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  1. Rashel and TOYLALOIS, good to see things going well. I am so happy for you and wish you both a great pregnancy experience, but as you may have already figured, the worrying never stops!

    It is especially nice to see TOYLALOIS's numbers go up so nicely after the initial scare! Wishing you the very best with your U/S tomorrow.


  2. Thank you so much Donna. I am hoping for the best and staying positive. The worrying does keep on going. I am trying to just take one hurdle at a time it is just all of this darn waiting in between. Thanks

    Good luck today TOYLALOIS!

  3. Donna, thank you so very much.. how sweet of you.

    Rashel, hopefully your acupuncturist will be back soon. I totally understand about missing it.. I know what you mean about the doggies cuddling with you. My little one does the same and he is such a good companion while Mommy is going through all of this. My other two are larger and don't get on the bed.. My little one keeps my stomach warm by laying in my "nook"..

    Anywho, so yes I had my first u/s today and we saw the gestatinal sac, the yolk sac and the fetal pole. The Dr. said it all looked great and were measuring exactly as they should be. We go back Wednesday for our 6w2d u/s and hopefully (praying) we will see the heartbeat). I think yours is that same day.. whewwww hewwwwww. The Dr. also measured the yold sac and said it measured 2 (whatever the measurement is they use), and that smaller is better, anything over 3 leads them to believe there are chromosonal issues.. so I was glad to hear that it was a 2.. Also it was odd because I had several beta tests throughout the week and all the nurses who I had seen so often and knew I had a positive beta were normal, and didn't say too much. Today after the u/s turned out well, they are said to my DP and I .. oh my gosh Congratulations.. we are so happy for you. They even stopped as when we were leaving and told us again (for the ones we didn't see in there, they came to find us). Anyway I said all of that to say I had been preggers all week getting my beta but I guess for them until they see the positive u/s they don't really say congrats..

  4. Yeah TOYLALOIS! Another hurdle crossed. You and I are both waiting for Wednesday now. I bet your mind is a bit more at ease now. I am so glad the nurses were so positive too. I hope my little one is progressing as well as yours. With my first ivf I did get a u/s before my 6 weeks mark but not with the second or this one. I think I only got that one b/c my ohss was preetty bad then. I am so excited for you and still sending positive vibes your way!!

    I do love it when my little on curls up and keeps me warm. I have 2 little ones that take turns and one big one that does not understand why I can't wrestle with her.

    Enjoy your weekend and stay on cloud 9! Here is to Wednesday!!

  5. Not on cloud 9 just yet. I was just telling my mom and dad, it just seems like I am going to Dr.'s appts but nothing other than that. It still doesn't seem real.

    Yes, I know what you mean.. We have a 90 pound yellow lab and I have to be careful playing with her. Although she loves dancing, so I will sing and dance with her, and she loves it..

    I am so sorry, so what happened with your first and second IVF attempts? Did you see the sac and fetal pole with that one u/s you had on the first attempt.

    Yes, I am quite sure your little one(s) are doing wonderfully. Hopefully not giving mommy too hard of a time right now and not making you sick..

  6. Well I hope that cloud appears soon! I try to stay pretty level headed too. I am sure I will worry up until the 12 week mark but then of course I am sure there will be something else to worry about!!

    Too funny we have a chocolate lab that is about 80 pounds. We use to dance like that but she thought it was ok to just jump up on who ever so we had to find another activity. Dh also was getting worried about it as well. I have to say all 3 of mine have been extra lazy today. Looks like one just found her energy of course.

    Well with my first ivf the early u/s was normal but when I went at 6 weeks we did not see the heartbeat but 48 hours later we did. Dh and I were very hopeful no matter what RE said and we did see the heartbeat. Unfortunatly a week later I started to bleed. I was monitored for about a week b/c we had a heartbeat still but it was not increasing and the fetus was not growing as it should have. Worst is that this all happened at Christmas time. I eventually had to have a d and c. With my second ivf I developed a blood clot behind my uterus at about this time that just took over the pregnancy. Re had me try bed rest for a week to see if that would help but the blood clot just got bigger. I had to have a d and c then too.

    I am worried but I just keep reminding myself that my beta never doubled until this time and this is the first time we had any embies freeze!!!! So everything is different this time and I am going with that!!

    Take care of your doggies and have a great weekend. Do something nice for yourself and that little one growing!!!!! Of course you should do that every day!

  7. Oh my gosh, bless you heart. I cannot even believe you had to go through that at all, much less around Christmas time. Although I too, was going through an IVF cycle at Christmas. My first beta test was the day of Christmas Eve and I started my cycle (AF) that morning.. Nowhere near what you went through though with seeing the heartbeat. Did they test and see what caused it?? Was your yolk sac measuring larger than it should?? So your numbers did not double and you still saw a heartbeat?? That is amazing. The other scary thing is, they say once you see a heartbeat you have a 90% chance of delivering.

    Again, so sorry.. I bet you anything this cycle is your cycle that you will have your baby or babies.. Seriously, they say 70% of women who have miscarriages, go on to have a healthy baby. Your numbers are awesome and like you said you have never been there. I think when they see a heartbeat on Wednesday you too, will feel so much better. Again, so sorry you have gone through rough times.

    You too, enjoy your weekend. We are off to the Spring Home Show. I am sure I will get all sorts of ideas on things to do to the house.. and love seeing the latest and greatest things for our home.. Talk to you soon.

  8. Thanks TOYLALOIS. We did not get any results from the testing. Hope you had a good time at the home and garden show. We had one here today too but passed on it, it is not very good. Dh played golf instead. I went out to Kohls for a bit but that was it. Went upstairs for the first time told dh and he was not well. Good thing our bedroom is downstairs!! Have a good one.

  9. Hey TOYLALOIS and Brownbaby! I just I would check in to see how you guys are hanging in there. I am starting to get pretty nervous and can't wait for Wednesday. I think Brownbaby only has to get through today before she heads into her u/s. Feeling all kinds of wierd quirky things not sure what to make of them all. Well hang in there.........

  10. Hi Rashel - I am going in tomorrow at 7:30am. I'm not nervous as much as anxious to make sure everything is where it should be and how many are in there!! And since I'll be 6w2d I'm hoping to hear a hearbeat but don't know if that's a long shot!

    Last night I had an awful headache that put me in bed at 5:30pm but I didn't fall asleep until 10pm. I'm still having very light cramping/achiness and my bb's are starting to be sensitive...really on the left one; isn't that weird?!

    Anyway, I'm going with the thought - as long as i'm not bleeding red and having painful cramps, I'm alright!!

    I will give an update when I get into work after the appoinment. Wish me luck!

    Keeping you and TOYLALOIS in my thoughts as well.

  11. Sounds great Brownbaby! So glad you get to go in early tomorrow. I really like having my appointments early which is usally the norm for me but for some reason they have me scheduled for 11am. Which is ok b/c I have to drive 2 hours to get there so I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn or leave the night before. I am with you as long as I am not bleeding I am going with everything is going as it should be. Same here with the cramps and the sore and heavy feeling boobs. No really bad headachs but for the last few days I have had a dull headache. Just trying to make it through the end of the work day. Tomorrow I actually have to work until 7pm. No fun. My DH hates it he wants me to wrap up at 4:30 everyday and get home!! He is too funny. Can't wait to hear your update!

  12. I had my u/s this morning and saw one baby!! It was amazing and such a sense of relief to see everything where it should be right now. I am measuring right on track at 6w2d. We saw the hearbeat which was 116 and it measured 4.25 millimeters. My edd is November 15th.

    I go back next Thursday, April 2nd for another ultrasound and to meet with my RE who will release me to my regular OB. I have an appointment with my OB on April 15th to review everything.

    Still wishing you best of luck for your appointment tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.

  13. CONGRATULATIONS Brownbaby!! Glad to know all is well. Keep us posted. I can't wait for tomorrow.

  14. WOW, Brownbaby, that is soooo wonderful. Congratulations !! I am so happy for you.

    Rashel, you and I are up tomorrow. I will be 6w2d tomorrow, how about you? It looks like that is what Brownbaby is today and she saw a heartbeat. I know they say that you may or may not be able to this early.. so hearing is hoping..

    I haven't had headaches, but I have been very tired and I have been lightheaded and dizzy everyday and at night.

  15. Tomorrow will be here before we know it TOYLALOIS. I will be 6w2d tomorrow as well. My office said this is the earliest we would be able to see a heartbeat. I am nervous and excited and anxious. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you. I go in at 11am what about you? Good luck!

  16. Back atcha my friend.. lots of positive wonderful vibes sent your way. Remember last week when you were like OMG I have more than a week to go, and here it is tomorrow..

    I go in at 9:45, although the office is about 15 minutes away. Bless your heart for having to drive 2 hours.. but it will be a good drive, so that is awesome.. I bet you are so anxious and excited, and yes nervous of course.. I will be as well. When I get nervous I have to use the restroom and it is like no no, just calm down. Last week, I told my DP to guess what song I was humming so I could take my mind off of it until the Dr. got into the room. I was waiting for about 10 minutes on the table before she came in. Well I was humming so crazy my DP was making me crack up trying to guess the songs.. anyway it worked, but I was so nervous that when the Dr. came in I started to cry.. lol.. so I went from cracking up to crying.. my Dr. said.. 'you aren't pregnant are you?'... lol... So just know the feelings you are having are sooooooooo normal and soooooooooo how everyone is..

  17. Thanks TOYLALOIS!!! That is a good way to pass the time!! I will probably just drive my DH insane the whole time we are waiting tomorrow! I think crying will be involved too. I have 30 more minutes of work left!!!!!!! No fun and I just ate a bowl of fruit and feel a bit sick to my stomach. Wonder if that is nerves or something else!!! Good luck tomorrow girl!!!!

  18. Sorry for the sad news just woke up to pee and ther is blood with af cramps. I am so sad.................

  19. Rashell - Don't count yourself out. Are you still going to your appointment this morning? I'm sorry you have to deal with this.

  20. Ohhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooo honey... geeez, I am so so sorry.. although they say it is normal with pregnancy to have bleeding. I think you are at your appointment right now, I hope. Gosh, I am saying prayers for you right now.

    Please let us know when you get back ok?? Again, so sorry <<HUGS>> xoxoxo

  21. Thank you very much Bownbaby and TOYLALOIS!! I did get overworked so sorry for the scare, it is just my history is not so good. I do have a small subcronic hemmorage that looks like it is absorbing. This is that normal bleeding, does not seem normal, they talk about and told me to keep an eye on everything.

    TOYLALOIS you have been right all along. We saw 2 wonderful heartbeats measuring 6 weeks!! We are very excited and cautious as well. Not out of the clear but dr. Is positive. I go back next week for a follow up.

    Thank you so much for your support. Again sorry for the scare this am.

    I hope the 2 of you are doing well. Good luck tomorrow Brownbaby!!

    I hope everything went well for you TOYLALOIS.

  22. Rashell - I am so happy for you. I'm sure it was quite a scare, but just take care of yourself so those two babies can enjoy their stay until they arrive. Don't be sorry about this morning - it was a reaction anyone would have had. We all have been through so much to get where we are and you want it to be alright once you hear a positive result. Please keep us updated as things progress with you before your next appointment.

    I don't go back until next Thursday for my ultrasound but will update you then.

    I continue to have you and Lanier in my thoughts.

    Lanier - how did your appointment go today?

  23. Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, thank goodness !!!!!!!!!!!! Ok but wait, twins??????????? wheewwwwwww hewwwwwwwww.. I knew it.. I bet you are so excited, that is just wonderful. Congratulations !! No need to say sorry, are you kidding.. that was a very normal reaction..

    My appointment went really well. As soon as she put in the ultrasound, there was the heartbeat.. It was beating at 104BPM, which is right where it should be.. So we were so happy but still so cautious.. I then went to my acupuncturist appointment. Then I went to Whole Foods got a salad with lots of fresh veggies, got a fresh fruit juice and now I am about to take a nap.. Oh and I just scheduled our first OB/GYN appointment for 3 weeks. We "graduate" from our fertility center next week.. I am going to get all of them a huge basket for always being so wonderful !!

    Again.. thank goodness.. and so so happy all is great. !!!!!

    Brownbaby, have you had any morning sickness yet??

  24. I am getting released from my clinic next week too and planned on sending them something since they've all been so wonderful. They have a very hard job to do and I don't think people give them much credit.

    I don't have too many symptoms yet - which I won't complain about! I have slight cramping but normal due to growing. My bb's are tingly and feel bigger although I'm not sure they really are. I've had very very mild queasiness and the nurse said that's nothing compared to morning sickness if I get it. I'm hoping it stays away! However, I will take anything this baby throws my way - I've waited along time to be where I am.

    Are you having any symptoms?

    TOYLALOIS and Rashell - what are your due dates? Mine is November 15th!

  25. Yes I totally understand...(and dare I say this) I actually am ok with morning sickness. Now talk to me next week and I will probably be singing a different tune. I think I will def get morning sickness because (unfortunatley) I get motion sickness VERY easily. Right now, I seem to be very fatigued. I am also dizzy on and off, and I do have sore bb's are sore, but I know progesterone also does that.

    My due date is 11/15 as well... Although today the u/s pics said 11/17.

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