Beta Hell, please help!

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  1. I am in beta hell. I had an IUI done Jan 20th, 2w beta was only 11, repeated 2 days later and it was 40, then repeated again 4 days later b/c of the weekend but it was only 98. I have another repeat in 2 days, but can anyone give any truthful advice on what to think? I have no symptoms, no bleeding but am still on progesterone suppositories. I just hate not knowing. Do you think this is a chemical or ectopic? Anyone with similar numbers?



  2. TEX: I think it is a good sign that yours are going up. I have heard from my own doctor (and many others) that increasing is a great sign and not to get too wrapped up in the doubling. Easier said than done, I know.
    I have only had one chemical previously and my numbers went down from first to second beta in a matter of 48 hours. And it went down a lot in that short time frame. So, the fact that yours keep increasing is a much better sign.
    I am wishing you the best!
    The waiting is so, so hard.
    Please keep us posted.

  3. mzor- Thanks for your support. I am officially out. Beta dropped to 97 today from 98 2 days ago. I have solace in knowing, at least. Thank you, again.


  4. Tex: I'm so sorry to hear this. Know that people here support you!
    I've been right where you are and do understand, as do many others on this board. Please keep us updated on you!

    I almost don't want to post that I did get good results today because I've been on the other side too many times and know the disappointments all too well. My first ultrasound is week after next. We are so grateful to have made it this far-the farthest we've ever come.

    Wishing you all the best!

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