Beta Feb 20th- anyone want to go crazy with me

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am 8dp3dt (beta is on MOnday), and I'm so nervous I'm not pregnant. I'm having cramps (just like menstral ones) but my boobs aren't tender or swollen at all (although the were right before they triggered me & right after ER) - does this mean i'm def. not pregnant?

    any advice is appreciated! i am going bonkers with this wait....

    baby dust to all of you.

  2. elena staiti- My symptoms are getting a little better. My boobs really hurt and I do still get sick to my stomach but not as bad at the moment. Cramps are still there too.

    Babyhopes- cramps are a good thing!!!! Not everyone gets all the symptoms. Will you poas before you're beta? Good luck on Monday!!!!! Let us know

  3. babyhopes - I had cramping for a couple of days and my boobs hurt but now I don't have any symptoms and I still got a BFP. There are a lot of gals who are pregnant with no symptoms. You are still in the game Good luck on Monday.

    Tracy good luck on your next beta, I know they're going to be sky high.

  4. Sherri, congratulations on your wonderful news. holy cow....what a miracle--and you deserve it. keep us posted on your success.

    I had my u/s yesterday. sac is in place and in a good position high in the uterus.

    1/13, 1 beta: 159
    1/17, 2 beta: 461 (which they said I was on the edge, it didn't exactly double every 2 days, so that made me nervous)
    1/20, 3 beta: 1869

    Next u/s is 7 weeks. We will see. Each day feels like a huge milestone that was reached. This process is exhausting and has me on an emotional rollercoaster. I feel like I can just lose it any second.

  5. nmoysoglou - That is such great news!!!!!

  6. Hi Levy - I'm totally in the same boat with you. I just can't seem to relax yet because I'm so worried I'll have another chemical. Anywhoo, good luck on your next ultrasound!

  7. I caved in yesterday morning & POAS - there were 2 lines (one was lighter than the test line), and I took it again today & the non-test line was much darker than yesterday....i don't want to jinx it before the beta tomorrow (i had a biochemical pregnancy a year ago), but i am cautiously optimistic....i am having no side effects other than some cramping & some random insomnia (i wake up at 2 or 3 am & can't sleep for a couple of hours - I've never had sleeping issues)

  8. Babyhopes- Congrats on you're pos+ hpt that is so great! Good luck on your beta tomorrow!!!!

    I go for my second beta tomorrow, hoping for a huge jump!!!!!

  9. Good luck girls on your betas tomorrow

    Tracy - I'm excited to know how high your beta will be tomorrow

    Babyhopes - congratulations on your BFP

  10. 1. 7dp 5dt= 114
    2. 11dp 5dt = 832 it more than doubled! YAY'

  11. Congratulations Tracy!!! Beautiful numbers--what's next for you? Will you have another beta or just u/s?

  12. yaaaay Tracy! Congratulations!

  13. Thanks girls. I am so excided!!! I go back next Monday for blood work and another u/s. I hope we can see something then.

  14. 1. 7dp 5dt= 1142. 11dp 5dt = 832 it more than doubled! YAY\'
    Congrats those are super duper numbers.

  15. OK Ladies, I couldn't wait and I POAS. BFP I'm supposed to go for Bloods on Thurs 2/26/09. Keep praying all is going well.

  16. Congratulations fouad Good luck on Thursday.

  17. Hello ladies don't mean to bardge in but I'M IN 2WW HELL & JUST GOT HERE...LOL

    My ??? is i'm 3dp 3dt & I'm wondering when can I POAS my trigger should be out of my system fri.???

    LOTS of baby dust to you all

    Tracy great numbers I just pray to join you soon.

    my BETA is March 5th if postive the next will be March the 7th



  18. Mrs Polo - I read that it takes about 10 days for the trigger to leave your system. When did you take the trigger shot? Good luck to you.

  19. Sorry I disappeared for a while ladies. I was having issues with my doctors office. I have the results from my Beta tests. My first one was on Friday and was 1,045. My second beta was on Monday and was 4,028. :-D

    Congrats zulusha and Tracy!

    Mrs. Polo- My fingers are crossed for you! I wish I could tell you something that helps with the 2ww insanity, but it will be over before you know it!

    Good luck to everyone else!

  20. Chimera - Big Congratulations to you!!!!! I'm soooo happy you have such great numbers

  21. Chimera- Wow. What high numbers!!! Congrats to you.

    Mrs. polo- how are you feeling?

    This is turning out tobe a great pos+ thread. Keep them coming girls.

    fouad- Yay' Good luck on beta!!!

  22. Hey Ladies!

    I wa wondering if I could join. My ER was 2-18 and ET on 2-23. We trnsferred 2 beautiful blasts. I guess that puts me 2dp5dt is that right or do I count trnsfer day? I think my trigger will be out of my system by Thursday and I think I will POAS on Sunday!!!

    My beta is scheduled for the 4th!!!! only one more week!


  23. Hi Cara - Welcome and good luck and you're correct on your dates. How are you feeling? What brand of HPT will you use?

  24. Welcome Cara!

  25. Hi Ladies,
    I don't want to barge in, but I was just reading thru some boards bringing back memories. I did IVF last year and got a positive. I now how a beautiful healthy baby boy. I just wanted to say good luck to all of you. IVF was an emotional rollercoaster, but worth every worry.

    Also, a little bit of info, I had a beta of only 39, which was caused by late implantation, so don't give up if your numbers are low. I also took a hpt on day 10 and I got a negative, I didn't think I was pregnant. I also only had 2 embies to only took one!

    Good luck to everyone!
    Shannon & Cameron Tyler
    15 weeks

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