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  1. Hi Ladies - was wondering if anyone could give input or their experiences with Beta results after FET and outcome, singleton, twins, triplets, more? I just did a fet and 8dpt the beta was 213. I go back tomorrow for beta 2 which will be 12dpt. Just looking for some insight on others who have walked before me.

    Thanks - A

  2. 9dp5dt beta was 232. preg with a singelton baby girl. Im 19w4d, my betas bever doubled I even had doubling times as high as 110-112 hours. good luck and congrats!!

  3. 9dp5dt beta was 293. 12d5dt beta 1147 14dp5dt 3145. We had transferred 2 embyos found out 2 weeks later that we were pregnant with triplets! 2 weeks after that lost the twins. Now preggo with 1 healthy baby girl! You have a good number! Congrats!!

  4. Thank you for the response. I am sorry for the loss of the twins, but it is wonderful you are going on to have a beautiful girl. I will get results of beta from today tomorrrow. I do at OB and they lag behind 1 day.

    Best - A

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