Bed Rest at 18.5 Weeks with P-PROM

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  1. Hey Girls!

    Debi - Thanks for the post... I swear, the first thing I want to find out about my upcoming hospital stay is the dog policy. Baxter and Belle keep me sane, even though they are the most ill behaved mutts ever (My husband and I are definitely not the best disciplinarians - our dogs know who rules this house!)

    Candace- Oh, Peter Rabbit sounds so cute. And that is so great that you have wall hangings that go way back in your family. We have this antique rocking chair - but I swear if I sat myself in it right now, it would collapse! I think it may have to be replaced with something I can actually sit in. Yes, I'm clearly obsessed with planning a nursery, as its the only thing I have control over in this hellish 20 month journey of trying to start a family! I told my husband I may have an imperfect pregnancy, but I will have a perfect nursery (poor guy has had to paint the base color several times for the correct shade of cream - I am usually not like this - I think he wants his wife back).

    Good news that your little guy keeps growing, and that is wonderful about the fluid!! Can't believe the tech typed GIRL. I think techs often forget that most women in our position have had so much testing, there is no question about the sex. We did PGD - so I knew what the embryos were before they were in me. Last visit to the peri (20 weeks), the tech clearly did not know about our problem - she bounds into the room and says "Good morning! Are you excited to find out what you are having?" I just looked at my husband and he did the talking for me. She left and suddenly a new, more informed tech appeared! Was that your first U/S in the hospital? Have you been sleeping okay in there? Is it pretty quiet in the area you are in?

    Glad you are getting your DC and something to eat NOT from the hospital. My friend brought me lunch from Chipotle today. Do you have that on the East Coast? Its healthy Mexican - so freakin good.

    Thanks for the Fertile Thoughts story - definitely a good one. I usually avoid that website too! A friend of mine suggested a support group that she used during her bed rest stint - - they matched me up with a volunteer with our same issue. This woman lost all fluid around 20 weeks, had her twins at 29 weeks, and now they are thriving 7 year olds. The positive stories are the only ones I can stomach at this point. Enjoy your night with your husband!

  2. Now you're making me crave a burrito! We don't have Chipotle here but we had it in the last 2 places we lived in (Illinois and Michigan) and it used to be one of my favorite lunch spots - there was one within walking distance of my office in Illinois. I know there are some taco trucks that park near the hospital and are supposed to be good so I may have to send someone out there over the weekend. I also found out that there is a cupcake truck in town that parks near the hospital one or two days a week. I think I'm going to be virtually stalking that truck until the day it shows up near the hospital at the same time that I have someone here to go fetch one for me!

    Yesterday\'s sono was my first one here with the "fancy" equipment - a resident did one with a bedside machine shortly after I got here.
    Last night was the first night I got a decent night's sleep. I took a benadryl before bed and negotiated with the nurse so I had to get a vitals check and antibiotics at 3:30 and then she came back at 5:30 to hook me up to the monitors. Thankfully I slept straight through from 11:00 to 3:30 and then 3:30 til 5:30 and then dozed off again during the monitoring. I must say that monitoring is the most stressful part of being here. Listening to his heart rate drop ("decel") every so often drives me nuts. The nurse I had last night explained that it happens frequently when there's no fluid because the babies get caught up in their cord somehow. I've taken to shaking my belly when I hear it drop so that I can get him to move and get the rate to pick up again. When I was on the monitor this afternoon, I didn't hear any decels so that was reassuring. My room is right across from the nurse's station so it is a little noisy but I'm getting used to it. It is definitely better than the hospital I was in before where I had a screaming baby in the room next door. The nursing manager came in today and introduced herself and wanted to make sure I was comfortable and didn't have any complaints. She said that I could move to a quieter room if I want but I have so much **** here and I'm all settled now, so I just opted to stay put. My back has been hurting from lying here, and my nurse put in a request for me to get an eggcrate thing for my bed - hopefully that will help. I have a Boppy pregnancy pillow that has been great - I don't know what I would do without it. It's a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law and I almost didn't take it when she offered it to me. Have you found anything to make you more comfortable?

  3. I have been so in the mood for Mexican food lately. I had chicken fajitas the last 2 nights with Chipotle for lunch in between. You must have someone get to the cupcake truck for you! There is a place here called Sprinkles that I just LOVE. Now that I have to follow the oh-so-delicious gest. diabetes diet, no more cupcakes for me. When this ordeal is over I'm eating a giant cupcake (carrot cake flavor) and drinking about a bottle of champagne.

    The monitor sounds rough. I would be stressed, too, to hear any dips on heartrate. I guess if you know that its expected in our situation, maybe you get used to it? I dont know, it still sounds nerve wracking. Do you have to wear it all the time? Did you get to see your husband and get your DC?

    OK, so I found the BEST body pillow, the "Comfort U Total Body Pillow". It is shaped like a giant horseshoe - I put the open part at my head with a regular pillow for my head in the opening, and the U part at my feet to prop them up. If you use it, along with an egg crate or feather bed on top of your matress, and a pillow between your knees, you should be pretty comfy. I've been like this for more than 3 weeks and not too uncomfortable yet. Will you PM me your hospital address so I can mail you a pillow as a gift??

    My mom is here for the rest of the week - which always makes the time go faster. Watched "Vicky Christina Barcelona" on PPV cable today - cute, but not fabulous. I also found someone to come in and give me a mani/pedi on Friday. I am counting the seconds until the foot / hand massage part!

  4. Candace, I am so sorry. Words are inadequate, but please know you and your DH are in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you peace and comfort.


  5. Cynthia -
    I have dreaded telling you about this more than anyone else. I don't want you to lose hope for your twins.

    Our beautiful baby boy Benjamin Oliver was born yesterday morning and died a few minutes later in my arms. His lungs were not developed and he was just too little. We are grateful that he was able to go peacefully without suffering.

    I woke up at about 1AM and figured out that I was having regular contractions. I called the nurse who hooked me up to the monitors, and she saw that his heart rate was decelerating steeply after each contraction. The contractions weren't even strong enough to show up on the monitor, but they had me marking them. Things moved very quickly and the whole night was just surreal. They decided that they had to deliver him via c-section because he was in distress. After he was born, they determined that he wasn't going to make it very quickly, and just brought him out for me to hold him rather than going to extreme measures.

    I am still rooting for you and your little girl and boy. We read so many stories with positive results. I am hopeful that you will be one of them.

  6. I am so sorry for all that you have been through and the loss of your baby boy. It is unimaginable. I will keep you in my thoughts.


  7. tiana rahagalala,
    I just wanted to say I am so so sorry to hear about your loss. Benjamin Oliver is a beautiful name and I am sure he was a beautiful boy. I hope you and your family can find peace.
    My deepest sympathies,

  8. Oh, God, Candace. I'm crying as I read this. I am so deeply saddened for you and your husband. Words cannot describe. I am keeping you in my prayers to have the strength to make it through this. I know you are stronger than most people out there. You have kept my spirits up throughout this ordeal and have been one of the only ones I feel "understands". You will be an amazing mom someday - you are an incredible woman. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out.

  9. So sorry for your loss. I have been following this thread and praying for a good outcome for you and your family. You are a great Mom and Benjamin up in heaven knows how lucky he was to meet you and vice versa. There are no words that I can say to tell you how sorry I am.


  10. ***HUGS & tears***

  11. Thank you for all of the notes.
    I am home now and starting to deal with recovery and moving forward. It is good to be off the couch though I'd give anything to be back in that hospital bed with some hope.

    Cynthia - how are you doing? I think about you every day and I just hope your babies are going to be OK.

    For Cynthia and lurkers current and future who find yourselves in horrible circumstances with a high-risk pregnancy - I have one thing that I want to share that just happened for me, but I really think it helped me feel a little better in an awful situation. I usually buy blankets called "Comfort Silkies" as baby gifts. The last time I ordered them, I got an extra. At some point after my first hospitalization I pulled it out and decided that it was for the baby. I started sleeping with it, wiping my tears with it, and it brought me a little comfort to know that it would be his no matter how things turned out. I took it with me to the hospital. After he was born, I asked one of the nurses to have it brought down from my room, and they wrapped him in it, and that is how we held him for the time we had together. We wiped our tears with it for the last time. It just makes me feel a little better to know that he is wrapped in our love.

  12. Candace-

    I\'m so happy to hear you are home, and hopefully continuing to slowly heal each day. I loved your story about the blanket. I read it to my sister and we both cried for you. I think of you daily, and my husband and I are both sending our thoughts and prayers your way.

    I continue to be amazed with the strength and grace with which you have handled your situation. You somehow always managed to keep my spirits up and make me feel less alone, despite the obstacles you faced - the sign of a truly special and remarkably giving person.

    Had another peri appt today - nothing has changed with our boy - still no fluid. Fortunately, our girl is doing perfectly. I am 22 weeks/1 day now. Cervix unchanged, no contractions, infection or bleeding. I am going another 2 weeks between appointments - we will re-evaluate the hospital stay then, along with neonatologist referral. My doctor wants to manage this pregnancy based on the girl - as he said we have a really good chance at one healthy, perfect baby. If our boy survives, it will be a bonus. Sh*tty way to think of it, I know, but I guess you somehow just do what you have to in order to make it through situations like ours. I am feeling very positive about a good outcome for her and after all we've been through to get here, one baby would be a miracle for us.

    Can you PM me your home address - there is something I want to send you.

  13. nadiafilipfa-
    Thanks for your good thoughts and wishes. I am hanging in there. Full bed rest isnt exactly fun (as I know you can relate to), but I will do whatever I have to do. I am 23 weeks today and hoping and praying for at least a few more weeks to (fingers crossed) see the light at the end of this tunnel. Thanks again for your positive thoughts - always appreciated.


  14. candace - I'm so sorry I found this thread today only to read about your loss. No words can ever fill the void of your loss but please know that you should feel so proud of your fight for Benjamin and every little moment you got to feel him kick and the precious moments you held him. You and you alone are the one who gave him every chance and its so important to always remember what a wonderful mother were and continue to be to your precious son.

    Cynthia - I also wanted to send you many, many good thoughts and words of support. Never forget to remind yourself of how proud you should be that your giving your babies every chance of success no matter how seemingly hard each day seems. I promise, looking back you will never regret these moments.

    For both of you, please know there are many pPROM queens out there (in particular on IVFC). I often found talking with other pPROM queens (especially those also dealing with IF) to be so incredibly helpful no matter where you are in your journey and candace if you ever need to chat with someone who understands everything you've been through please feel free to PM me. Many many hugs to you. (())

  15. Candace - I just wanted to say I am so deeply sorry. Bejamin Oliver is beautiful and I am happy he is wrapped in love.
    I wasn't aware of all you have been through until today. From all you have endured you are a very special woman. I "met" you on local board. You were already dealing with a lot. I read on another thread that you were going to plant in memory for the 3 babies. That post brought me here. I wish I could do more than just say I am sorry. My heart goes out to you and your DH.


  16. cynthia - I've been thinking about you and see its been a few days since your last post.

    I hope your doing well and holding in there.

  17. Sandra - thanks for your note. I remember your posts from the CT board. Dr. Rackow has continued to be wonderful through this whole ordeal - she came and saw me in the hospital the day I delivered and cried with us. I'm now just counting the weeks until I can cycle again (we have to wait six months because of the c-section).

    nadiafilipfa - I'm so sorry to read about your losses. I think I've now qualified to join you all on the vets board - by the time I can cycle again it will be four years of TTC. I had been cycling so long continuously that I gave up drinking all together, but now that I'm off the percocet I think it's time to belly up. I appreciate your offer of support. It seems like the loss threads are full of people cycling right now and I definitely don't fit in.

  18. nadiafilipfa-

    Thank you for your continued good thoughts. I went to the peri yesterday and both babies are growing on track. PROM baby had a *tiny* bit of fluid around him, and had a little in his stomach that he had swallowed. I know this doesnt guarantee a happy ending, but for the first time in a long time, I left the office without tears. Getting steroid shots next week. I'm 24w/3d today and continue to leak a ton, but am going to keep chugging that water.

    I read several of your posts - I am so sorry for your losses and wish you NOTHING but the best in your pregnancy. I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


  19. cynthia - great to hear your progressing forward.

    Though we lost our boys, our ruptured baby was born with fully developed lungs for his 24week gestation - and that's from being ruptured at 16w2d and gushing fluid evertime I moved. The doctors had said another few days or even one week and both boys would have had a great chance of being alive and healthy (they both measured in the 90th percentile so they were both big babies).

    My point is, it can happen. The odds are so against us but you've managed to surpase some of the hurdles by getting past the 24week mark (nearing 25weeks by now). You doing so well - keep telling yourself that.

    I wish you the very best.

    PS - thank you for your thoughts.

  20. Hi nadiafilipfa...

    Had a scare this weekend - started bleeding and came immediately to labor and delivery. Luckily the bleeding has subsided - my peri suspects a small placental separation, but too small to see on U/S which he said is a positive.

    I\'ve had no contractions, not dialated at all, and have stabilized with 2 really strong heartbeats. The bleeding didnt seem to change anything. And I do know I am a bleeder. I gushed blood and clots from 6-14 weeks. Got my steroid shots and we are meeting with the neonatologist today before I am released back to home bed rest. I will be 25 weeks tomorrow and the plan is to stay home in bed until 28 weeks. Am counting every second of every day and just praying to hang on a few more weeks.

    I am so, so, so sorry to hear about your boys. You are obviously such a strong woman and I will be hoping and praying that you have wonderful success with your pregnancy.


  21. That's great cynthia.

    While your checking in, make sure they avoid any and all vaginal intrusions. I thought for sure at 22w6d I had started to develop an infection or yeast infection (itchy down there). It lasted about a day and when I went in for my weekly checkup at 23w1d they offered to do a vaginal swab to double check.

    I recall sitting up after the swab and gushing fluid on the table soaking through the thin sheet thinking "mmm, that can't be sanitary".

    They also did a urine test on 23w2d and both results showed no infection.

    4 days after that swab I was in labour due to an infection.

    I very much believe that swab (or soaking through on that clinic bed) was what introduced an infection.

    Your decision to stay out of the hospital is a good one. The only way at this point I would allow a vaginal inspection is if contractions start and/or you lose your mucus plug (I started losing pieces of it the day labour started for me).

    Your past viability so everyday your odds are going up rather than down!!

  22. Hi nadiafilipfa...

    Thanks for your advice....

    I am 25w/3d today and hanging in there. Still leaking fluid, but nothing different than before... I'm trying to stay as relaxed and calm as possible, but that is easier said than done. I feel a strange mix of relief, yet heightened anxiety now that I've come this far. I know once I go into that hospital at 27 or 28 weeks I will feel fine that whatever happens, happens.

    Hope you are doing well and feeling good. Thanks again for your support.


  23. I just finished reading this entire thread as I, too, am on bed rest. Last Tuesday I went in for a regular ob appt and was taken to the hospital because of cervical funneling. I was 25 wks. The ob wanted to keep me there until I delivered but the peri felt I could do my bed rest at home, thank god. I was discharged Saturday and today I am 26 wks. I honestly don't think I could have made it in the hospital. As it is my back is killing me from the four day stay there.

    Cynthia, I, too, am carrying b/g twins. So maybe we can support each other through through the bed rest.


  24. Hi Momma-

    Thanks so much for your message. I am 26 weeks today, too! Happy Birthday to us. I have been in this bed every day since I was 18 weeks - with the exception of my 3 days in the hospital. I will no longer complain about home bed rest - I'm sure you feel the same way.

    It definitely gets hard to entertain yourself, BUT each day is a gift we are giving to our babies - especially now that we are 26 weeks. Do you have someone to help you out at home? Do you have other kids?

    These will be our first. Luckily my husband has a pretty flexible schedule and his office is just down the hill. My mom has been coming to town the majority of every week to stay with us and help out, and my sister is close by, too, so I am very lucky.

    Do you have some good pillows to help with your home bed rest? I try to re-arrange my nearly every day, and that seems to help vary my position. My hips are killing me, though. I also try to make a "schedule" to help me through the day (usually it includes such exciting things as "Oprah" and "Eat Snack") But at least it makes me feel somewhat more productive to cross stuff off.

    Let me know how you are doing! Hang in there, we can definitely do this!


  25. Hi Momma...

    So glad your mom can help you out - mine helps so much and it definitely helps take the stress off my poor husband who is trying to take care of a thousand things at once.

    I am set to go back into the hospital on April 21st at 28 weeks so I'm trying to "enjoy" bed rest at home as much as I can. I figure by the time I make it to the hospital, I wont even care where I am b/c when my water broke around 16 weeks (I was told it wasnt amniotic, clearly it was when I had very low fluid at 18 weeks), I never, ever thought I would stay pregnant this long, and here I am.

    I found a great horseshoe shaped pillow called the "Comfort U Total Body Pillow". Its huge, but helps a lot - even with the back. You can get from Amazon.

    Have you gotten anything ready for your twins yet? I finally got brave enough to order my furniture. I think that is far as I'm going for now. I know I will have plenty of time before my baby/babies come home, as they will w/o a doubt, be early.

    Hope you are having a good day!


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