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  1. Looking for advice on what bottles/nipples are best for pumped milk. The ones I used to use had BPA. Thank you.

  2. I used the regular gerber glass bottles with silicone nipples. They were inexpensive (something like $3 per bottle, I think) and worked for us. No worries about BPA with glass. Also, we never broke one and I lent them to a friend after we were finished. Her DS is now 1 and they haven't broken one yet either.

  3. Hey kpe_iraias,

    We use the Born Free glass bottles. There are adapters that you can buy so you can pump directly into the bottles if you like- kind of convenient. We also haven't broken any and have dropped several!


  4. thank you. I will check out the glass bottles!

  5. We use the born free plastic bottles because my original bottles had BPA too. I liked them but at the time (2 years ago) there were not many choices for BPA free. Now I think most bottle makers make BPA free options. I like that Born free was one of the first though. I believe all medela products have always been bpa free.

  6. I use Dr Browns glass bottles - they are standard size and you can pump straight into a bottle. I have both 4 oz and 8 oz bottles - got them on Amazon.

  7. i went with the cheapest option, which was the gerber glass bottles and regular nipples. we actually had silicone and latex, and ds seemed to prefer the latex. who knows why. we never broke one either.

    i know the marketing people go on about the shape of the nipple and all that, but i don't think it makes a bit of difference. babies are bright enough to suck differently if the bottle requires it.

  8. I use the Playtex one that have the drop ins. I can't pum directly into them but I do star the bm in a bag in the fridge, I bit of a pain but it's working for us.

  9. thank you. I will check out the glass and playtex drop ins. It would be great to pump into a bag. I wonder if they can be put in the freezer.

  10. I just used evenflo glass bottles and they were pretty cheap too, less than $3 a bottle. They fit on my medela pump and I could pump into them or sometimes I'd pump in the plastic one but store it and feed from the glass ones

    If you have a medela pump you can buy pump and store bags that you can pump directly into without the need for bottles and they can go in the freezer.

    I think most bags have that option.

  11. I'm using the Firs Years pump and I'll admit it's not as good as the one in the hospital I used I'm also using the fist years storage bags from First years too. I don't think you can pump directly into them. I have used ziplock sandwich bags when I've been in a pinch.

  12. the bottles with bpa are usually the really clear bottles so the cloudier looking ones are bpa free - that's an easy way to remember. I bought the walmart brand bottles for cheap and used latex nipples. The bottles were great because I could hook the breastpump right to them (both medela and purely yours pumps).

    also, I did a bit of reading up on bpa because I was trying to find out what all the fuss was about... apparently you need to expose the bpa containing bottle to boiling liquid for 1/2 hour to extract the bpa and then drink that liquid. ain't gonna happen - unless you're boiling your breastmilk with the bottles and then feeding the baby.

  13. Do you know if the breastmilk freezer bags have BPA? Do the hard plastic medela bottles that you pump int have BPA? All my stuff is about 4 years old and I'm nt sure what I should use right now again.

  14. I am a HUGE fan of all the Medela products. Medela says all their products that touch breastmilk are 100% BPA free.

    In fact, I love the Medela tubey-looking bottles that you pump right into, cap and throw in the freezer. Then thaw, throw on a nipple and feed.

  15. kpe_iraias - the medela bottles are the cloudy looking ones so they are ok. Think plastic avent bottles (very crystal clear) for ones that need to be explored further.

    I don't know about plastic bags so just did a search and found this - they do not contain bpa, and again not exposed to high temp so not a problem any way...

  16. Thank you. I threw out the Advents and found some glass medela bottles at BRU, so I will try those since I can pump into them. I called Medela and they said their products never contained BPA - my stuff is a few years old.

  17. I have been using the Dr. Browns and the Breast flow bottles - both plastic, and no BPA. Just curious, why do you guys prefer glass? I need more bottles, as we're ramping up the bottle feeding these days - is there a reason I should get glass instead?

  18. Tuesday,
    glass is known to be a very inert material invented probably 3000 BC. All plastics are rather new inventions and we are still learning about their efects on the human body.
    We only use glass containers at home for all food products, so naturally I wanted the same for the baby bottles.

  19. Glass is more inert but some of the hysteria about bpa is just that... hysteria. Do some research, get informed and you'll see that it's not the big deal it's being made out to be.

  20. I use the Playtex one that have the drop ins. I can't pum directly into them but I do star the bm in a bag in the fridge, I bit of a pain but it's working for us.

    Actually, if you buy the storage system you can pump right into them. The adapter ring set used to be impossible to find, used to be called OneStep, but I just saw them at Target the other dayy, rebranded and cheaper. You can pump directly into the bag, seal it with the cover, freeze it, and take it out and pop the whole thing into a bottle and screw on a nipple top. It's great because the b/m doesn't need to thaw before assembling the bottle.

    The Playtex drop ins have always been BPA free. We chose this system for convenience. We needed convenience since I've been exclussively pumping for 10 months now.

    Here's the system:
    It was $8.99 at Target. We bought 4 kits so we had 24 rings, meaning we could freeze 24 bottle at once. They work with either the 4 oz or 8 oz drop ins.

  21. I am going to check out that kit too. Thank you.

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