+Beta and brown spotting?

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  1. Hi,

    I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place for this but I am just a little anxious. I had my first + beta yesterday and I have been brown spotting since yesterday. Light brown and really only need one pantyliner for the whole day but should I be worried? I am not cramping and actually feel pretty normal. My beta at 8dp5dt was 85. Not a super high number but I think ok.

    Anyone else experiencing this sort of spotting?


  2. My RE said that blood that was pink or brown was not a problem. Pink was a sign of irritaion, and brown was old. Maybe some old implantation bleeding?

    Best of luck -

    85 is nothing to sneeze about at 8dpt. Most like to see 100 by day 10, which I am sure you will be over.


  3. Thanks for sharing that information Amshel. Your re's words make me feel better.

    Doesn\'t it sound like a weird concept, I mean old blood. Is there a small bit of blood from implantation just sort of pooled inside the uterus getting old and brown?

    The human body is truly amazing.

    Thanks for encouraging words on the beta.


  4. Exactly, some woman have implantation bleeding earlier in 2ww, and some after, and some none. If the blood just sits there is gets old and turns dark. If it conitnues, or is bright red then I would call your RE. Drink lots of water, at least 96 oz a day, room temp, not cold. Keep dehydrated and I am sure your next beta will be fine. When do they have next beta scheduled?


  5. I have been drinking a lot of water it sure is difficult getting down 96 oz. My second beta is Friday. Praying for a healthy number and for the spotting to stop although now it seems to be very little. Hopefully it will stop.

    Thanks Amshel,

  6. Brown spotting gone today! TYG!!!


  7. that is great to hear. now relax! and enjoy!


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