Best book on sleeping?

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  1. I guess we were lucky with dd. She was a micro preemie but by the time she had been home for 6 wks she was sleeping 4-5 hrs at a time at night. DS (ft or close to it) is 6 wks today and still won't go more than 2hrs at a time at night. He is also awake for about 4 hrs starting at 4am (thanks to daylight savings time this will be 5am next week - not quite as bad) We swaddle and keep the room dark at night. We have a routine and go to bed at the same time each night. His feedings have increased from 2oz to almost 4oz. Dh and I are getting old and need our rest. Any advice on good books...or just any advice?


  2. Congrats again Sara...

    I really like Babywise, but some people hate it. It has more or less worked for me with both my kids. There's another one - I think it is called \"Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby\" or something like that. I believe the author is Weissbluth. I found that to be very insightful.

    What worked for me was being on a 2.5-3 hour routine at that age. So if the baby woke at 7am, I'd feed her, change her and keep her up/play with her for a total of about 1.5 hours (this includes the beginning of the feed @ 7am). I would then \"put her down\" at around 8:30am-ish. The next time I would feed her would be between 9:30am and 10am (roughly 2.5-3 hours from the beginning of the last feed - and yes...I'd wake them if they slept through the 3 hour mark as I didn't want them up all night). I repeated this all day until \"sleeptime\" came (let's say 10pm). At this point, I wouldn't wake her anymore to eat. Also, I think at this age you want roughly 8 feedings a day.


  3. Sara - We liked Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child too.

    I also lucked out with good sleepers so far. They were both sleeping 4-5 hour stretches almost from the beginning, so I can't help too much.

    I think for many people, the 2 month mark often results in more sleep. I hope you get some sleep soon.


  4. I thought Weissbluth (Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child) was by far the best. It gives you the reasons behind everything so you understand it better and can adjust to fit your needs rather then stress about making sure baby is down for nap 1 at this time, nap 2 at that time, etc. I also read the Baby Whisperer and The Contended Little Baby Book, but I didn't really care for either.

  5. My DD did that - feeding every two hours until she was around 12 weeks old! My midwife told me that was completely normal although it was very exhausting for me.

    I like the Baby Whisperer the best. I did buy and try to read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child but its not the best book to read when you are sleep deprived - its poorly written and needs a gold old editing but it did have some very useful information in there when I did manage to finish it!

    Some people will say that what your DS is doing is completely normal. I did what Momykins did and never let her sleep for more than three hours during the day but let her sleep as much as she wanted at night! We got there in the end. I personally think that 6 weeks is too young for any CIO training but if you can stretch out the night feeds to 2.5 hours maybe? What about a paci?

    I hear ya on the getting old bit I am far too old to be going through the newborn stage again but I can promise you (and you will hear this a lot!) it won't last forever!

    Good luck to you!

    We have the opposite problem with our daylights savings which is coming up soon - we have to stretch them out an hour eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. I mixed Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child and Baby Whisperer. I picked and chose what worked for us. HSHHC is a tough read - more like a textbook than a book targeted at sleep deprived parents, but you can just read the first chapter then go to the chapters that pertain to your age groups.

    Above all - consistency was the key to anything we decided on. While whatever we were trying may not have worked the first night, it certainly was tried and true by night three or so.

  7. Everyone has given good advice. I personally loved the CLBB and swear by it (but would not follow it rigidly). I think it also depends on whether you are BF'ing or bottle feeding. I would say if you are bottle feeding you shouldn't have any problem having the baby in a schedule now, bearing in mind there will be growth spurts. With the bottles, I went to a bigger nipple and really tried to get the twins to take around 6 ounces at a feeding (was feeding every 3 hours during the day and then at 10 weeks went to 8 ounces every 4 hours).

    Also I find it very helpful to start and end the day at the same time. We always chose 7 and whether or not the baby had just fed at 5:30 or not, I would still get them up, feed them, get them dressed and sort of start the day. Naps were always 8:15/8:30ish, 11-12ish and 3:30/4ish. I limited the morning nap to only 45 minutes, and the last nap to no more than an hour also.

    Now I nursed my son exclusively and I was able to get him on a schedule fairly early also (before 6 weeks), but I was definitly doing the evening cluster-feed/fuss fest from about 5-12 weeks and I just went with it, and tried to just do all the feeding/soothing up in his room. I never was careful to not let him sleep too much during the day, and kept the night feeds totally boring and unstimulating.


  8. We love \"Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child\" by Marc Weissbluth. It is like a textbook, but the info is wonderful and is research based. I would read the first chapter then skip to the chapter on your babys age.

    Also, sounds like you are bottle feeding? Babies need 2-2.5 oz per pound per day. So a 10 lb baby should have between 20 and 25 oz in a 24 hour period. Try to get as much of that amount in as possible during the day, and it will reduce the number of night wakings for feedings.

    Try to not let him be awake for longer than 2 hours at a time, or he will get overtired and fight sleep. Look for his sleepy cues and get him to bed before he gets upset. Sounds like everything you are doing is right, so hang in there!

    Good luck,

  9. It has been about a year since I read it but I LOVED Healthy Sleep Habits, happy Child!!!! DD was a wonderful and still is a wonderful sleeper. DS, not so much. when he got out of the bed it was all h*ll broken loose in our house. We tried everything and finally that book helped me figure out how to help DS.

    Anyway, your 6 week old baby is too small for expectations but what you will find in this book is how to see him start to 'organize' his sleep patterns and as you see those nap times emerge you can look forward to him organizing his night time sleep. It might not help you get more sleep in the next few weeks but it does give you hope because I can assure you, after 2 babies I still did not know what was going on with sleep patterns. I wished I had this book when DS was little because we let him develope subtle problems that still haunt us.

    This book was worth the time spent.

  10. I liked \"Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child\" too. I referred back to it time and again as they grew. I would check the charts to make sure they were getting the recommended amount of sleep. I believe it is in large part thanks to the book that mine are/were good sleepers.

    b/g twins, 5y7m

  11. I swear by Tracy Hoggs The Baby Whispere. My 2 yr old DD sleeps great and my 7 weeks old DD just started sleeping in 6-7 hr streches at night.

  12. Hopefully pilma will chime in. I recently got to witness first hand how easily her kids go down at night. She clearly did a better job of sleep training than I did!

  13. Hopefully pilma will chime in. I recently got to witness first hand how easily her kids go down at night. She clearly did a better job of sleep training than I did!

    i heart you JD my fave was the weissbluth book, although it's poorly written. he's the only one as best i can tell who has some science behind what he says.

    however, as i told JD when she was here- the best teacher for me was doing it wrong with my older son, and his wanting me to lie down with him till he fell asleep for years and years. i did not want to replay that

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