Beta Feb 20th- anyone want to go crazy with me

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  1. louro- I hope that everything goes well for you.

  2. louro - Your numbers are not bad. Good luck tomorrow.

  3. Had appt tomarrow for ultrasound and jsut got a call rescheduling it to March 14! UGH
    I\'m in hell I just know it!

  4. louro - best wishes on your beta today.

  5. Hey girls! I got my beta back today, 113!!! I'm so excited!!
    I thought it would be higher since I have been testing pos. for so long on HPT.


  6. Cara - congratulations That's a great beta.

  7. Tracyk - Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    On another note, I was lurking around and came upon this thread, and as an FYI from a woman who has had 2 m/c, an ectopic, has lost triplets at 21+ weeks, and had two failed donor cycles, I would REALLY have appreciated a header warning about a Mult. Pg. on that post.

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