Beta Feb 20th- anyone want to go crazy with me

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  1. Hi Tracy! I hope I follow in your BFP foot steps!!

    elena staiti- I am not sure what brand to use, any suggestions? I feel ok, still recovering. The night of ER I got admitted to the hospital for enternal bleeding and was hospitalized for 4 days and had to have a blood transfusion. But I was still able to do ET and transferred 2 blasts!


  2. Cara - I'm glad to hear you were still able to transfer 2 blasts - considering what you went through. I'll be thinking of you I've used the Answer brand (which I bought on ebay) and I've heard First Response is very good. Keep us posted.

  3. Well everyone, everything is looking good. Heard from the Doctors and they got a positive and great numbers. So keep praying for me as I continue to pray the very best baby wishes for you all.

  4. Hi girls. I coulden't wait until Monday for my 3rd beta and u/s, so I went today.
    1. beta 7dp 5dt 114
    2. beta 11dp 5dt 832
    3. beta 15dp 5dt 6366

    We saw two sac's but to early for hb. She said I was 5wk's 3days!!!!!!!!YAY"

  5. Tracy - Yay!!! I just knew there were 2 Congratulations and hope you're feeling better.

  6. So I POAS on Thursday to check to see if my trigger was out of my system and it was because I got a negative.

    NOW--- I POAS this morning and got a faint positive!! I am only 5dp5dt.

    What do you girls think?


  7. Cara - it sounds to me like you're pregnant!!!! Congratulations and keep us posted on your beta. I have one shceduled for today and I'm very nervous.

  8. elena staiti- I cant wait to get your news today, keep us posted!

  9. Hi Ladies,
    I just found this site today. I am going in for my blood test tomorrow. This is my first ivf cycle. My question is did any of you have any spotting? I called my Dr. and they said that it was normal but I am really nervous. It would just make me feel better if someone else experienced this.
    Thanks and good luck to all of you.

  10. Cara - I was actually thinking about it and you got your BFP really early....maybe you're on your way to twins Now, that's exciting.

    Boutsiadis - I had a little bit of spotting and it's quite common. Was it darker in color or bright red?

    ASM, I got my 3rd beta results today and it was 10,000 (27dpo) so I'll go in for an u/s on 3/9/09 and hopefully hear a heartbeat

  11. elena staiti- It is was light pink and now it is dark. There isn't much but enough to freak me out.

  12. lilstar - You're fine If it's bright red then you'll want to call your doctor but yours sounds like what I had. Good look with your blood test tomorrow--I'll have my fingers crossed for you.

  13. elena staiti,
    Thanks! I will post tomorrow when I hear something.

  14. Boutsiadis- Good luck today!!!!

    elena staiti- How are you feeling?

    I am still off and on sick, it is now mostly at night. I feel like my bobs are going to explode. They are so big, yay. I'm loving that part but I don't feel very sexy. When I started IVF I was a size zero and now I'm wearing fat clothes. YUCK.

  15. tracy - how far along are you? i thought we weren't supposed to gain weight untill the 3rd or 4th month? i'm in my 5th week & still feel nothing other than some cramps...

  16. Hey girls- I POAS again this morning and it was positive!! Still faint compared to the other line but darker then yesterday!!

    elena staiti- That is so exciting that you have your u/s scheduled!! I was thinking that too about how it might be twins... that would be great!

    Tracy- I am sure you are not wearin fat cloths if ou were a size zero.... your so funny.

    Boutsiadis- good luck today!!


  17. lilstar - Good luck today!

    Cara - You are so pregnant and I'm so excited to share the next 9 months with you.

    Tracy - The only part of pregnancy I'm feeling is fat. I don't really have any m/s (yet). Maybe you're feeling extra uncomfortable beacuse you're carrying twins! Have you taken any medication yet?

  18. I just got the news. It didn't take. I am so upset. My Dr. said that sometimes the first time doesn't work. She said that the three that were frozen are really good. She said that my husband and I should consider using them for another round. What do you ladies think?

  19. Boutsiadis - I'm so sorry to hear your news. My first ivf ended in a chemical and it took me two weeks to get over it I had two frozen embryos left and my RE suggested we do a FET. However I had a hysterscopy/laproscopy done before my FET to make sure everything was clear and wouldn't you know I had a bunch of fibroids removed. I'm on my 2nd ivf and I so far I'm 6wks pregnant. I'm still super nervous just praying for a sticky bean. I'm glad that you have three frozen embryos left because it helps to have something to look forward to

  20. I am glad too. Can you tell me how the process works for FET? I was too upset to ask any questions during my call w/ the doctor.

  21. I personally found the FET process easier than the fresh because you already have your embryos (half the battle). You'll have to figure out if you'll do a medicated (yucky shots) or non-medicated (natural) procedure. I did a medicated procedure because of my age and it was easier to control. I started my cycle on BCP, than moved on to Lupron shots, than Estradiol shots, than PIO shots and within about a months time I was ready for my FET. My RE had me wait two cycles before I could try again, but every RE is different. I have a feeling your 2nd ivf will be your BFP

  22. Boutsiadis- I'm so sorry this didn't work this time.

    elena staiti- I'm not taking anything yet but I have been close today. I sat in church and kept watching the door, thinking I could run outside if I need too.

    Babyhopes- I will be 6 wks Tuesday.

    I don't know about you girls but I look preggo. My belly is out there,maybe because I have 2 in the oven.

  23. tracy just wanted to say congratulations! I just checked in on this thread to see if you got the news on 1 or 2! Twins!! yeaaaayy!

  24. hi ladies - i have bad news. My day 11p3dt beta was 117, and my day 13 was 262, but this morning was my day 18p3dt & my level was 974 today and it should be higher at about 1300. 974 is going up at a rate of 66- 70%. Ideally they want the beta level to be 80- 100% doubling every other day. My nurse said some doctors are ok with this lower rate of progression and others are more cautious. So things don't look good at this point & I have to go in again on weds. for another u/s & more b/w...I'm so frustrated...i wish they could find out what's wrong with me (I'm 33 & something isnt working - I've been going to cornell for a year now & it's still "unexplained" IF)...any advice or feedback would be appreciated....

  25. babyhopes - don't give up, you're numbers are not bad at all. Check out on the Pregnancy Board - Beta Numbers. There's a wide range of beta numbers. I have my fingers crossed for you.

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