Beta march 1st anyone?

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  1. I had a day 5 elective SET on Feb 19th and I am on the dreaded 2ww! To make it worse, my clinic will not release how many of my embryos were frozen until I go in for beta! Makes the wait worse!! Anyone else?

  2. My beta is March 2nd! We had two early blasts put in on the 20th! Super close to you! Good luck...I have gone thru this before and have 4 year old twin girls and dont remember the 2 week wait being so tough!

  3. I have twin girls too! They are 14 months old. That is why I really wanted the SET...I wanted to minimize the chance of having twins! I got lucky and had 2 4AA blasts and a couple others that looked like they might be able to freeze on day 6, so I went for just one. It was sooo hard to make that choice..I was told a 70% chance of one and a 30% chance of twins if I put in 2....but only a 30% chance of one if I only put in one. So I know my chances are low. But I feel it may be higher for me...When I got preg with the twins I put in 3, 8-cell day 3 embies. Then I had one frozen blast grade BB and did a frozen SET and got preg but lost it at 6.5 weeks.

  4. Wow how ironic! We both have twin girls! We transferred 2 8cell day 3 embryos 4 years ago and got the twins. We were planning on SET but embryologist said we really didn't qualify for it since our blasts hadn't made it to full blast but were considered early blasts. That is why they wanted to transfer 2. We were given a 60% for singleton and 40% for twins. My husband thinks our chances are higher also since we've already had twins. We really want just a singleton but if it happens to be twins, I can handle it. Were your girls early? Mine were 30 weekers but now completely healthy and wonderful little girls.
    Good luck. I really thought the 2 week wait would go way faster but its all I can think about!!!

  5. My girls were born early, 35 weeks. I had a terrible pregnancy, nausea entire time, gest diabetes (insulin), severe reflux, pelvic pain I could hardly walk,pre-term contractions all day starting at 32 weeks! I was miserable!
    Of course, sooo worth it!! But the thought of having another twin pregnancy like that scares me! Especially with 2 little ones running around!! No time to stay in bed this time around!! lol!! The 2ww is torture!! I am really bad about POAS! I know I shouldn't!! Are you going to test?

  6. Hi Ladies! Mind if I join? I had an FET on 2/19 of 2 day 3 embies. One was 6cell the other was 7 cell both grade 2. They started as an 8 cell grade 3 and and 7 cell grade 2+. I don't know if the 8 cell lost 2 or they each lost one, but the loss of cells and decrease in grading has me worried. My beta is 3/4 so just after yours. 2WW is killing me already. Its 4am where I live and I can't sleep. Lots on the mind... You both are so lucky to have twins. Going through all this fertility stuff has made me long for twins so bad. I do have a 9mo. DS from our fresh cycle in '08. His pregnancy actually started as twins so maybe that also accounts for my desire for twins. Right now I'm just praying for a BFP. Are you both still on Estrase and PIO? Thats all I'm taking right now and haven't had any noticable side effects. Kinda thought I would feel something from the PIO.

  7. Success Ment/Child Mentioned

    Can I join too?. I had ET on 2/18 my beta is March 4th. We xfred 2 eight cell 3 day embryos. My dh and I have one son from an IVF done a few years ago. We have been trying for our second since Fall of 08. I had a few cancelled cycles in between and I also have Ulcerative Colitis so of course I had flare ups and had to wait til they subsided..and I was so thrilled to make it to transfer this time..then I remembered what torture the 2ww is.


  8. Hi Kath! Wow it sounds like you transferred two great embryos! Have you ever done a FET before? This is my first. Our Beta is the same day! Are you feeling any symptoms yet? I'm not and I'm sure its too early. Are you on Estrace and PIO?

  9. Raoudha Gafrej and Kath- Welcome to the 2ww agony!!

    Raoudha Gafrej- I have never heard of embies losing cells...did your re tell you how that happens? I truly believe the best place for them is in you! From my last fresh cycle one of my embies that was 6-cell made it to blast so keep positive!!
    I have never taken PIO only the suppositories. I don't think I could stand doing PIO, I heard it is a big pain in the behind! Literally!

    Kath- It must have been so frustrating to have to cancel cycles. So glad this time you could finish!


  10. Hi Everyone,

    Success Ment/Child Ment

    Yes, I am so relieved to be in the tww...although it is so hard sometimes. I have tried to concentrate on other stuff to take my mind off of it. It just seems like it is dragging.

    I had none left to freeze from my cycle from a few years ago, so I have never done a fet. I have friends who have done them with success though. If we had any to freeze this time I will probably find out this week.

    I am on pio shots now and I start the vivelle patches tomorrow. I started feeling cramping/pms like symptoms this I don't know what that means... I hope so much that it is just the side effect of the pio. Last IVF a few years ago, I had no symptoms at all just a bruised and sore behind and that was it..I was shocked to learn of our bfp and now our son is 3 and 1/2. I am home full time now and I am wondering (and hoping) that I am just in tuned to every cramp vs. being at my old job where I had alot of diversion. Looking forward to chatting with you guys good luck!

  11. Raoudha Gafrej, Kath and elad,
    Glad to have you guys here too so we have more of us to chat with and stress out with!
    I swear this cycle I want to test so badly so I made my friend/neighbor take the one pg test I have in the house. That way I wont be so tempted!!!
    Good luck to all. How's everyone feeling?

  12. I want to test sooo badly too! Tomorrow I will be 5dp5dt. I know it is early, but tests like first response can show up....but I know if its a BFN I will stress even more! I hate waiting!! I don't have any cramps or twinges....I did feel queezy last night before bed and this am...but I guess that could be from the progesterone? Or my nerves!!

    stdelaportas- great move having your friend take the test!! lol!

  13. I feel that exactly. I am only 3dp5dt and wish I could feel SOMETHING but knowing that its way too early. For some reason this cycle I want to test early. The last one I didn't even consider it. That's why I got rid of the test! Too much temptation!

  14. Glad to hear I'm not the only one obsessing and going crazy hoping for some symptoms. I am 5dp3dt FET today so I know its too early but I'm still obsessing about it!!! Time is ticking along so slow. I'm trying to stay busy but its not really helping. I still have over a week before my 3/4 beta! Ahhhh!

    elad was yours a fresh cycle or frozen? 2 8cells is great!!

  15. Hi everyone,

    DS Mentioned

    Raoudha Gafrej - It was a fresh cycle-my beta is also 3/4..i have been stressing today..but it is interesting b/c my last cylce where we had my son I had no symptoms whatsever in the 2ww. None at all. I was shocked with my bfp.

    But this time I have cramping and today i definately have a migraine which i usually get before my period so i have been obsessing about that today and concerned that it didn't work. I have also been trying to stay away from the hpt..i don't have any here, but i have been thinking about getting some but then i talk my self out of has been the hardest day so far in the 2ww.

    Hope you guys are doing well!


  16. For those that have had success, what day did you get a positive HPT?
    I am bad with the HPTs!!! I did one this am 5dp5dt, first response, and it was neg. I only was given a 30% chance because I only did a SET so I am not surprised. I know its early, but I have a bad feeling. Infertility is the pits!
    Stay away from the HPTs!! They are evil!!

  17. Tracy-Ann Infertility is the pits! I couldn't agree more. And its even worse when your insurance covers ZERO of the expenses and you have the added financial stress. Just plain sucks!!

    Kath, I bet your feeling implantation. Its about that time for you isn't it? I've been "trying" to feel it. Nothing so far. Today is a hard day for me too. I have a MaryKay party tonight with some friends who know my infertility story but don't know about the recent transfer. They are having Margaritas so I'll probably have to tell them about it since I'm obviously not going to drink one. Which I think actually may be helpful.

    I have a feeling the upcoming days are going to get even worse! Ugh. Hoping at least a few of them go by fast!!

    Baby dust to all!!


  18. Hey guys,

    Tracy-Ann - I didn't hpt with the last one so I found out on beta day. I think it is still early, I know alot of people who did IVF and got negs on hpt's and they had a strong pos beta. In fact, now that i think of it, when I found out from the nurse from my IVF in 05, I went and tested on an hpt( i know silly, but i wanted to take one so bad and see what a positive looked like) so I was 14 days post a 3 day transfer..and the line was very faint..i was so surprised and my beta was in the 300\'s.

    Raoudha Gafrej - Have fun tonight! I know the non drinking thing is so hard..i love my wine and my martini's and cosmo's it sucks it is such a hard time and you can't take the edge off..i haven't had a cup of coffee in one week, that is driving me nuts too, and I usually run about 3 to 5 miles a day and I have stopped doing that as least tomorrow is the half way point!

  19. Just checking in hope everyone is doing ok


  20. Trying to just gget through a few more days!! Luckily it will be a busy weekend!!!

  21. Hello ladies!

    Hope everyone is hanging in there! Anyone breakdown and do any HPTs? I wanna hear some happy endings!! BFP wishes to all!!!

    AFM- I got the dreaded visit from AF today! I am surprised because I am on the progesterone and usually I have to stop that before I get my cycle. I have PCOS and don't get a cycle without provera. Although I am bummed this cycle was a bust, I would rather have a straight up BFN than to go through beta hell or have a m/c like my last cycle. I have 5 blasts on ice so its on to an FET. I have one more insurance-covered cycle so I hope I have better luck next month!


  22. So sorry that AF started. I've been having weird feelings like mine is going to start all day yesterday but today nothing. Hang in there...I'm hoping that what I've been feeling is not cramps as I never get cramps before a period. Oh this waiting is so not fun!

  23. I am sorry to hear about AF that sucks. I am so sorry.

    AFM, I am still holding out on poas. Yesterday I was at CVS and stared at the HPT's for what seemed like forever. I left without any. Today, I went to the dollar tree and bought three. But then on the way home I dropped them off at my sister's house and put them in her mailbox. I left her a message telling her. She knows that I am ready to crack any minute and if I had them in the house I would.

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