Beta- Friday the 13th of March

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  1. Gina, Paula and Olive, good luck for tomorrow!

    Gina, I hope you don't mind that I'm updating the list, but I figured you're focused on your Beta tomorrow. I do hope that AF stays away...

    Mrs. Polo – March 5th- BFN-
    Emine- March 9th- BFN-

    theodora fwtiou- March 9th- ??
    Suz_77 - March 10th- BFN-
    TOYLALOIS- March 10th- BFP-
    Rashel- March 10th- BFP-

    mtkhalil52- March 11th- BFN-
    zjgolem- March 11th- BFN-
    katerinamar- March 12th- BFN-

    malarcon- March 13th
    ginac7273- March 13th
    sergir- March 13th
    oberhaus- March 17th

  2. Heather, thank you so much for your very kind words!! Yeah, all these seem really cruel to all of us. I guess Friday 13th thread lived up to its dreaded reputation!

    TOYLALOIS, I am really hoping that things get better with the third beta. It just sucks to have to wait to know what, if anything, is going on there.

    Paula, Olive and Gina, best of luck with your beta today. We could really use some good pressure

  3. Good Morning All. sorry I was not able to get back yesterday.

    Best of luck to those headed out for their betas today.

    I am so sorry Summer and Donna. My thoughts are with you.

    TOYLALOIS i am so sorry that your numbers did not double. I do like what your nurse said. Please hang on to that and sending positive thoughts your way for your beta tomorrow.

    I did get my second beta results and my numbers did double to 773 (first beta was 364). I am very excited so is DH. They are going out on a limb, their words, to schedule my first sono on March 25th. I guess they said that b/c last time I developed a large blood clot behind my uterus that just took over everything. No thoughts of that now. I am more nervous now headed into this two week wait than I was waiting for my beta! Trying to stay calm with positive thoughts.

    Thinking of you all as we all go through this journey.

  4. Hi everyone - just wanted to let you know that I just heard from my nurse about my beta and it's a is 450. I go back Monday for my second beta. I'm in shock! It's so surreal.

    I continue to wish everyone well wishes as they continue this road and mine certainly isn't over. It took alot to get here and will still to the end of term.

  5. Congratulations ghada! Best of luck on Monday. I too am still in shock.

  6. Well count me out! It was a BFN today for my beta. Truly upsetting but I need tomove forward again. The nurse said I need to schedule a appointment with my RE to see what to do next. I know what I want to do another cycle. This is all so frustrating.

    Good Luck to Everyone else wth their betas!


  7. Paula my thoughts are with you. Go out and do something nice for yourself. Take care.

  8. Emine, Donna and Rashel, you all are so very sweet. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate them.

    Rashel your second number is awesome !! I bet you are thrilled.. wow, very cool.. !!!!!!! wheewwwwwww hewwwwwww

    Brownbaby, congrats, that is wonderful. I am so happy for you.

    So my 3rd beta came back today and it went from 282 on Thursday to 493 today. So it looks to be doubling every 59 hours which is within the 48-72 hour timeframe. I still don't know what to think, although the Dr. said everything is progressing it as it should and looks good.. I go back for another beta on Tuesday and then an u/s on Friday...

  9. This is good news TOYLALOIS!! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. I am very excited about my second beta. I do wish I would have had a 3rd beta today. I am worrying about every little thing now. My biggest concern are the cramps I am getting in the middle of the night. I wish my u/s was on Friday I ave to wait until the 25!! Just trying to stay calm and rest up. It seems that my ohss is subsiding. I am down 3 pounds today.

  10. Rashell, that is so wonderful your OHSS is subsiding, that has to feel great. I understand your thought about obsessing over every little movement or cramp.. However, it is totally normal to have cramping throughout the first trimester. Besides your numbers look great, and I really think they look like "twin" numbers.. how exciting. I too, think of every little cramp. I have this little feeling on one side and I am like OMG is it ectopic?? Waiting for the u/s is so tough..

  11. Thank you so much for sharing TOYLALOIS. It is good to talk to someone who is right at the same stage as you especially considering everything. I am glad all this crazyness is normal!!!

  12. Hi Ladies,
    Sorry I have been MIA- I got the flu the same day AF showed up, so as you can imagine I have been a little miserable!! I feel much better today though. I did go for my Day 3 bw and u/s on Friday, so I am right back at it again. I go back for my Day 8 check on Weds. So I have a lot of catching up to do on this thread.
    Mrs. Polo – March 5th- BFN-
    Emine- March 9th- BFN-

    theodora fwtiou- March 9th- ??
    Suz_77 - March 10th- BFN-
    TOYLALOIS- March 10th- BFP-
    Rashel- March 10th- BFP-

    mtkhalil52- March 11th- BFN-
    zjgolem- March 11th- BFN-
    katerinamar- March 12th- BFN-
    malarcon- March 13th- BFN-

    ghada- March 13th- BFP-
    ginac7273- March 13th- BFN-
    sergir- March 13th
    oberhaus- March 17th

  13. So glad you are back in it so quick Gina. Take care.

    Good luck tomorrow oberhaus.

    TOYLALOIS I have my fingers crossed your beta numbers continue to rise for you.

    As for me I have a call into my RE. I have been experiencing some really bad cramping at 1:30am every morning for the last 3-4 nights and yesterday I felt pretty crummy all day. I am not liking what I am feeling today. Getting pretty nervous and I know I need to stay calm and positive.

  14. I just heard from my nurse on my second beta and it's 1300 from 450 so we're in good shape so far. I go for my u/s on the 24th.

    Still wishing you all good luck and positive vibes for positive outcomes.

  15. Hi Ladies

    I finally got my beta results from Friday and its a BFN- beta was less then 6.

    Congrats to those with the nicely rising betas!! I wish you all the best at your u/s and for the duration of your pregnancy!

    AFM - It's back to the waiting list. My clinic has about a 2-3 month wait for another FET. We have 3 more embies left so hopefully all 3 survive and can be transfered.

    Take Care ladies


  16. So sorry Amy. I am glad you can look ahead. I hope you are able to have a lot of me time as you prepare for your next steps.

    Brownbaby, congratulations on your numbers! I bet you are excited. You go in one day ahead of me for an u/s. It seems so far away and I am almost freaking out about everything. My emotions are through the roof. I think I cried for everey little thing today.

    TOYLALOIS were you scheduled for another beta today or are you just in the waiting game for your u/s? How are you feeling.

  17. Rashel, it is ok honey to cry. You have all these hormones running through you. I cried today too, and don't know Yesterday I was laughing at something so hard, and kept laughing and then all of sudden I went right into crying.. lol

    My next beta is actually tomorrow.. <<yikes>>.. so we shall see.

    I feel fine, mostly dizzy on and off every day and tired. How about you, how are you feeling?

  18. So sorry Amy.. I know how rough it can be.. the good thing is you have another great chance.. whewwwwww hewwwwww... I bet that time will be the charm.

    Brownbaby - great numbers.. congrats..

  19. Good luck today TOYLALOIS! Let's know!

    I am doing pretty good except for all of the emotions and dealing with the cramping. Makes me nervous. Just trying to tell myself it is my ovaries just acting out. The OHSS is really getting much better so that is good. Just trying to get through the week and into the next for my u/s! Have a good day.

  20. Thank you Rashel... Well they called and my beta went from 493 up to 1,247. It is a great rise but I am still so nervous.. I have my first u/s on Friday..

    I know how you feel about the cramping, and I know we each have out worries but cramping really is SOOOOO normal. There are all sorts of things stretching and pulling and making way for the baby to be in there. Plus your numbers are awesome. I know it is so hard to wait until next week. Did you ask them if you could do one more beta for peace of mind??

  21. TOYLALOIS that is so amazing! You are looking good. Friday will be here before you know it! Can't wait to hear your results. Keep me posted on how you are feeling.

    Thanks for the tips on the cramping. I keep reminding myself that all is normal and that my beta numbers did come back as doubling which they had never done before. They did say I could do another beta but the nurse I talked to said she felt that there really was no reason to so I opted not too. My last beta was 5 days ago so time is going by fast. A week for my sono seems so far way but once we get through the weekend it will be here before I know it!! Thanks for everything!! This really helps me stay calm.

  22. Rashel, only a week to go, and once the weekend gets here, it will feel better. I bet you are so excited.. nervous? of course but so excited.

    I feel fine, mostly dizzy still and tired for sure.. how about you?

  23. TOYLALOIS, I am so excited and can't wait but at the same time I am totally nervous. I have the rest of the week off so that is great! I sure do hope the time goes by fast. Your u/s is coming up fast!!! I am feeling prettty good my tiredness comes and goes and my boobs are very sore I am still cramping off and on. I got these really sharp pains in my pelvic area today. Not too sure what they are. How are you feeling?? Getting anxious I am sure.

  24. That is great with your symptoms, sounds pretty similar to mine. My boobs are sore also, but dang ole' progesterone keeps me guessing.. The tiredness and dizziness comes and goes too.. I have an appointment with my acupuncturist in about a half hour, so that is good and then tomorrow is the u/s.. so nervous.. what if it is ectopic, or what if they only see a sac and not a fetal pole??.. holy cow..

    That is so awesome you have the rest of the week off will make it alot easier to get through. I am a stay at home spouse so luckily I have every day off.. I went to the movies yesterday and will probably go see another movie today and take my doggies to the doggie park. Just relaxing and getting to the day when my u/s is here.. Oh and I had sharp pains too a couple of times.. think it too is normal and just one of the many feelings you will feel down there. Just think your HCG level must be sky high by now... That is so wonderful !! I really think you may be having twins and you know what you will know in LESS than a week.. wheewwwwwwww hewwwwwww

  25. Sounds like you have a good day planned. I have not seen my acupuncturist since the day of my transfer. I really miss going. Main reason I have not been back is b/c he is out of town. I am going to have lunch and go to a movie with a friend today. Looking forward to that. My doggies have been a little deprived of the extra walks these last few weeks but let me tell you they love sleeping right next to me while I am resting!!! I am excited about your u/s tomorrow. You will know very soon! I think it is going to go great. Your numbers progressed so well. I have been there with the same worries. I try not to look at the screen at first then I give in. I usually know something is up when the tech tilts the screen away from me or does not talk too much. Twins would be so amazing. To see two heart beats wow!! But seeing strong heart beat would top the charts too!!! I will be overjoyed no matter what! Thank you so much for your positive thoughts and words and helping me through these symptoms that come up here and there. I am joining your final count down. Stay busy today and keep those positive thoughts!!!

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