Beta on Feb 5th...anyone else?

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  1. still have not tested - too scared like you mzor. My test is Friday, so I figure I should know before I go, that leaves only tomorrow to test. What are you going to do? When is your test? Even my husband is afraid. I was feeling so positive, and now I am having serious back pains, discomfort, and I keep thinking it must be my period coming. I just wish I knew what were good symptoms and which are bad, but they all seem to be the same. Oh well. 2 week wait is so much worse than all the shots, etc.
    How is everyone else's testing going? Even that is so up and down. For all those with +'s - any symptons worth noting?

  2. Phew, well, I am glad to hear that it's not just me being crazy. Friday can not come soon enough. I have spent god only knows how much $ on tests and my hubby officially thinks I'm crazy. Lol.

    mzor, I am glad to hear you had the same experience.

    SLOGOTHETIS, lol, the mood swings are a good sign that something is going on! :-)

    pankass - I truly hope that those lines are there for a reason! :-) Good luck and report back if you test again or after your Beta!

    skarkos - It's probably smart not to test (for all of us). All it does is make us crazy. I probably wouldn't read too much into any signs or symptoms right now. It seems like everyone has totally different ones and they all lead to both + and - HPT's and Betas.

    Well, ladies, we are almost there! Friday will be here before we know it. Zaksmom, is yours tomorrow? Good luck - I cannot wait to hear your results! :-D I will be keeping myself busy tomorrow in anticipation of Friday. However, I do think Friday will be the worst day for waiting. The day will go by at a snail pace I'm sure. Good luck ladies...I am hoping for positive Betas and some serious sticking of those embryos!


  3. Sorry to just write about me for now. I will catch up with u all later.

    Woke up and tested again at 445 this morning with frer and there was second line that showed at 4 to 5 minutes. Not at 3 minutess ok? Is this positive girls? Its very faint but no squinting needed. Now I just hope if it is it sticks and all. My pregnancy with my son was scary in the beginning bc my numbers were low and didn't double but we have him here today so u can't stress over beta number girls

    Good luck everyone! Today I am 8dp5dt. Of 2 3bb blasts.

  4. Zaksmom: Let us know how today goes!!!!

    skarkos: Yes, my test is Friday morning. The nurse said they won't call until later in the afternoon though. AGGHHH!!!!!! I "think" I will take a test in the am Friday but I may chicken out. Regardless, I am finding out tomorrow so I don't know why I'm so chicken this cycle. Is this your first IVF? If not, how does it compare to previous cycles?

    Sydney: No one throws those tests away. I remember keeping them and studying them in previous cycles. Let us know if you test again. Good luck!

    hunter: What time should you find out tomorrow?

    Well Girls this posting has been so good for me. I really look forward to logging on. It is like therapy! Hoping for lots of good results today and tomorrow for all of us.

  5. Hi Ladies!!

    I can't wait to see all of the activity on here tomorrow when you all come back with beta numbers!! We'll have to make a spreadsheet soon to keep track of everyone's progress!

    Scottsdale -- I honestly don't know how you have resisted POAS!! You are a stronger woman than I am! That stinks you have to wait until the afternoon for the call. Please let us know if you POAS before then!! Positive vibes being sent your way!

    Sydney -- I say don't give up hope! It's still very early. According to the chart on this thread the HCG sometimes isn't even detectible until 9dp5dt! Maybe try again with a different test? When is your beta??

    Sam -- My husband has gotten fond of telling people: "IVF - $20,000, HPT's - $9,000, Two pink lines - Priceless!!" He would probably be close if I didn't use the Dollar Tree cheapies!! Wishing you so much luck tomorrow!! Can't wait to hear your results!

    skarkos -- Hang in there! It would be nice if there was some way to know what the symptoms meant. As I said earlier - I had the same exact cramping feelings this cycle that I had on my last cycle. One was neg and one was pos. There are so many variables! Kudos to you for holding out on POAS! Will you do it tomorrow before you go, or just find out from the beta number? Either way, good luck! I'll be thinking of you all and checking back every ten minutes looking for updates!!

    AFM -- I am pregnant!! My first beta was 343! When I was pregnant with DS my first beta was 115. I have my first ultrasound on Feb 22nd, so will know for sure how many then. Go back for repeat betas on Monday and Friday of next week. Thank you all for the good thoughts!! I hope I am the first of many more strong betas to come!!

  6. Zaksmom: Congrats to you! That is an awesome number!!!! Thanks for updating.
    Still have not POAS. I am too scared it is negative. I may do one tomorrow; I haven't decided...stay tuned!

  7. Congrats Zaksmom!!!!! Woop Woop!

  8. One more thing: I'm curious for those of you who have had a previous child through IVF, how many cycles did you do before you had success?
    It seems you all have children and experience at this, so I was just curious if IVF worked for you on the first try to get your son/daughter. Thanks!

  9. Hi Scottsdale:

    It took us 3 IVF/ICSI's the first 2 were at a different dr who told us as he left the room after transfer if it doesn't work donor or adoption is our only option grrrrr to him and thanks for the pep talk. I almost threw in the towel but my husband kept us going and we went to our current dr and got his opinion and here we are today

  10. I have been lurking since my beta is Monday of transferring two blssts.

    scottsdale- I wanted to answer your ?.It took me three fresh cycles and a FET to get DS. I am have done a FET and now a fresh trying to get another DC. Good luck to you today!!


  11. I am thinking of you all today!! And I have everything crossed for positive, strong beta numbers for each of you!

    Can\'t wait to hear results! Scottsdale and skarkos -- did you POAS this morning or were you able to hold out??

    My history:
    I was lucky enough to get pregnant with my DS - who is 4 today! - on our first IVF. I then had a failed IUI and a negative FET this past summer. Got lucky again with a fresh IVF (so far!!). We have MFI due to low motility/morphology, and I have borderline high FSH. We did ICSI with both fresh cycles, and they put me on Antagonist protocol this time vs. long Lupron last time. I seemed to have produced slightly better embryos this time around -- but of the two I had make it to blast they were not good enough to freeze.

    I sincerely hope this cycle will bring all of you positive outcomes. It sounds like you each have been through much more than I have at this point, and I pray you have success.

  12. Zaksmom - CONGRATS! I am sooo happy for you. Your beta numbers are wonderful! :-D

    To the rest of us testing today - Good luck! I won't find out until this afternoon and I will check back in then. I do have some minor cramping today. Does anyone know if that is normal at this stage? I have had positive HPT's for the last 3 days. So, I am wondering what is going on.

    Be back later.....


  13. Congrats Gals! Let us know for the others testing today what you hear!

    Unfortunately, I didn't get the news I had hoped for; my beta was 18. It is a chemical most likely. I go back on Tuesday to confirm levels. The only other + I've ever had started at 36 and dropped so we are not hopeful. I'm devastated and speechless and....when do you know it is time to move on?

  14. mzor - I am so sorry. :-( Is it at all possible that this could be a healthy pregnancy? I don't know much about beta numbers. I don't know when to "move on", but I say follow your heart on that.


  15. Scottsdale - I am right there with you. My number was an 8, I can barely type it. Why does the torture continue? Why can't they just say it is negative. I don't even know what that means, but based on your email, I should not even bother caring. Well I don't know what your next step should be, but you can't decide anything right now, just deal with your loss first then think about next steps. Hang in there - I am thinking of you.

  16. Scottsdale -- I am so, so sorry you didn't get better results. I know it seems like this cycle is a lost cause, but maybe you just had late implantation and that is why your number is low? I know you've had a previous chemical so this probably feels like that's what this is, but I'm going to keep praying for you to get a higher number on Tuesday. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this!

    As for moving on, that's a hard one. If you have any fight left in you to keep cycling I would say don't let anything stop you. Not sure what your cause of IF is, but keep looking for answers. Or do you and DH have a plan for the next steps?

    Again, so sorry. Will be thinking of you and hoping for better news on Tuesday...

  17. Sorry for the bad news girls. I know nothing can make u feel better right now.

    AFM positive. Level 110. I go back Monday for 2nd test. Not getting to excited yet.

  18. skarkos - I am so sorry. :-( That is really hard news to take after all of this. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    pankass- Congrats! That is great news!

    We had a positive beta - 94.8. The nurse said they look for anything above a 50 at this point. We also found out what we are having! We did PGD and part of that was the chromosomal abnormalities (x/y). We didn't want to know until we were pregnant. We are pretty excited. I go back for another blood test on Sunday.

    Wish all of you the best!


  19. Mommy SG and Sydney: congrats on your good news today! Keep us posted as things progess next week.

    skarkos: So sorry for your disappointment also ! This absolutely hurts so deep. I had told myself either way I would know the outcome today-if good positive #, we'd be thrilled. If negative, I would drink red wine and go for a good long run tomorrow- LOL! WELL, can't do either....the waiting continues.

    Did your dr tell you to continue taking your meds and come back? If so, when do you retest? I will tell you not to give up (easier said than done). There are stories all over this board of people who started with low betas and had successful pregnancies. For me personally, my track record speaks for itself so I'm not really hopeful for my number on Tuesday to have gone up.

    My dr said to continue everything though.
    Have you done IVF previously?

    We are really unexplained for the most part. Husband has low motility so we do ICSI with every IVF, but other than that, we make great quality embryos and transfer them and NOTHING! We've done crazy immune treatments, and just about everything you can name! This cycle we were even with a new doctor with great success rates, so we were really hoping. Thankfully, we have frozen embryos so I have to try those. My husband is very open to moving to surrogacy to see if they will implant and give us our baby. I am so frustrated, and hopeless that I don't even know how to make a decision moving forward. I wish I knew enough was enough and could move on, but I just want another chance!

    skarkos please stay in touch! I am here if you need to vent. I do understand and hurt right beside you. I know that doesn't provide much solace, but please know I'm thinking about you.

  20. the number is 49, it is day 15 after a day 3 transfer. Any hope? my wife is going to have another test Monday. I compare the beta with other's, it seems quite low. she has a little bit of nausea and urine quite frequently. This this our second round. Last round, we lost our twins in week 7. But at least last time beginning is fine and beta is quite high.

  21. skarkos -- that just sucks...this process can be so cruel and unfair! I am so sorry you didn't get better news.

    I am posting another link that I found on a different thread. It gives beta value ranges according to dpo, and you can customize the age range at the bottom of the page. (It also shows the lowest beta numbers reported that resulted in ongoing pregnancy.) Just thought you all might find it interesting if you haven't seen it before..

    Rachel-- Good luck to you on Monday. Please let us know your results!! I have seen some of your posts on the other thread, have you POAS yet? If not, do you plan to before the beta?

    Sydney -- Congratulations to you!! That is great news. So glad you found an RE that could help you and that DH convinced you to keep trying! Can't wait to hear your number on Monday!

    Sam -- Well I assume today's result made up for all of your HPT frustration?!? Congratulations! So happy you got good news! Will they call you on Sunday with your next beta result or will you have to wait until Monday? That's awesome that you already know the sex!! Please let us know your next results!!

    Scottsdale -- I am amazed by you and your last post. I can only imagine how much you must be hurting, yet you are staying so positive. I think one of the cruelest aspects of IF is that it seems to happen to the people that deserve success the most. I have seen some of the strongest, most generous and caring people on these boards that I think I could ever find. I know many people IRL that think they've got it bad and wouldn't stand a chance if faced with some of the hardships I've seen on here. I am glad that you are not giving up on your dream!

    mahamuni -- Good luck to you and your wife Monday. I would focus on staying positive and knowing that everyone and every cycle is different. It's difficult to compare betas because of all the variables -- and you'll go crazy trying! Hang in there and let us know how it goes on Monday...

  22. mahamuni:
    That number is fine. My last pregnancy my first beta was 42 and the second was 79 so please don't stress about numbers like I did every pregnancy is different and comparing will just drive u mad. Enjoy this answer and just soak it in for now I now I have a 21 month old son from that low beta.

  23. Zaksmom- COngrats on your positive. thanks for your wishes.
    Your beta is great. How many did you transfer? I did not POAS yet. Almost did yesterday. I won't do it today because I have a party to go to, and there will be kids and babies there, and if its negative I will be so sad at the party and not have any fun. Might be a chance I do it tomorrow.

    mahamuni. I dont know if the 15 days includes the 3 days as well. My beta at 9dp5dt was a 28 and it did result in DS. Even though it was extremely low it did double. Hoping your wife's beta doubles.

    I am so so sorry for those who got negatives. It's tough and it never gets easier. The only thing that helped me with the 4 BFN"S I have received is a game plan.

  24. Zaksmom- COngrats on your positive. thanks for your wishes. mahamuni. I dont know if the 15 days includes the 3 days as well. My beta at 9dp5dt was a 28 and it did result in DS. Even though it was extremely low it did double. Hoping your wife's beta doubles.

    It does not include the 3 days. So, it should be 15dp3dt. I know there is still a chance, but think I should prepare for the worst.

  25. Congrats for all the positive betas. May the continue to grow.

    Scottsdale - I had to laugh at your last post, because all day Friday I thought the same thing - at least I will sit down with a big glass of red wine and lament. But no.
    Anyway - your numbers are obviously low -but hang in there. Each time is different - you definately have a better shot than I do. And yes my dr. still has me on the progseterone and I go back for retest the 9th as well.

    But I must admit I am in a different boat than you because I do have a DD 3 1/2. Don't want to upset you or anything, but just letting you know. She was a success after our 2nd attempt. This is now our 4th attempt for #2 with no success. So 6 all together. Our diagnosis was originally male factor, but I keep aging and that does not help. I think that if you are creating good eggs and good embryos - that is half the battle. They found no explanation for last time? I would see how this plays out - then get all your records, compare the data, and speak with your dr. in detail to see what could be causing the implantation problems. What did you transfer this time - how many? quality? sorry if you already mentioned. And if necessary, try to find a specialist in this area - please don't give up all hope yet. This IVF is not for the faint of heart - and you seem so close with your good response.

    Please keep me up to date and I apologize if I upset you about DD.

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