Bed Rest at 18.5 Weeks with P-PROM

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  1. Candace, how are you doing? Please pass along my congratulations as well as condolences to Cynthia. Hope her DD continues to do well, and their NICU stay is a brief and uneventful one.


  2. I have been following your stories too - and have been amazed at all of your determination, focus and must be incredibly hard - every step.

    Take care, seemadeo

  3. Hi All....

    Thank you so much for all of your support - it means the world to me. Its so nice to know there is a group of women that understands. Leaving the hospital today empty handed, while everyone else left enjoying Mother's Day with their newborns was beyond difficult for me. I felt like the only one screwed on this journey to motherhood.

    That said, coming home to take a shower standing up, sit on my couch, visit my dogs, sit outside with my husband and go back to see Morgan was incredibly rewarding. She is doing amazing - off her jaundice lights, gaining weight, down to 1L of room air on her nasal canula, and her feedings have been tripled in 4 days. I feel like Hunter gave her the strength to be the most amazing 30 weeker ever.

    Best of luck to everyone in their pregnancies, and prayers to help those heal in their losses.

    Love, Cynthia

  4. Cynthia, I don't know that you have the time, but if you have questions, I'd encourage you to try the parenting preemies threads on the parenting board. The NICU is a journey unto itself. Please take care of yourself.


  5. wantababy - I'm doing OK. Things get a little easier every day and I'm very grateful for the fact that this happened in the spring (if it had to happen) and not the fall. Being able to walk outside and see the flowers blooming helps a lot.

    I went to my first infant loss support group meeting last week and I think that will be helpful. I've also been seeing a grief counselor since I got out of the hospital. I'm balancing the need to heal and grieve with the countdown until the next cycle (not until September because of the classical c-section).

  6. Candace - I think that is wise. I know I was very angry after my loss - it took me a full year to find a new "normal". Best of luck to you with your cycle this fall.

    Cynthia - Glad to hear Morgan is doing so well! I hope she is able to leave the NICU on schedule.

  7. Thank you nadiafilipfa, for such a true and prudent statement - it really makes sense and does help to put a few things in order for me.

    I\'ve never been one to compare myself with others. I'm not into "keeping up with the Joneses". But when it comes to motherhood and pregnancy, anywhere I go, I feel like I have a giant sign that says FAILURE accross my forehead. Like you said, I will always lose the battle of comparison. Like anything in life there is always someone better off and there is always someone worse off. It puts things into perspective. Thanks for helping lift a burden.


  8. cynthia - I'm a bit late in my post but I too wanted to say congratulations and (unfortunately) send you my condolences on your loss of Hunter.

    I also very much want to touch on something you said.

    Leaving the hospital today empty handed, while everyone else left enjoying Mother's Day with their newborns was beyond difficult for me. I felt like the only one screwed on this journey to motherhood.

    Your journey will always be a difficult one as you celebrate both the life of your Morgan and the loss of Hunter. It's going to be a delicate balance of trying to appreciate everything you have been given, while at the same time mourning the loss of something so precious.

    My word of advice is please, do not compare yourself with others. I learned a long time ago that you always lose the battle. There will always be someone better off then you and always someone worse off. The only thing you can do is love both your children as much as possible and be proud of the incredible hurdles you overcame in lieu of your heartbreaking loss.

    I know for me, after losing both our babies 1.5 years later, walking amongst the 'real world' still makes me feel so incredibly lonely and like you said, the "only one screwed on this journey to motherhood".

    My only saving grace is here at IVFC. Because here I feel incredibly lucky and reading about others who have lost more than I have, or those who have gained less than I have really puts it all into perspective. It helps me not feel so much like a failure so I keep coming back time and again, or when the real world once again reminds me of everything we've lost and have yet to gain.

    So please, when you feel overwhelmed with what your dealing with in everyday life, come here. You'll be surrounded by those who 'get' how hard it is and the support is invaluable.

    Take care of yourself and never forget to be proud. You did so well and your precious children fought such an amazing battle to get as far as you all did. Hunter did everything he could for such an incredibly long time to save his sister.

    What a precious little boy to have been so strong.

  9. Cynthia,

    How are you and Morgan doing?


  10. momma - I don't think Cynthia is checking in much over here right now, but they are both doing really well. I just got new photos of Morgan and she is adorable. She is now three pounds and hasn't had any complications.

    how are you doing? Are you still on bedrest?

  11. Candace,

    Please give Cynthia my best. I am no longer on total bedrest just being told to take it easy and rest. Doctors are hoping I make it to 36 wks.


  12. Congratulations Cynthia and Morgan!

    Cynthia, I am so happy for you. Your hard work paid off and now you have your little one at home with you.

    All the best to you both,


  13. As Morgan's fairy godmother, I'm happy to announce that she went home from the hospital yesterday! At four pounds three ounces, she's still tiny but has done amazingly well and has had no complications. She is now 5 weeks 2 days old.

  14. thank you, momma! i havent been on these boards in ages - but happened to look today. all is wonderful with baby morgan - she is 3 months and 8.6 lbs. she is beautiful and healthy - i am so proud of her. thank you for your good wishes.

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