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  1. Thank you so much TOYLALOIS and Brownbaby! I have been napping all afternoon.not much sleep last night. No morning sickness here but I do get a little sick to my tummy here and there. I definatly do not want yogurt!! Still cramping and have a lot of soreness from my absolutly huge ovaries! The doctor could not believe how big they are. I don't graduate from my re until 12 weeks. You guys are lucky to move on. My due date is 11/16. Keep us posted how it is going girls!! Another big check as we move to the next marker!

  2. So you see the hearbeat and it puts your mind at ease...for a bit! Today I noticed that when I wipe the TP is a little darker than normal. It's not dark brown, just darker than normal which has been clear. Does that make sense?

    Anyway, I called the nurses to ask about it and she said that b/c I've never had a miscarriage (this is my 1st pregnancy) and as long as it's not accompanied by a foul odor, high fever or severe cramps to just relax and don't be alarmed. She said everything looked good on my u/s two days ago but to call if it changes and I'm concerned.

    I don't want to be the crazy pregnant lady but not knowing what could happen or does happen is unnerving. I also realize that as long as it's not bright red blood, it's old blood and I should be ok.

    Does anyone have any insight on this?
    Thanks - Amy

  3. Just keep an eye on everything and if you are too concerned ask for an appointment. Keep us posted.

    I wish I had better and more advice but I too am a crazy pregnant lady!!!

  4. Ok, so in preggers talk we talk about crazy things... so it is yellow or brown?? You said darker than clear, so if you mean yellow I am thinking it could be your progesterone, but also the light brown is most likely normal, but I agree with Rashel and the best thing is to call the doc, which you do. Trust me I can totally relate. Everytime I feel anything there, I go to the bathroom to check and pull my undies down very slowly to look..


  5. Hi TOYLALOIS and Brownbaby. How are you guys doing today? I came into work today. I get out at 3pm today so that helps. I am a bit more tired today and have found it harder to eat as the day goes on. By the time dinner arrives I have to make myself eat b/c I just don't feel hungry and nothing goes down very well. I am cramping more today than I have in a while. Just hoping it is those darn ovaries. Still have brown spotting. Just going to hang out this weekend and hope that Wednesday gets here soon and that all is going and growing well for my two little beans. I hope the same for the both of you.

  6. Hi Rashell & Lainie - My panic yesterday has subsided. The spotting I thought I had is gone. I knew not to panic and would tell others not to but when it happens to you - you think the world is caving in! I actually feel the same way with eating. I don't really have an appetite which I'm ok with to an extent but i'm sure it'll kick in at some point.

    My symptoms come and go which makes me nervous but I know it's OK!

    Rashell - I'm glad you're going to take it easy this weekend. Do what your body is telling you to do.

    Stay in touch girls.

  7. Hi Rashell & Lainie - My panic yesterday has subsided. The spotting I thought I had is gone. I knew not to panic and would tell others not to but when it happens to you - you think the world is caving in! I actually feel the same way with eating. I don't really have an appetite which I'm ok with to an extent but i'm sure it'll kick in at some point.

    My symptoms come and go which makes me nervous but I know it's OK!

    Rashell - I'm glad you're going to take it easy this weekend. Do what your body is telling you to do.

    Stay in touch girls.

  8. Glad you are doing much better Brownbaby!!! I will feel much better once I see the u/s again and make sure everyone is doing ok. Then I think I will be able to relax a bit more, I hope!!!

  9. Hey Rashel and Brownbaby, so so glad to hear you both are doing well. Brownbaby, glad the spotting stopped. I know that must be frightening, and just think we get to worry for many more weeks.. Rashel, your brown spotting is normal honey.. but again, (like above) I know it must be unsettling.

    So it is so funny you both are not hungry. I totally don't have an appetite, and I was someone that could eat. When we went to my last appointment, my DP was saying my jeans looked kind of baggie, so I weighed myself and I weighed 130. I was around 140 or so a couple months ago. Anyway I think I lost a couple pounds in the last couple weeks. I mean I do eat, but I am no where near hungry and only eat because I am trying to eat lots of veggies and fruits and such. I was talking to my DP about it, because I don't really feel nauseous yet, but just no appetite. Do you all feel nauseous yet?? My Dr. said it peaks around 8 weeks. I am very tired and dizzy as I said, but even more so. Sometimes if I get up too quickly, I have to stand there for a second because my head is spinning.

  10. Glad you are doing great TOYLALOIS. I don't get dizzy too much I just can't get up too fast. I get nauseated when I make myself eat but that is about it. I do get this empty pitt in my belly that is when I know it is time. I amtrying to just eat healthy too but I do slip up. I have to becareful b/c dh is a junk food junkie. I miss working out too. That use to be part of my daily routine and how I keep the pounds off but that has been off limits since ret. You are lucky you lost weight before putting it on. With my ohss I am still puffy and have a belly. I was hoping to ease into a belly. Oh well!!! I worry about everything I do that does not involve the sofa or bed. I basically have a desk job low stress right now but I am out and about. Then there is chasing down the 2 dogs that decided to run out of the open back gat due to all the wind we had today. I had to carry one chunky monkey back bc he was having too much fun. I know I just need to relx and remember I still can do all normal stuff. Just breathe right. Have a good weekend ladies.

  11. Just wondering how you guys are doing. I have another sono scheduled for tomorrow. I am excited to see my beans again but pretty nervous too. Things don't seem quite right and I have had some weird pains and things happen. Here is to tomorrow and my beans..........

  12. Hey Rashel. Yes, mine is tomorrow also. I know what you mean about being nervous. I really don't have too many stong symptoms at this point, except one thing new... sadness, and crying. I have reseached it alot and apparently it is common in the first trimester. It is so wierd because one day I was fine and for the last week or so I have been sad and crying for no reason. I talked to a dr. and said I didn't understand it because I have a wonderful life. He said he has nothing to do with your life, but it is all about (basically, of course he said it chemicals going crazy in your brain due to the hormones (lovely). I am a worry wart, and was before I got preggers. However, now this just intensifies all my feelings of whatever I am upset about.... arghhh. It is not fun and pretty miserable. From what the Dr. said, what I have read and friends, it gets better after the first trimester.

    Thank goodness for my understanding, supportive DP, as well as our doggies who are great snuggling in the bed watching movies companions..

    I know you said you experienced some m/s if you made yourself eat. Are you still doing ok with that? I unfortunatley have no appetite and have to force myself to eat. I saw my acupuncturist today and she said to tell ourselves, that OMG, we had no idea it would be this rough right now. It made me smile. She is really awesome, and knowledgable. She said it will pass, even though it seems right now like there is no end in sight. Once this angel is born he/she is going to have nnnnnnnnooooo idea what mommy went through.. lol

  13. Hey there! Good to hear from you. Well at least you know you got the hormones working. I woke up crying last night all worried. It did not help tha dh was out of town. I did not do well by myself. I hope you feel better soon. I am sure tomorrow will help.

    My eating comes and goes. Sometimes I can't get enough and other times I have to force myself to eat. I went to dinner with a friend last night and I almost lost what little I ate!!

    I had my u/s today. I was super worried but everything tuned out great. I got to see both beans again and they are both growing. I am 7w2d and they both measured 7w1d. We are really excited!! I have to go back in a week for another follow up. If all goes well I canwait 2 weeks before my next visit. Then I have one more appt with RE may 1 and the I can move on to my ob. Seems so far away but I know it will go by fast.

    Good luck tomorrow! Let me know how it goes.

  14. Oh my gosh Rashel that is so so so wonderful, congratulations on your two little beans. What a relief. I am sorry I thought you were going tomorrow. I totally understand about being alone. My DP is in LA doing a deposition and I felt alone, even though I don't mind my alone time normally in small spurts, but because of the emotions... not so much now..

    Awww, poor thing you woke up crying last night.. geeez I totally get it. It is crazy how our body goes through so much. I got two new books today at Borders. One is called 'Pregnancy Sucks'.. not that I feel that way, but is like the Jenny McCarthy books, and that it is a funny book and I wanted to laugh while reading a pregnancy book today. It was really talking about all the changes our bodies go through.. it was really funny, but also I was thinking OMG, the things I have to 'look forward to'.. backaches, hemrroids (lovely) (don't even know how to spell that one) all sorts of discharge (ick), etc.. thinkgs I already knew (as I know you do too) but in greater detail.. lol

    Again, congrats on the wonderful u/s today and also on TWINS.. whewww hewwww... Have a great evening.

  15. Thank you so much TOYLALOIS! Best of luck to you today!! Please let me know how everything goes.

    I am with you I do enjoy my alone time when DH travels, but not right now. I thought he was going to be gone again tonight but plans changed! Thank goodness. Now we are headed to a baseball game tonight. I love to go but I am so tired right now. I am thinking of seeing if he wants to take a friend.

    I gave one of the Jenny McCarthy books to my best friend when she got pregnant a few years back and read it before I gave it to her. It was hilarious. I loved it. Sad thing is I don't think she took the time to read the tiny paper back. I was a bit hurt b/c of course DH and I were trying and the time and no luck. But here we are years later! Very excited.

    Thanks again and I do hope you have a good visit today! I look forward to an update!

  16. Hi girls - I had my appointment this morning and all is well. The baby grew so much in just over a week and it's heartbeat went from 114 to 148 bpm. We were released today from the clinic to my regular ob which was sad since I've been with them for two years! I did send them something for all of them today that they'll get as a thank you. My next appointment is April 15th but it's with a nurse as an intake - no ultrasound. Then I'll make another appt. with my doctor for an ultrasound! My RE told me I could stop the PIO injections on April 18th!! I'm glad but it'll be weird not to do them and be pregnant with no support.

    Anyway, I'm having the same symptoms as you - emotional, hungry but not all the time. I am very tired but have insomnia at night - it's killing me.

    Looking forward to more updates!
    Take Care.

  17. Hey Rashel and Brownbaby..

    Rashel, I totally understand your thought about your friend not even taking the time to read it. I know you thought she would really love it, and that is why you gave it to her. Little did she know she would have loved it. Oh well.. now you are the mommy.. L(

    Brownbaby, so happy everything went well today. Your day sounds alot like mine. I too, couldn't believe how big the baby had gotten in one week. It was measuring right where it should, and the heartbeat went from 104 to 137, Dr. said everything looks great. I was also realeased today or as they call it "graduating". I stopped and got a big cookie cake with a big 'thank you so much' on it and a card for everyone. They are all so wonderful there, and we will miss them.

    Yeah, I have the insomnia as well. I go to sleep fine, but then wake up and can't go back to sleep. The emotional piece doesn't help it because then I have all these thoughts going through my head and then REALLY can't get back to sleep. Although I still don't have much of an appetite. I get to stop my estradiol and progesterone on the 15th and Glucophage on the 30th. .. can't wait. Have my first OB/GYN appt on the 17th. We are delivering at the hospital here in Atlanta that does the most deliveries in the COUNTRY. So we are happy that they too are really wonderful.

    Anyway ladies, it is pouring here, so I am going to eat some lunch and then snuggle up with my little angel (doggie) and watch a movie in bed.. Have a wonderful and peaceful Friday guys.. xoxoxo

  18. I also forgot to mention (and I have to say it because it is so sweet and our first 'gift') but anyway the dr's and nurses at the fertility center, gave us a congratulations card and a silver spoon.. isn't that so cute and sweet??

    Ok, just had to share..

  19. Wow TOYLALOIS! That was so nice of the office to give you a gift. It was also nice of you to give them a thank you gift. I have a bit longer to see if I will do the same.

    It looks like the both of you are moving along very well. I am excited to see you both are graduating. I will see re until may. I actually have another appt on Wednesday. I am ready. This is about the time I start wanting see my beans again to make sure all is well. I hope time flies.

    I have about the same symptoms as you guys. Last night I woke up at about 3am bc my heart was pounding very hard. Felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest!

    So tell me am I the only one that is paranoid about everything I do and if it could have compromised anything? I mean the most normal thing like walk around the grocery store for an hour gets me all worked up especially if I get a little crampy. How do I do my normal stuff and not worry. Does this happen to you????
    Ok so I have to admit that I am a little scared too...................
    Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Looking forward to more updates.

  20. A little sad started spotting again. It is more pink than brown and I am cramping with lower back pressure. A little scared a little worried not sure what to do............

  21. Hey Rashel, how are you feeling today? I see you posted on the 5th? I know it can be scary !!

    No you aren't the only one who worries. I worry about all sorts of things. I worry most when I read different posts ... it is like OMG !!

  22. Thanks TOYLALOIS! I am such a worry wart. Told dh that I do have that right now and again. I am much better today. I had another u/s with re today. All looks wonderful and the babies are growing and growing! It is so exciting seeing the prgress week by week. I don't know what I am going to do now that I have to wait 2 weeks for my next appt.. I have 2 more appts with re before I graduate. When is your first appt with your ob? Are you feeling ok? Thanks for checking in. Have a good one!

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