Best place in NYC for donor egg?

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  1. Hi
    i was hoping someone can help steer me in the right direction. I am going to try one last time with my own eggs next month but i know deep down i will have to go the de route.
    Can anyone recommend a clinic in NYC for de?
    any experiences? good or bad.
    thank you

  2. hi lonny, GL w your cycle!

    you can go with cornell or nyu as they have inhouse donor pools but there are drawbacks as it takes a long time to get matched w a donor, about 12mths. as far as i know you also don't get to see adult photos and you don't get a lot of intel on the donor overall or on how the cycle is going on a day to day basis once it starts. given my own personal experience, i would not trust the staff at any clinic i've cycled at to pick my donor.

    i just did a cycle with Dr Tortoriello at SIRM in midtown, i did two cycles there earlier this year w OE that were unsuccessful and then we moved on. SIRM does not have a donor pool so you have to go the agency route, which is not for the faint of heart, but it is very much worth the effort as you get a lot more control over the donor. we actually got to meet ours which was important to us and a v cool experience! we knew we were in great hands w Dr T and our donor because she was 4x proven. i am now 8wks pg w a singleton and we've 7 grade a frosties! if you decide to go this route i'll be happy to give you support along the way. i took a lot of good notes which i can share.

    GL, i hope your cycle works out. xx

  3. mariead36
    congratulations on your success!-that is great news. Also that number of fro sties is such a great reassurance for the future. I hope you enjoy the next 9 months. I hope with DE some of the worry is taken away.
    Thank you so much for the below info. I actually was on the list at NYU and a donor came up but i felt i needed to try a few times with Cornell before jumping in. Actually it was my dh who was a bit more hesitant than me. I am worn out from all this and just want a healthy baby. NYU also uses outside agencies but i believe they only have one. Does CRMI have several agencies to choose from?
    Thanks again

  4. thanks lonny, we are absolutely thrilled!
    i can totally relate to your feelings of wanting to get off the rollercoaster and to find an option that increases your chances of success. fyi we only did 3 cycles with my eggs and then moved on, two yellows and a red. we want to have healthy kids, and we want them to have a healthy mom, we didn't want to be on the IF rollercoaster any longer. but everyone has to make this decision on their own as you never want to look back and wonder what if.

    not that DE is a sure thing but it was a lot closer than cycling w my eggs!
    i dont know which agencies crmi recommends but maybe you can ask them?
    we used eggceptional and they really were exceptional.

    if you decide to go the DE route feel free to PM and i'll help you out

  5. we used rma of ny and while the wait list for the donor was told to be about 8 months, we were matched in 4. The wait is so variable; people pass on a donor, or you could have have a less specific list of desires in a donor than others and jump ahead on the list, etc. We did shared cycle which also speeds it up a bit.

    For example, I didn't care about religious background of donor nor eye color, and a friend from a support group did. She was going through an agency that had "immediate" donors while i was through a clinic with a long wait list. Guess who cycled first???

    (PS, my friend was only wanting a blue eyed donor because she has blue eyes. I do too, but since my husband's entire family has brown going back as long as we know on both sides and blue eyes is a recessive gene, i figured it was useless anyway. My donor had brown eyes. - Today i have 3 beautiful kids - blue eyes, brown eyes, and green eyes. Crazy!!!)

    Anyway, everyone has their likes and dislikes. I loved RMA of NY. I am the proud mother of 3 incredible children created via anonymous donor from their pool, and couldn't be happier.

    email me if you have any further questions.


  6. lonny - I'm cycling at Cornell now. The wait is 6-12 mths for their in house donor pool. I was matched in 6 months. It wasn't too long of a wait. I figured by the time I got my act together it would have been close to that anyway. I had a hard time looking at photos from agencies. I trust the team at Cornell. And really nothing was important to us but a Caucasian and healthy. And they ended up finding my twin. She was even our religion which was completely not important. Some people are being asked to participate in their frozen donor egg research program and that is getting matched at 2 months. I have abnormal uterus shape so i can't do research. If you are at Cornell and you are cycling again with OE, i would have a DE consult (no obligations). This way if you decide to go with Cornell you'll have a great wait list date. I was told to do this by others at Cornell and I couldn't do it and I would have cycled months ago had I done that. Though I hope that your last cycle finds success but if not then you have a good back up plan.

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