Beta numbers not cooperating!

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  1. Hi, I just rec'd the results of my 4th beta test in the last 10 days. I'm sort of stuck in the yuck position of looking like I might miscarry, but can't really be sure yet. My numbers are 70, 94, 114, 214. These have all been tests w/2 days in between but 3 days between the last result. I'm still on the meds and not they're increasing the estrogen.

    Does anyone have any stories they can share? Same exyoungihmience? Thanks.

  2. Sorry to hear what you're dealing with... I just wanted to say that since this has been over 10 days, I hope your RE is carefully monitoring you to make sure this is not an ectopic?

  3. So sorry. I HOPE you will have a different outcome than I did with my first pregnancy when I had numbers that didn't double well. Mine dragged out until the 9th week but the baby never developed so I finally stopped the meds and m/c 3 days later. However, the statistics seem to indicate that 15% of all healthy pregnancies have very slow, low numbers so there is still a chance for you.

    Wishing you luck. What you're going through now is awful. Try to take it easy as much as possible in other areas if you can. All the best.

  4. i just had a baby in dec from the worst betas.. 110-112 doubling times.. the dr where even puzzled because at one point they just hovered at a number when i was 5w3d.. i def thought i was gonna micarry.. to my surprise at 6w2d i we saw a heartbeat.. my DD is sitting next to me sleeping on her boppy pillow.. so dont look too much into betas. i drove myslef crazy and cried. and the dr said betas never do what they should they are just numbers and just need to rise and the rule of doubling in 48 hours is not how it goes for a high majority of people..

    they increased my esrogen too and i stayed on 8mg of estrogen till 9 weeks preg.. to help sustain the linning just in case. i stayed on p4 till 12 weeks..

    gl KUP on the next beta....

  5. Thanks, ladies, for getting back to me. Just reading from others who have been where I am helps a bit. Of course, the stories can go either way- but I love hearing that bolajing had success! I have another beta tomorrow morning-- so, I'll post again tomorrow afternoon and see what happens. Hang in with me, please! I need some support. I just feel like I'm not even pregnant... sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop, ya know? It makes me a bit sad, b/c I really want to try and enjoy this... Just keep telling myself... this can work, this can work...

  6. Also, never knew the stat about 15% of all pregnancies have slow, low numbers... that sort of helps. And, yes, they are monitoring me for an ectopic... I think that's why I'm going every two days and they've certainly told me the symptoms to be looking for. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Any news? GL!

  8. I tested again on 2/17 and my beta had doubled- from 214 to 355. They said I had to hit 353 to be considered doubling... Anyway, I think that allowed for a small bit of a relief, but definitely still puzzled and pretty nervous. U/S is scheduled for 3/1... they said there wasn't much point in testing beta again b/c at a certain point the numbers slow anyway. So... really keeping my fingers crossed that we see something healthy. I'd welcome any thoughts...

  9. The beta has to double, max of 77 hours (can't remember exactly the hours), and not necessarily every 48 hours. IDk exactly when you transfererred or when those betas were done. If you could post those, it would be more help. ie....
    12dp3dt = beta of 70
    14dp3dt = beta of 94, and so on....

  10. ktam, I don't have any thoughts. But just wanted to say that I've read your posts and have been and will be praying for you!! I'll be thinking of you on 3/1. My FET was 2/19 and my beta is 3/4. Goodluck!! And keep us updated!!


  11. Beta numbers---
    12d, post 3day transfer 70
    14d, post3dt 94
    16d, p3dt 114
    19d, p 3dt 214
    21d, p 3dt 355

    So, my last two betas were much better and were definitely increasing at a better rate and the nurse said the last one, definitely doubled (or hit 66% or something like that...) So, initially they were worried about ectopic... now, I think just worried about viability of pregnancy. Thanks for any thoughts.

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