! I've ever heard them say a prayer for pregnant women before... Felt like that was my little sign for the day that everything was going to be ok, and I may even be blessed with two in there! :-) And I said a little prayer for all of us!!

    Happy Valentine's Day to all!!

  23. Mommy and SG:
    So my little random sign today:
    My silly husband has been reading this book on learning to speak Spanish! I have no idea why, but he tries to learn the words and practices out loud. It's hilarious. Well as I mentioned, I bought another HPT to take this am-a cheap one because I've already spent so much on good ones. Well, it ended up also having the Spanish translation of "pregnant". I had no idea until I opened it, and used the test, and then I see the spanish word for pregnancy next to the line that popped up. Ok, that might be a stretch for a sign, but as much as I've been teasing him about his attempts to learn Spanish, it was funny! Never before have I seen a test with Spanish translation.

    Feeling yucky tonight. Nothing sounded good for dinner but some cheese and crackers! And that's not like me

    hunter: What is CVS test? I haven't heard of that before.

    Do either of you exercise? I'm a big runner and exercise person-but have obviously done nothing much more than walking the dog this entire cycle. I'm wondering when/how much I can go back at the gym...obviously can't be too cautious at this point. Thoughts?

  24. Scottsdale -- That's hilarious. I mean, really, what are the chances of that happening? I've never seen a Spanish test either! Hope you'll save that one with the baby momentos!

    Glad we're all having quirky little signs of good things to come! Keep 'em coming!! :-)

    I wish I could say that I exercise. We do a lot of walking in the nice weather around our neighborhood, but nothing really during the cold months. I'd continue to take it easy until your ultrasound and then ask what they allow/recommend. I know some women don't change their routine until they can't walk without waddling, but after everything we have to go through to get to this point I'd be extra cautious....but that's coming from a non-exerciser to begin with so take it with a grain of salt. :-)

  25. Hi All! Anyone in "two week ultrasound wait" having symptoms yet?
    Not me! Scared to death.

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