Beta Feb 20th- anyone want to go crazy with me

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  1. I just got home my TX went perfect! They told me that the embies were the best they had ever seen. YAY. we tx 2 5d grade 4 beautiful Blasts. I'm already thinking of poas.
    HI Tracy
    that\'s fantastic! You'll probably have twins now!! Fingers crossed for you!!

  2. Jose-That is so great!

    mimi-I am so sorry about the chemical, but now it's going to work! :-) I poas on Wed morning and decided I am not going to do it again. :-p I figured with all the chances of showing a false negative or a false positive, I would just be torturing myself. . . Then again, that is what I am saying now, tomorrow, who knows. :-D What about you?

  3. Hi!

    May I join? I am 3dp3dt, beta should be 2/21, but clinic doesn't do them on the weekend, so have to wait till 2/23. I usually POAS like crazy (2x per day), but am going to try to hold off as long as I can.

  4. Hi meropi - welcome! How are you feeling? Any symptoms yet?

    Chimera - Funny, I did the same thing on Wednesday and got a big BFN. I was thinking of trying again today....I kinda want to prepare myself if it's a negative.

    Tracy - Everything sounds positive! When will you start poas?

  5. I am now 4dp5dt and my test is 2/18. I am going out of my mind! This is the 2nd cycle for us. Send happy thoughts to my hopefully growing girl!!

  6. Hi mcm - welcome too! We're testing on the same day. Good luck! Have you had any symptoms yet? Will you poas?

  7. I had a few cramps a couple of days and thought & hoped it was from implantation. But nothing more than that. I am going to try not to poas but Wednesday cannot get here quick enough! Good luck to you too!

  8. No symptoms yet, should I have some at 3dp3dt?

  9. meless- I don't think so.

    I am 1d past 5dt- my tummy is jumping around alot for some reason. not sure the reason maybe gas (tmi). I cannot wait to start poas girls. Will any of you? I want to go out and buy one now just to see if that hcg shot is out of me. Did any of you feel implantation? I still hurt really bad from my ER last Saturday.

  10. Girls, I caved and tested again this morning and a BFP!!! I'm still very cautious because my last BFP ended in a chemical I know I'll test again before my beta. The only symptom I had was bad cramping on my right side 3dp5dt and my bbs are very sensitive at night.

  11. elena staiti - YaY GL!!!!!

  12. Ok ladies, after reading everyone is poas I am starting to cave. I am thinking I am going to try again.

    meropi-Welcome! You have better self control then me. :-)

    rusticretreats-Welcome as well! Have you started poas like everyone else? :-D

    Jose-I am thinking I am going too. I took a test on Wednesday as well to make sure the trigger shot was out. It was. :-) I was told that some of the cramping could be implantation, but it also could be a number of things.

    Mimi-CONGRATS!!!!! That is super! Are you going to continue to poas until your Beta? Or just wait now?

  13. Ok, so I just called my hubby and told him to pick up a hpt,lol I want to see if the trigger is out of my body. so I can start obsessing in a few days. I am a poas queenb,lol. He keeps asking me if I have felt anything and I'm not sure yet. My tummy is jumping I have gass and my tummy hurts, I have had a few cramp like pains on the right side but i'm trying not to look to much into this yet. huhhhhh

  14. I had pains on my right side too. Hopefully it's a good sign.

    This time around I got my HPT's on ebay. A lot cheaper and they were delivered between 3-5 days. I used the Answer brand and each test was sealed and both tests were selaed in the original box.

    I will be testing every other day until my beta--just to make sure it's not another chemical.

    Good luck to everyone!

  15. ok so I just took a test and it is neg.... so I take it the shot is out of by body. i hope....

  16. Hi everyone!

    Now I am having a pain on my left side, wonder if that means anything?

    You all are very bad influences on me. Last cycle I POAS 2x per day, and drove myself crazy. This cycle I promised to be better and test 1 day before only. All of your POASing is making me re think my holding off.

  17. hi girls

    room for one more in your group?? I just had tx this morning of one day 6 blast. RE said embryo looked great and was just starting to break the shell . She was very positive. Beta is Feb 26th.

    Wishing positive results for all!


  18. Welcome Julie - Best wishes to you and keep us posted on how you're feeling.

    How\'s everyone else feeling?

  19. Hey meropi...I've had a dull ache on my left side also. I remember having the same thing with my first pregnancy. I contribute it to the body starting to make it's own estrogen and progesterone. The odds of it being ectopic don't seem very high with IVF.


  20. hey girls! I am still holding out, I'm 5dp5dt and have had mild cramping on my left side....I have no idea but you guys make me want to poas so bad! I'm still going to try and hold out!

  21. Hi mcm - you are still early in the game so try and hold out--at least for a couple more days

  22. Hi Gl's. Happy V-D! I am cramping on my rt side and my tummy just feels strange. I cannot touch my boobs they hurt to bad.

    Is it to early for me to have symptoms?

  23. Tracy - I would think it's to soon for symptoms, but I have been having cramps on both sides for the past couple of hours as well. Hopefully a GREAT sign. I have had 8 IUIs and this is 3rd IVF and never had these cramps and never had a BFP before.

  24. Hey tracy,

    with my first ivf i had sore boobs and menstrual type cramps within a day or two after transfer. DS is now 4!

    second time (fet) had cramps no sore boobs but was bfp - but m/c.

    todays fet - i've been crampy all day since the tx so we'll see what comes in the next day or two. hoping for some tell tale signs - but i've heard that often the sore boobs and other symptoms are more subtle with 2nd pg\'s.

    when are you going to POAS next? i'm going to try to wait till next weekend.


  25. Julie- when was your tx?

    Man I feel so yuck. I took a hpt yesterday just to see if the trigger shot was gone and it is.

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