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  1. My nurse at the retrieval put two circles on my butt cheeks so Tim knew where to give me the shot. I ice for about 5 minutes before the shot but have been too lazy to put heat on after the shot.

    Symptoms, I don't know if I have any. I felt pretty hot when I woke up this morning, I felt a little light-headed but that may be because I hadn't walked around in a few days. I had some creamy cm last night (i know, tmi!). So, all of these signs could be normal but I prayer to god that they are early pregnancy signs!

  2. I still don't have any symptoms. It is really starting to worry me. I feel like my normal self. I don't feel pregnant at all. Also, my bloating went away. This is so stressful! I want to feel something! As far as any discharge, I haven't really had any except yesterday morning and it was such a tiny amount. It was yellow and sticky. (I know TMI and I do examine my TP!). I think that was from the suppository I had to take the morning of transfer.

    Hope, you must be in so much pain! It only happened to me once where my DH went too low and I was in pain for 3 days! Good thing you know now! I haven't had to use a heating pad yet. I just put gauze over it right after the shot and massage it for a couple minutes.

    So I think I'm going to take a pregnancy test this weekend. I want to take one now though to see if the HCG shot is out of my system. Are you ladies planning on taking a pregnancy test prior to your beta?

  3. rsp, don't feel nervous about having no symptoms yet. I seriously didn't start having symptoms last time until about 10 days after ovulation so that would be this friday for me. As for testing, I am going to wait. I have such bad luck with hpt's and want to stay positive until beta. I seriously have never gotten a dark line on an hpt. I have only tested when I have had chemical pregnancies and it always stresses me out. I never took an hpt when I had my ds. I guess I didn't want to jinx it. I know, I am crazy!

  4. I agree rsp, don't feel bad about the no sympotms. I've been on tons of boards and they all say different things so stay positive.
    I'm not doing a HPT. I did for my 2nd cycle and it was horrible. I'm afraid of them. But if it will comfort you, I would do it. Everyone is different.

    I am totally obsessing about these cramps....

  5. hope, do the cramps feel different than your regular af cramps?!

  6. I did have a + w/my first IVF cycle which ended in chemical pregnancy. I know it's probably best to wait. I'm going to see how the weekend goes. If I can get by w/o testing then I won't test. I am hosting a Thanksgiving party w/friends on Sunday and Saturday I have my MIL 50th birthday party. So I may be too busy to test till at least end of weekend. I also don't want to be more stressed for the parties so maybe I should wait till at least end of the weekend.

    Hope, are your cramps constant?

  7. Good choice rsp! Cramps are mild not constant kind of off and on. I feel like they are more in the morning.

  8. Ya they feel different than AF cramps but at times sort of the same. I don't know...I can't even describe them

  9. That's great Hope! I hope that they mean that you are pregnant.

  10. Hope, sounds like a pregnancy symptom! Hoping that is what it is!!

    Half more hour of work then start of the holidays! I have a specialty dish that I'm always asked to bring to Thanksgiving so I'm off to the grocery store and then a couple hours of baking!

  11. Thanks guys. I hope it is too. But then when I don't have them, I obssess why I don't...crazy!!

    Happy Thanksgiving I hope you both have a wonderful day!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving Ladies! I hope that you both have a good one. Well, last night I definitely felt like I was having some symptoms. I was feeling nauseas, had some acid reflux etc. Although, I feel like it must be the progesterone because it seems too early to be having those symptoms. Today I woke up feeling really hot and a bit light-headed. I guess we will see.

  13. I took a HPT this morning just to make sure the HCG shot was out of my system. It came back negative so that is good. I still don't have any symptoms...

    Have a good Thanksgiving!! I love today. I love all the food and hanging out with family! I never eat turkey besides on Thanksgiving so maybe that is why I enjoy it so much and plus all the yummy side dishes and desserts!

  14. rsp, I'm sorry, but isn't it too early?

  15. rsp, do you think you will test this weekend now that you know that the hsg shot is out of your system??

    I hope that you both had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was good but I was with dh's side of the family so it's never as much fun as when I am with my family

    Tuesday can't get here sooner! I am so ready to find out my results. I am sick of analyzing each possible symptom or lack there of. Although, I guess I would rather the waiting game than a negative result. This process is so brutal!

  16. Hope, I took the HPT hoping that it would be negative so that I would know the HCG from the trigger shot is out of my system. I think the earliest I can test is 10dpo which still may be too early. So Saturday I will be 10dpo. I'm debating whether to test or hold off till end of weekend...

    I think the 2ww is definately the hardest part! Well hope you ladies have a relaxing weekend!

  17. I thought so, I just wasnt sure.

  18. Cramps are worse today, just like AF cramps this time. I am so upset. I was really hoping this time would be it for me. I'm moody too. UHHH.

    How are you guys?

  19. Hope, don't give up yet! I had af style cramps when I had my ds. I had them until I was about 6 weeks pregnant. It doesn't mean that you aren't pregnant.

    I am okay but I am obsessing. I have been having some symptoms ie. soar breasts, twinges, slightly neasous from time to time. But, I don't want to get my hopes up because they could all be progesterone related. Hopefully the next few days will go by quickly. I think the worst will be Monday and Tuesday morning!

  20. Hope, the moodiness and cramps can also be from being pregnant. I've been feeling moody also. Think about the increase estrogen which can make you moody. And I've read that cramps can also feel like period like cramps when you're pregnant. So try not to worry. I know it's hard!

    Jbfoster, sounds like pregnancy symptoms!! Hoping that is what it is!

    Well, I felt pain on my right side today twice and it lasted only a few seconds. Not sure what to think. It almost felt like my right ovary. So maybe it's my ovary still healing. Other then that I feel like my normal self.

  21. Thanks guys, I'm just so scared. We've been wanting a family for so long. We will see. Sounds like you two have symptoms too! Off to bed now!

  22. I was able to hold off on taking a HPT. I was just too nervous and I have too much going on this weekend to add more stress. So I slept horrible the last 2 nights. I just kept waking up a lot and felt like I couldn't get comfortable. Not sure what that means. Maybe it's the anxiety of what we're going through... I also just still don't feel pregnant. I know everyone feels symptoms at different times so I know I shouldn't worry yet. It's hard!!

    Well, have a good Saturday! We're getting so close to our beta! Mine is going to be on Wed so I have 1 extra day then you ladies!

  23. Hi, Ladies

    My transfer was the day before Thanksgiving. My beta will be on 12-4. This is my 3rd fresh cycle. I had a frozen cycle in April that ended with a blighted ovum. My 2nd fresh cycle ended with a chemical pg. I am so nervous and anxious. This has to be the one!

    So far, I don't really feel anything. I know it is still early but, I want to feel something. My stomach has been kind of crampy and my back has been achy. I pray everytime I use the bathroom that I do not see blood. (sorry, tmi) Thanksgiving was kind of tough doing the couch potato bedrest thing. Only a few people in my family know that we were doing this cycle so, of course, everyone wanted to know what was wrong with me. I told them my back was sore. I didn't lie.

    Have any of you poas yet? I know I am a nut, but I poas yesterday and today. Of course, they both turned out negative. I took the Clearblue easy digital one that says "pregnant" or "not pregnant". It took a long time for it to come up and say "not pregnant".

    Good luck to all of you with your betas! I will be praying for you.


  24. Good for you RSP! I'm glad you waited.

    Welcome Wendy! I know this 2ww sucks, but hang in there. How did everything go for you?

    As for me, I had no cramps today, which of course I worried about, but then about an hour ago they started again (this time fainter). I'm dreading Tuesday, so scared.

  25. Hi Wendy! How many dpo are you? I think it's too early to poas. I poas 8dpo and it was negative.

    Hope, I know what you mean. It's so hard not to worry about every little thing! I can't believe it's just 2 days away for you!

    Jbfoster, is everything going okay?

    So I caved in this morning and took a HPT. It came back +!! I am in shock right now! I took the first response where you see the 2 pink lines and the test line wasn't as dark as the reference line but you could clearly see it! I am so happy right now but still want that reassurance of my HCG # doubling!

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