Beta- Friday the 13th of March

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  1. Suz, Emine and Mrs Polo, I am really sorry about the beta news! Gosh, sounds like this thread is not having any good luck for now!

    Jeannie, I hope the news is good...we reall need it here.

    TOYLALOIS, congratulations on the +HPT. It sounds good so wishing you good numbers tomorrow.

    Rashel, good luck to you too tomorrow with your beta, we need the good news.

    mtkhalil52, we are next! I am holding no hope- just a formality going for the beta and I sincerely think AF is on her way.

    Hello to all the girls. I hope everyone is holding up ok.

  2. hey there my beta is on 15mar. i am not hopeful. kind of crampy periodically and my cells were only 4 with fragmentation(to much if you ask me) and yesterday I went for the e2 check and they called and put me on estrogen. how about you?

  3. Emine, johndaniel - I am soo sorry to hear your news! That sux
    theodora fwtiou- any news??
    TOYLALOIS and Rashel- good luck today- our thoughts are with u!!!
    We need some good news on this thread!!
    Mrs. Polo – March 5th- BFN
    Emine- March 9th- BFN
    theodora fwtiou- March 9th
    Suz_77 - March 10th- BFN

    TOYLALOIS- March 10th
    Rashel- March 10th
    mtkhalil52- March 11th
    zjgolem- March 11th
    katerinamar- March 12th
    malarcon- March 13th
    ginac7273- March 13th
    sergir- March 13th
    oberhaus- March 17th

  4. Suz, Emine and Mrs Polo, I really am so so sorry. I know it is very rough right now. It sounds like you all have very positive spirits which is wonderful. Again, so very sorry... <<many hugs to you>>

  5. Ok ladies, I just got my results.. BFP !!!!!!! Holy cow, wow !!

    My beta is 186, which my Dr. said is perfect and healthy. I feel so so blessed and thankful, but we are still cautiously optimistic..

    For all of you who had negative betas, let me tell you. I had 6 failed IUI's. We then moved on to IVF, the first one did not work. This was my second (and last one, we were done after this) They realized I did not need as much meds, because of PCOS I responded too briskly. My estradiol was so high, they said it was not a good environment for an embryo. This try they gave a me a lower dose. I didn't produce as many eggs but that was the point. I also did acupuncture this time, took bromelin supplements after transfer, and also the embryologist used embryo glue (which is in the experimental stage)... and it worked this time.. so my point is, it could happen THE VERY NEXT TIME FOR EACH OF YOU !!

    Anyway, just wanted to share being I know you all are wating for everyon'e results.

  6. Congratulations TOYLALOIS! I am very excited for you. Keeping my fingers crossed your numbers keep going up.

    I just go my results back and I too received a BFP! We are so very excited! This is our 3rd IVF so we too are being cautiously optimistic, but I am still so very excited. My levels are 364. I go back on Thursday for another blood test and just have to make sure my number doubles. That seems so far away. My beta has never doubled before. I have been close! So I still have my fingers crossed and staying positve. I am just so very worried about the OHSS and continued sucess. Thanks for all the positve thoughts everyone!

    Thinking of everyone. Take care.

  7. Yeahhhhhh Rashel, that is so wonderful, CONGRATS !! Yes, I totally get the cautiously optimistic as I mentioned. What day is this for you? Mine is 12dp3dt? I too, go back in 2 days and PRAY they doubled. If you too are 12dp3dt, your numbers sound like they could be twins. How old are you Rashell? Again, congratualtions.. XOXOX

  8. Congratulations to TOYLALOIS and Rashel! Both sound like great numbers. Keep us posted! At least we got some good news on this board.

    Sorry to hear about everyones negative betas including Mrs Polo, Emine and Suz 77.

    AFM- Beta is this Friday getting kind of nervous. I did POAS on MOnday but it was a negative. It would put me at 10dp6dt of 2 embies. This was a FET. I still dont know what to think. I had some spotting last thrusday and friday I thought it might have been implantation bleeding, now after POAS I wonder if it was AF trying to show up. I am still kind of bummed!

    Good Luck to everyone with upcoming Betas!


  9. Thanks, everyone, I appreciate the empathy, especially since so many of you understand 100% how devastating a BFN is.

    TOYLALOIS, wow! Just wow. After 6 IUIs and a negative IVF#1, I'm sure this feels simply wonderful. Here's to doubling betas and a terrific, healthy, full-term pregnancy. Thank you for sharing how you got here and what you've been through. I'm so happy for you that this last hail mary pass worked, and it has given me hope for IVF/ICSI#2.

    Rashel, Congratulations! I'm thrilled for you. Your beta is excellent, and I'm sure you'll see a doubling number on Thursday.

    Finally, some good news on this thread. Things are looking up.

    mtkhalil52 & Donna, good luck for tomorrow. May the news be excellent.


  10. Hi Ladies,
    Congrats- TOYLALOIS, Rashel !!
    I think AF is showing up any minute- I am sooo p*****!!
    Here we go again.
    Good Luck today Donna and mtkhalil52

    Mrs. Polo – March 5th- BFN-
    Emine- March 9th- BFN-

    theodora fwtiou- March 9th- ??
    Suz_77 - March 10th- BFN-
    TOYLALOIS- March 10th- BFP-
    Rashel- March 10th- BFP-

    mtkhalil52- March 11th
    zjgolem- March 11th
    katerinamar- March 12th
    malarcon- March 13th
    ginac7273- March 13th
    sergir- March 13th
    oberhaus- March 17th

  11. Thanks Gina, Heather, and Paula. Still excited just trying to stay calm.

    Good Luck mtkhalil52 and Donna!! Sending positive thoughts your way.

    This is our third IVF so we are staying positive. Looking forward to numbers doubling tomorrow. Wish I could do something to make that happen!

    Hi TOYLALOIS. Are you ready for tomorrow? Today I am 13dp3dt. This go around I used acupuncture too and we did assisted hatching. I am interested in this glue you used. I did not take the bromine supplements but I did eat a lot of pineapple including the core. Supposedly the core has a lot of the bromine. I figured it could not hurt and I like pineapple. I am 31 and DH is 35. We have male factor, I have 1 blocked F. Tube, 1 narrow F. Tube, and battle endometriosis. We are also excited b/c we had 3 embryos freeze this time. This is a first for us!!

    Thinking of everyone today and wising everyone a positive day.

  12. Hi Ladies

    Just thought i would give you a brief update on my POAS obsession....i think i'm out.

    8dp3dt - BFN on HPT
    9dp3dt - BFN on HPT (today)

    I wish the rest of you ladies waiting so much luck!!

    Congrats to those that have gotten their BFP!!!! YAY!

    And i'm sorry to hear about the ones that didn't. . . (((HUGS)))


  13. Gina so sorry about AF.. sorry sweetie.. <<hugs>>. I know how disappointing that is.

    Emine, malarcon, Gina thank you so much for the kind words, I appreciate them so very much.

    Rashel, I am ready for tomorrow but nervous and I am praying the numbers double of course.. Are you ready??

    Amy, it is not necessarily over for you? I did not see my first BFP on a HPT until 9dp3dt. Who knows yours may take one more day. Some tests register 20-25 and some 50. You may have a 50 and not yet be right at 50.

  14. bfn for me, which I already knew.
    good luck to everyone else.

  15. mtkhalil52- I am so sorry about your BFN. I know how upsetting it is. I experienced it so many many times! Do you have any plans in the works on what you are going to do next?

    Gina- Sorry to hear about AF! Your beta is the same day as mine on friday and I can't believe AF showed her ugly head. It totally sucks!

    AFM- Well I POAS again this afternoon and it was a BFN. My beta is on friday so I have very little hope. Why does this happen? It totally stinks! We have no more frozen embies left so we are going to have to do another IVF cycle.


  16. So sorry mtkhalil52. Thinking of you.

  17. Sooo very sorry mtkhalil52.. you are in my thoughts.. <<hugs>>

  18. mtkhalil52, I'm so sorry. Even when one expects the BFN it doesn't hurt any less. I was hoping nobody else would land in the BFN boat with me. But you know what they say: misery loves company. Try to pamper yourself, be utterly selfish, claim "me-time." Oh, and crying helps too. (HUGS)

    Gina, AF is a such an unwelcome presence. Ugh! It just adds insult to injury. I really hope she stays the heck away.

    Paula and Amy, I hope it's just too early to show up positive on a HPT. It can be so very cruel to POAS.

    Rashel & TOYLALOIS, double beta double vibes. Please let us know when you get your numbers back.


  19. So sorry to our ladies sharing BFNs with me and congrats to you gals who got your BFPs ... hope you have a happy & healthy nine months!

    I went for my follow-up today and our doc said that although we were initially diagnosed with MF infertility the ICSI would have taken care of that. My Inhibin B was normal, but borderline low, so now it appears that after this cycle (my first) he believes my egg quality is an issue too. He's recommending genetic testing if we go again ... which is about another $5K on top of the IVF and ICSI. Had been wishing for him to just say "it was a fluke that it didn't work ... let's go again and hope for the best." At his request I'm sitting out a month to let my body rest.

    I'm still hopeful and will be praying for those of you who are still on this fertility journey ... that we all get our BFPs one day soon!

  20. BFN for me too. mtkhalil52 and all the other girls, I feel your pain. I wish you the best in the next round.

    To all our BFPers, congratulations and wishing you a healthy pregnancy. This is never an easy journey so every little successful milestone deserves celebrating. Kudos!

    Good luck with your beta today Summer.

  21. I'm so sorry to all of you for not getting the results you wanted. I've been there before and it's not easy, but you deserve to take the time you need to deal with it. Congratulations to those who have received BFP! I wish you a healthy pregnancy.

    AFM - I'm going in tomorrow for my beta. One minute I think this cycle worked and the next I don't - I can't wait for the wait to be over...I haven't taken a hpt and won't.

    However, I have a question. What does it mean, if anything, that I have very very very light discharge? It's not dark and it doesn't happen everyday but of course being this close I think it's something bad. Any advice would be appreciated and helpful.

  22. Hi all,
    I just got my results and it's a BFN too. I'm not surprised because I got AF on Monday and it's been pretty heavy all week. Well our next IVF will be our final one so hopefully it will work next time.
    I hope everyone else gets positive results. I feel for all of you that got BFN's.

  23. So sorry summer and Donna.. I know how rough it can be ... so sorry <<hugs>>

    So I had my second beta today and it didn't double. Beta's should double every 48-72 hours.

    First beta - 186 - as I reported to you all on Tuesday..
    Second beta - 282 (today's number)

    I am so upset. I plugged these numbers into a beta calculator and it came up as it would double in 3.33 days, so it is past the maximum 72 hours.

    My nurse said I will come back in and have another beta in 2 days. She said they aren't overly concerned because it could be something like 2 attached but only one is continuing to grow. She said it is "lagging" a bit but it should my numbers should continue to rise. I am praying it is ok on Saturday but not sure how to feel right now...

    With 6 failed IUI's and 1 failed IVF, this being my second and a BFP I was thrilled. I am so sad.. the emotional roller coaster is almost too much.. I mean goodness gracious.. it seems never ending..

  24. Lots of wonderful positive vibes your way honey..

  25. TOYLALOIS, I'm really sorry to hear that the beta results didn't come back as strong as you had hoped. This is just excrutiating, I don't know how anyone can stand this slow torture. I totally hear you on this rollercoaster being "almost too much." I have read of so many slow-to-double betas that turn into healthy babies. I'm praying with you that Saturday brings good news. Hang in there.

    Suz, dealing with both MF and egg quality just plain sucks. I'm so sorry that it now seems to a double whammy for you. If it's any consolation: you are not alone in this battle. I'm in the same situation, dealing with a BFN after IVF/ICSI#1: me with severe Endo, dh with MF. Everything went well right up until fertilization, when it seemed the embryos weren't good quality.

    We'll be attempting IVF/ICSI#2 immediately, although I now wonder whether we shouldn't have waited a month. I hope that the genetic testing provides you with some answers, and that the resting and waiting a month is not too stressful for you. Please let us know how things turn out with the PGD.

    Summer, getting one's period during the 2WW is so cruel. It really ads insult to injury. I'm very sorry to read that you're dealing with a BFN. With your next and final IVF: will you be doing anything different protocol-wise? I'm attempting cycle 2 with the same protocol, hoping for a different outcome, but don't know if that was a wise choice... Are you waiting before you cycle again?

    Brownbaby, I think you're good! From what I've read in other posts, light brown/pink discharge is usually a good sign - implantation bleeding.
    I wish I could answer your question from firsthand experience to set your mind at ease, but I got my period 3 days into the 2ww. Mine started with spotting and then it became evident that it was AF (heavy flow). Good luck for your beta tomorrow.

    Donna, I'm so very sorry about your negative. Take it easy, scream, cry, sulk, do something you love. Treat yourself. I am right there with you, and sending you a big hug. You are not alone in dealing with this horrible, sucky outcome.

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