Bed Rest at 18.5 Weeks with P-PROM

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  1. Cynthia,

    That\'s right, we have the same due date! After my four day stay in the hospital no one will hear me complain about home bed rest. I would not have made it in the hospital.

    These are our first kids too. My Mom comes over every day to take care of me so I am very lucky to have her. I also have a wonderfully supportive group of friends who will be visiting and emailing me.

    As for pillows, I have the boppy pregnancy pillow and I use a bunch of other pillows to try to get comfortable. But nothing is working because my back is messed up from the hospital stay. I will have to have physical therapy or acupuncture because the muscles in my back are all kinked up.

    You\'ve made it this far you can certainly make it to 28 wks. I am here to support you.


  2. Cynthia,

    It\'s great that they allowed you to rest at home for so long. What's the plan? Do you go in at 28 wks to deliver or will they try to keep you going as long as possible.

    I'll look at the pillow, but as it is there's not much room in my cal king bed.

    I\'ve purchased a few items for the nursery, but my plans for painting and decorating were delayed by the bed rest. I'll have to rely on my husband and mom to get everything done.

    I will start physical therapy today for my back.

    Have a good day,


  3. Hi Momma-

    Went to the doctor today -things are okay. Not great, but I'm still pregnant, so I'm trying to look at that as the positive. We originally discussed hospitalization at 28 weeks, but my peri said that things seem to be fine for now to stay at home for another 2 weeks until my next appt. I feel a lot better mentally at home than I did in the hospital. I get to sleep next to my husband, have my dogs here, better cable, better food, etc...

    Don't get me wrong, I would do WHATEVER it takes to stay pregnant and deliver at least one twin safely, but my mental state has been pretty positive in the last 8 weeks at home in bed. My time in the hospital was a lot more stressful. We are only about 10-15 minutes from Cedars, where I will be delivering, so at least we are close if we need to get there quickly.

    I'm glad you have a helpful husband and mom like I do to get stuff taken care of - it makes all the difference in the world. Hope your physical therapy went well and you are hanging in there....


  4. Kim -

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your message. I am so incredibly happy for you and your girls. What are their names? Reading that your babies are sleeping in the room next to you brought tears to my eyes. You have a wonderful story that gives me a lot of hope. As you know, this time is such a roller coaster. Some days I feel really positive, and others I want to crawl into a hole and die.

    I am just keeping my eye on that 28 week plus mark. I've given myself small goals throughout this process - I think thats what has helped keep me sane for the 8 weeks I've been here in bed. Like you, I cant read anything baby related. Tabloids are about the extent of my reading - sometimes a cheezy novel. Lots of TV shows, and movies that aren't sad. People keep asking me if I've finished any "projects" in bed. Its all I can do to focus on keeping my babies inside, let alone learn a language! I guess we just have to do what gets us through, one day at a time.

    I know that whatever happens, I am a different person than when I started this process. The feelings and emotions that come with not knowing what the future holds are hard to explain unless you have been there.

    Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers, and congrats again on your girls. That is wonderful news to hear.


  5. Candace-I am so, so, sorry. I just started reading this post today because I was also PProm.

    Cynthia-I ruptured in September at 21 weeks with g/g twins. I was immediately put in the hospital and stayed there until I delivered at 27 weeks, 6days. I was given virtually no chance when this whole ordeal started. My DD who ruptured had no measurable fluid for several weeks. Many times I was told she wouldn't make it. Upon delivery of my twins, the ruptured baby coded and had to be given CPR. She was a 0 on the Apgar. As we speak, that baby is sleeping peacefully in the next room with her twin sister. She is over 11 pounds now and loves sweet potatoes! We spent over 80 days in the NICU and there were many tough days. When reading your posts I felt like I was reading something that I had written. Do not discount how stressful this time in your life is. I had my girls in November and I am still dealing with all of the emotions. I cry a little every day even though I'm so thrilled to have them and they are fine. I just mourn the fact that I didn't have a "normal" pregnancy-baby shower after the fact, etc... I also still have maternity clothes hanging in my closet with the tags on them. I just can't bring myself to get rid of them. Just wanted to let you know that all these feelings are normal if you have them after you give birth.

    Please hang in there. I watched a lot of movies, read books sometimes, and watched TV. I had trouble doing any baby stuff because I was just so scared. You are in my prayers.

  6. Cynthia-
    My little one's names are Sophie and Lindsay. I also had to make small goals for myself. I started with 24 hours, then 48, then 72, then a week, then 24 weeks, and then 28 weeks. I was one day shy of my 28 week goal but that is okay. I couldn't really do much in bed. I found that I had a very short attention span. Before I was in the hospital I loved to read but when that's all you can do all day it gets old after awhile.

    I was usually fine all day but when night came and I knew that there was no more possibility of visitors I would start to cry. I just couldn't help it. I worried about them all the time and it never ended. No one will ever understand what this whole experience is like. You lay in bed every day not knowing if you will be left with a positive outcome or not. It is so hard. I am keeping you in my prayers. Feel free to contact me at if you want to chat privately. I try to check my e-mail often but it's not always possible with 2 babies! I am here to support you in any way that I can.

  7. Momma-

    Happy 27 weeks tomorrow! How are you holding up? I'm still here and still pregnant, so that's about as positive as it can get for now!


  8. Cynthia,

    Happy 27 wks to you! How are you doing? Do you spend any time sitting up or must you be on you back or side at all times?


  9. I've stuck to either left or right side - pretty flat with feet up for nearly 9 weeks now and at my last doc appt I was told its okay to sit up in a recliner or bed rest chair now. My mom just brought me one today and I'm going to sit up for an hour or so this afternoon. The little things, I guess! Do you have to lay down or can you sit?

    So glad to be 27 weeks. Talked to my OB today - she said she talked to my peri and their plan is to hospitalize me at 29-30, as at that point if we monitor both twins and deliver based on both of them, we won't be "crashing" the girl (I guess that means delivering super early?) I know that was always my peri's big thing - don't jeaopardize your one baby that is the sure thing. Such a hard thing to have to hear - no one should ever have to choose b/w their kids, but I will do whatever it takes to get one, and hopefully two, healthy babies.

    She asked me how I was holding up, and I told her the only things I can do are watch bad movies, cheezy TV and read tabloids. She told me not to forget and - so she obviously gets it. She made me feel much better that no one on bed rest ever does anything "productive" - your only job is to stay pregnant.

  10. Cynthia,

    You are able to get up to use the bathroom right? Do you go to see your doctors?

    I\'ve never heard of a bedrest chair, what's that like?

    It's great your hospitalization date is being moved to 29-30 weeks. As it is your boy can survive if born today with help from the Nicu. So the fact that you can stay home until the 29th or 30th week is great news.

    Today I went to see my ob and my cervix has gone from 2.6 to 3.3 so I am happy about that. The bed rest is working. I picked up a wedge for my legs as my physical therapists suggested and I like it. It's better than piling up a bunch of pillows.


  11. Hi Cynthia,

    Hope you had a good weekend.

    I am so sorry you are going through this. But whatever you are doing has kept you out of the hospital and I know that must be a tremendous relief. So keep doing what your are doing.

    I am still on bed rest but I can walk around at home. My doc just doesn't want me going out except to doctor's appointments.

    Hey, tomorrow we are 28 wks, yepeee!


  12. Hi Momma-

    Yes! Luckily I have bathroom "privileges" and I learned why they are called that after being stuck with the bedpan in the hospital. I see my peri once every 2 weeks now. It was once a week for a while, but he thought the mental and physical stress of weekly appts outweighed the benefits in my case.

    Glad you got good news at your doctor's appt. Are you allowed to get up at all, or is it bed rest for you for the duration? Do you have to be hospitalized at any point, or just at home?

    I still havent used the bed rest chair. My husband put it in bed, and I just slumped down and lay on my side like I always do. So stupid, but I lost the courage to sit up. I know one probably has nothing to do with the other, but I feel like laying down has kept me pregnant, and I dont want to mess with it even though 65 days in this position is wearing on me!

    Unfortunately with P-PROM, there are no guarantees on survival - regardless of gestation. We are still trying to stay hopeful and pray to fall on the good side of the statisic for once!

  13. Rose -

    Happy 28! Enjoy your time up! I'm jealous - I would love to sit at the table for just one meal or stand up to take a shower. Oh well, each day forward that I'm still pregnant is a good one so I know all this is temporary.

    Good luck with all!!!


  14. So I think I may have lost my mucous plug. Did that happen to you? I don't know what is will mean but I'll find out from the doc today.

    How are you doing?


  15. Momma-

    Let me know what your doc says. I know I haven't lost mine yet. The positive is that we are 28 plus weeks. That is the goal my peri, neonatologist, etc. all set for me.

    Keep me posted...


  16. Momma, I lost my mucous plug a few weeks before I delivered. Hope your doctor's visit goes well.


  17. So my doc said not to worry about it. She said it doesn't mean I'll be going into labor any time soon because by cervix is closed and tight.


  18. That is great news. Considering my water broke around 16 weeks, and I'm 28 1/2 now, I've learned there are no hard and fast "rules" for what happens when your water breaks or when you lose your plug.

    Hang in there and keep taking it easy! I'm looking at nearly 11 weeks in this bed now, and even though our outcome is outcertain, I know this will all be SO worth it.


  19. Hello everyone, I just got put on bedrest last week or at 22 weeks from heavy bleeding and blood clots. We are taking baby steps right now my first goal is to get to 24 weeks, today was our 23rd.

    We started out with triplets and now have a singlton girl her name will be "Alexis". We have had a tough time with everything from the start but I know she is a tough cookie!! We can do this!!

    I was also put into the hospital last week for 5 days with IV and all, but they said they really could not do anything for me as I am under 24 weeks so they told me modifid bed rest until she is born. That means potty and sitting up in a chair for 1/2 day other than that....nothing. 3 full meals a day, potty, naps, sleep (or what I can get).

    Can't really get comfortable when trying to sleep or sit, still cramping pretty bad and still bleeding. I do still have clots but not as bad as in the hospital. I am just happy to be at home in my own bed with my DH.

    I hope we can all help each other threw this, it's really alot of work but will all be worth it when our children are born!!

    Can't wait to talk to you all!!

  20. Cynthia,

    Thank you so much, feels like a birthday everyweek!! I will do whatever I can to keep her in!! I can't wait to see her, now I know for sure I will cry after all that we have both went threw!!

    I have started my schedule this is pretty much what it consits of: wake up at 7:30 eat breakfast no later than 8, recline in the living room and watch tv until lunch at 12 take a hour or so nap then sit back in the recliner and read magazines or watch more tv until dinner at 6. After that is shower time, and then my DH and I lay in bed until bed 9 ish and watch tv. Then the days are like groundhog day after that.... after I get to my 24 week mark I will be working from home on my laptop a few days a week to keep me up to speed and to keep my mind in check. I think it will really work and help me. I just don't want to start (kinda) working until after 24 weeks. I have a few people from work that can also bring me things if needed, but I can do most things from my laptop and phone so that's really good.

    We go back to the doctor Wed. for our first check up on me and Alexis since the hospital. I think it is sooooo great that you have already made it to 29/30 weeks, that really gives everyone on bedrest hope!!!

    Do you have the babies room set up yet?? We have not set ours up yet....I think my DH is waiting till we get past our 24 week mark, but I am not sure.... my mom is ordering our crib in the next week or so. I also think she wants to make it my 24 week b-day present. that's okay. It will really make week 24 more special.

    Do you have any other children?? I have 2 step children, they are wonderful, my youngest is super excited she has been asking for a little brother or sister for about 3 years now, she even bought her little sister an outfit yesterday cause she was so happy. We did not tell the kids anything that is going on, we don't want to upset them. I think it's better that way.

    So have you picked up any new hobbies on bedrest?? Looking for suggestions......

  21. Hi Bubbles....

    Congrats on 23 weeks! That is great. Trust me, when I got in bed at 18 weeks, I had no idea how in the world I could ever make it to a viable point and stay sane. I am 29w/2d today. Small goals is definitely the key. Once I made it to 24 I breathed a small sigh of relief. 26 I was pretty excited. 28 I honestly could not believe it. 29 is just more than I ever expected, and now I have my next doctor's appt at 30w on Tuesday. You definitely can do it.

    Its so hard to get comfy on bed rest - I get that. And the feeling of bleeding is a bad one - I can relate - I had horrible bleeds and clots through 14 or so weeks. Now I gush amniotic fluid nearly every time I move and I just try not to move in hopes to keep it in there.

    Like you - I have bathroom privileges, take a shower once a week in a shower chair, really dont sit up at all (I can - but I have developed a fear of it, b/c I've stayed pregnant by laying down - so thats what I'm sticking to!)
    I watch a ton of bad TV, read every tabloid out there, am lucky enough to have pretty many visitors, and my mom stays with me most of the week.

    After the hospital, though, home bed rest does seem great - esp getting to sleep in your own bed next to your husband, eat what you want, etc...
    I try to make a schedule every day that includes what to watch on TV, who is visiting, any phone calls I want to make, etc. It somehow makes me feel more productive to cross a few things off each day (dumb as they may be!)

    I will keep you and Alexis (love that name by the way - it was on my "list" of top names for our gir!) in my prayers.... Hang in there - you can definitely do this!


  22. Every day is definitely ground hog day - except who is on the View, Oprah, Ellen, etc.... I wish I had some good hobbies to share with you. Honestly, I have done NOTHING productive for nearly 3 months now. Its just been too hard for me to concentrate on anything except bad TV, happy movies, trashy novels and tabloids.

    Definitely give yourself weekly "treats" - you deserve it! I got brave enough to order my furniture at around 25 weeks or so. This week I have someone coming in to paint the nursery, which was my big 29 week thing, and I also ordered my diaper bag. It has taken me a long time to get up the courage to move forward with anything that has to do with babies - its been a long road to get to this point and I still have a hard time believing something will finally go our way when it comes to having a family.

    Its smart that you break up your day between your recliner and bed. I was told a few weeks ago that its fine for me to use a recliner now, but I have just gotten used to bed being my safe spot, so I'm not leaving until I go into the hospital planned or unplanned!

    These are our first children - we have been married for 2 years and its been 2 years of trying for a family. I havent even explained my situation to people I'm not close to. I basically just tell them I have a tricky pregnancy and am in bed. I dont even go into details of twins, I'm too afraid of what may happen and having to explain to everyone all over again if something goes wrong.

    Good luck with your doctor's appt. It sounds like you are doing great and have a lot of ways to fill your time. Each day is one day closer and yes, bedrest seems to work - so stay positive that you are doing everything you can to help Alexis.... Enjoy your weekend!

  23. I'm posting an update for Cynthia (drberescs), who has become my dear friend as a result of this thread.

    Cynthia went into labor on Wednesday and had an emergency c-section to deliver her twins. Her goal was to get to any number (of weeks) that started with a "3", and Wednesday was 30 weeks 1 day... Morgan Eleanor is doing wonderfully - she's on room air and she gets to start kangaroo care tomorrow. Sadly, Hunter Persons had undeveloped lungs due to PPROM, and passed away after about six hours. Cynthia is recovering from the combination of a c-section and months of bedrest and is going home from the hospital on Sunday.

  24. I have been following the stories posted on here. My water broke with my second pregnancy at 16w3d and I loss my DS. It was an incredibly hard experience that was heartwrenching. I have been hoping that the stories on here would end positively. I am so sorry to hear that Cynthia's little boy didn't make it, but I know she did everything in her power that she could on his behalf. Congrats on the birth of your baby daughter, Cynthia. I am sure it was a day full of both joy & sorrow, but cherish your little girl you fought so hard for & know that your son loves his mommy & he will always hold a special place in your heart.

  25. tiana rahagalala,

    Please send Cynthia my best. She did everything she could to keep the twins in there for as long as she could. What an amazing job she did!

    So sorry for the loss of her little boy, but so happy that she gets to go home with a healthy baby girl.

    My thoughts and prayers are with her,


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