Bed Rest at 18.5 Weeks with P-PROM

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  1. I was diagnosed yesterday with P-PROM at 18.5 weeks into my b/g twin pregnancy. I had a large SCH at about 6 weeks - slowly passing and absorbing through 14 weeks and was on modified bed rest during that time.

    Now Baby A (our boy) has lost a lot of his fluid, and its something that we can just watch week by week and hope and pray for the best.

    Meantime, I'm on strict bed rest, antibiotics, taking temp 3x a day and seeing peri next week for an update. Didnt know if anyone had any experience with this kind of thing, or if there is anyone else out there right now on strict bed rest with advice to help get through this stressful/sad/tough time...

    18w/4 day b/g twins

  2. I'm also on bedrest with PPROM and a partially abrupted placenta. You can search on my username if you want to see my whole hellacious story, but the short version is that I was hospitalized at 19w2d, and dx with abrupted placenta at 19w6d. A week later I went back to the peri for a re-check and she found that the baby's fluid was low. Last Wednesday at 22w1d I went in for my fetal echo and was dx as anhydramnious. The peri gave us very little hope for a good outcome. We are going for a second opinion this week, and we've also talked to two neonatologists to get their input on the situation.

    I\'ve been on bedrest ever since the first day of hospitalization - 2 stints in the hospital and the rest at home. The keys to my sanity so far have been regular visits from my neighbors, who usually stop in around 2:00 and stay for a chat and to help me out with whatever I need, and getting a laptop desk that I can use from the couch. I have bathroom privileges, plus I can take a 5 minute shower and go up and down the stairs once a day. So I think that's considered full bedrest rather than strict bedrest. If I make it to 23w5d without going into labor, I'll be hospitalized about an hour from home, and I think that will be a lot more difficult.

    The hardest part for me is when things are quiet and I get sad and lonely.

    I don't have any great wisdom to offer, but just wanted to let you know that there's someone else out there going through a similar nightmare.

  3. Candace...

    I read your hellacious story - and God, I am so sorry for all of this horrible stuff you have been through. I truly cant imagine.

    Being on the wrong side of the statistics sucks - I know that feeling - miscarriage, thyroid problem, PCOS, mulitiple failed IUIs, (luckily our first IVF did work), huge SCH with tons of bleeding and enormous clots for 12 weeks, gestational diabetes and now PROM. This all came as more of a shock b/c I just turned 34 years old, (used to) run marathons, and have rarely been sick a day in my life. To learn that the one area my body chooses to fail me is conception and carrying to term has been a hard pill to swallow.

    Like you, we chose to transfer 2 embryos (my clinic, too, will not transfer more than 2 for younger women like us), and I can't imagine your shock to find out one of yours had split. To have to go through what you did and now face PROM is totally unfair! Sometimes I look at this board and just wish I could be posting on the "Baby Names" section and that would be the extent of my involvement here. No such luck.

    Anyways, I will keep you in my thoughts... I'm here if you ever want to chat. Like you, just hoping to make it to 24 weeks so I can go into the hospital. I'll be 19 on Tuesday.

    Take care,

  4. Hi Cynthia -
    I totally know what you mean about wanting to just be able to worry about things like baby names. I was talking to my cousin over the weekend about the fact that at one point about a month ago I was in a dither because I couldn't find any maternity jeans that looked halfway decent. The night before I landed in the hospital the first time, I finally found jeans but needed to order them online from Gap Maternity to get them in short length. I never ordered them because there doesn't seem to be much need for them now - I wear my collection of hoodies and elastic waisted pants every day, and since the membranes ruptured I've gotten smaller.

    I also feel like I've regressed in becoming obsessed with the thermometer - back to the good 'ole days when I thought I was going to get pregnant by charting my temperatures. So far the highest temp I've seen was 99.3 and the dr. said he wasn't concerned unless it hits 100.5.

    I can't imagine the stress you're going through with two babies to worry about.

  5. I definitely take my temp more than three times a day. There's just not much else to do... though I did try to start our taxes with TurboTax yesterday. I'm not doing any other monitoring. They weren't even monitoring me while I was in the hospital other than the routine b/p, temp, oxygen and a daily heartbeat check for the baby.

    We had the second opinion this morning. It was also at Yale but with a different doctor. It was basically the same message as last week with a different delivery. The doctor was a woman and I think that helped. She went through all of the options and scenarios with us in great detail and came back when we had more questions. We are going tomorrow for a tour of the NICU and to meet with a neonatologist at Yale - previously we had met with one from the local hospital who is at Yale every third week. On Friday we're going back to Yale MFM to officially get my care transferred over to them (until now they have been "consultants"). I thought I would be hospitalized this Sunday at 23w5d but now there's discussion of waiting until 24w5d. We'll make a decision when we go back to MFM on Friday. They're still talking about termination but I just don't think I could live through it especially after getting all of the details today.

    How are you passing your time besides the internet? People keep bringing/mailing me things like puzzle books and books and I just don't get anything done. I'm supposed to be working on my photo albums that I haven't done in over a year but they never got further than my sister carrying them down from my office to the family room.

    I actually got dressed in real clothes today to go to the dr. My husband didn't quite know what to make of it since he's so used to seeing me in loungewear. Maybe you can rotate your new outfits when you go in for appts so you can at least cut the tags off?

  6. Ha ha - we sound a lot alike. Not so long ago my mission was to find the right "skinny" maternity jeans that I could tuck into my knee high boots. I have a bunch of maternity stuff I ordered while on modified bed rest (hopng I would get better not worse and could parade around in my new wardrobe). Most of the clothes still have tags on them. So much for positive thinking! I spend most days in my husband's boxers and undershirts and am hoping to make it long enough to wear a hospital gown!

    I promised my doctor I would only take temp 3x a day - but I feel the urge to take it more "just to be sure". Total regression. Never thought I would have to deal with that stupid beeping thing again.

    How often do you see your doctor? When are you going for your 2nd opinion? Do you do any other monitoring at home besides the temp? I am going to ask about the home contraction monitor and how that works at my next appt. I dont know if it would benefit me. How many more days until you go into the hospital? That is a HUGE milestone to make it to....

  7. I'm glad you were able to get a second opinion -and although I dont know much about Yale, I'm guessing you cant get much better care than that. I think having faith in your doctor is important, too, as you have to surrender yourself to something. Termination of our boy twin was mentioned as an option to me on Friday, although my doctor said he would never recommend it unless my health was in jeopardy - he just said a lot of people can't mentally handle what you and I are dealing with and wanted me to know it was out there as a choice. Do you think you will feel better in the hospital? Are they putting you in there in case you need to deliver b/c every second counts at that point? That is why my peri told me he would admit me at 24 weeks. I dont know if it will be better or worse being there - the 5 weeks to make it to that point seems so freakin long!

    My mom lives in Central Cal, so she drove down yesterday and is staying with me for the week - which is wonderful. We watch a lot of bad TV (I swear - I got into the "Maury" show after I had my D&C last year and somehow it made me feel better about my life??), things like Oprah, Real Housewives of OC, Millionaire Matchmaker, Bachelor, Biggest L0ser, Dr. Phil, The View, bad magazines, a bunch of people have brought me DVDs, today mom did my nails and gave me a mini facial. I have a bunch of books I'm reading, but find, like you said, its difficult to concentrate on much, and would just rather do mindless tasks for now. I definitely dont want to read any more twins, baby, pregnancy, etc books! My husband is also in finance, so he can finish his day when the market closes - which is 1pm here in CA.

    I'm so looking forward to getting dressed on Thursday. I'm sure my husband will not recognize me in clothes with makeup on and my hair brushed! Definitely cutting some tags off these outfits I stupidly bought. At least they are Old Navy, Gap, etc... and nothing too pricey. Good luck with tour of NICU -let me know how it is. I have never been in one before. It scares me so much, but I know I'll have to face up to it soon.

  8. The NICU was heartbreaking. We just stood in the doorway in most of the rooms, but the neonatologist took us into one of them to see a 25-weeker. Just tiny. I'm not that big so I know my little guy is still tiny. I can't fathom him coming out into the cold cruel world right now. The neonatologist was great - he spent a long time with us and really wanted to be sure that all of our questions were answered. He gave us no reason to consider termination so we have definitely decided against it. We do have to decide though whether we would want to resuscitate at 24 weeks or 25 weeks. At first people were suggesting 24, but now both the perinatologist on Tuesday and the neonatologist yesterday suggested 25 weeks in our situation. I will be admitted 2 days before the resuscitation point we decide on so that I can get the steroid shots to try to mature his lungs, and we make sure that I don't have problems getting to the hospital - we live an hour away. I still am in disbelief that this is happening to us and we are having these conversations and making these decisions.

    You are so lucky that your mom is nearby and come keep you company and help out. My parents live in Michigan but my mom is a teacher and has next week off for winter break, so she's coming here tomorrow for a week.

    I hope your appt. is OK today with no new surprises.

  9. So sorry to hear about the fluid level decreasing. My little guy was at 3 the first time they noticed the fluid level below normal. Fingers crossed that the membranes will somehow re-seal and his level can still go up.

    I went back to the peri today. We now have a clear plan and that makes me feel better. If something happens between now (23w3d) and 24w4d, we will just go to the local hospital, and will not resuscitate. If nothing has happened by then, I'll be admitted to Yale Maternal Special Care at 24w5d and start steroid injections.

    My husband is headed out of town and so I'm really hoping that things stay stable through the weekend. It makes me very worried though that something will go wrong and he won't be here. Where we live, it's not easy to get a flight and get home quickly - the airport he flew out of is 2 hours from our house.

    The peri appt was really fast today so I took the liberty of going out for a quick lunch with my husband afterwards. It was the first time I have stepped foot in a restaurant since this all started a month ago. I'm really starting to get the itch to get out of the house - especially to do stupid things like go to Target. I think it's a good thing that my mom will be here to babysit me!

    Have you seen any good movies since you started bedrest? Santa Claus gave us Netflix and it turned out to be perfect timing... I had "Nights in Rodanthe" last and it was sappy but good - "Secret Life of Bees" and "Changeling" arrived today. This week I also saw "About a Boy" but thought it was pretty boring.

  10. Reading this just brought tears to my eyes. This must have been so tough for you to face up to. I am glad that the neonatologist was great and answered all questions - I guess being prepared is the most you can do right now. I am petrified to go through the NICU tour/neonatologist meeting but am guessing its inevitable. I think knowing you are in capable hands helps you surrender a bit to the situation.

    We got bad news at a our peri appointment this morning - fluid on our boy twin went from 6cm to 3 in a week. Peri is not optimistic that it will change for the better next week although he says it is possible to see fluctuations from week to week. I'm trying to look at the positive, that our girl is still unaffected. Like you, I still cant believe after everything, we are going through this. I alternate between sadness and sheer anger. I'm now back in bed until our next appointment - next Thursday.

    It has helped a TON having my mom here -she, my husband and my sister are really the only ones I can totally "be myself" with during this hellish time. I'm glad yours is coming out soon. What is the next step for you?

  11. I'm trying to think positively that it could heal, but also just being realistic that chances are slim...I still have a lot leaking out of me - which I hate. I wish I didnt have to "feel" this going on. I guess you just take it week by week, huh?

    That is so wonderful that you have a plan. It sounds like a really smart one, too. It must feel like a (albeit small) relief to at least know that this will be over somewhat soon. We haven't gotten that far yet, but should I make it another few weeks, I'm thinking we will have to make our plan as well. I'm guessing if our other twin stays healthy and unaffected, our first priority will be to keep her safe. God, that sounds so sick, I never thought I would have to "choose" between my kids before they were born. I guess you never imagine youself in a twisted and hellish situation like this.

    Oh, lunch out! That is so fun. I hope you had something really good. I've been having my husband get me take out a lot - something to look forward to. Isnt it funny how somehow things like Target start sounding REALLY appealing? Glad your mom is there soon. It will make the time go so much more quickly.

    I actually joined Netflix during my "modified bedrest" stint. I am still on my first DVD - which was Season 1 of Weeds- so entertaining. Mom and I watched "Working Girl" today - always a classic. Defn. want to watch "Secret Life of Bees' - loved the book.

    Will be thinking good thoughts that your weekend is uneventful until your hubby gets home!

  12. Hi I am sorry I am barging, but I wanted to give you both some encouragement.

    I PPROM'd with my 1st pregnacy at 21w3d. Total loss of fluid. I got the termination talk as well, but our baby had a heartbeat and was not in any distress, so we decided to continue on until there was no heartbeat. I was admitted that night. Put on IV antibiotics for 10 days then oral antibiotics for another week. They told me satistically I would deliver or develop an infection with in the 1st 48 hours to a week and the chances of our baby making were very grim. They told me that her lungs would not be developed because of the lack of fluid to help them develop. They told me even if I did make it, She more than likely would not be able to breath.

    On my 89th day hospitalized, I delivered a fairly healthy baby girl at 34w1d. She came out screaming and hasn't shut up She is now a perfect almost 22 month old baby girl. She had no NICU time, she stayed in the special care nursery for 12 days mostly for oxygen therapy, she only needed nasal cannula, no intubation or cpap. She did have to come home on oxygen and a monitor for 6w, but it was no big deal. She has a small part of her lungs that did not develp and the pulmonologist said that she will be at higher risk for asthma, but otherwise no problems. We have had a few colds and she did have RSV when she was 8 months old, but no chronic problems as of yet.

    The entire time I was in the hospital I had no measurable fluid. The most fluid I ever had after I ruptured was 2.5. I leaked constantly, soaking a pad about every 2 hours with amniotic fluid. I drank at least 1 gallon of water a day. The ob and peri said that it actually is a good sign if you are still leaking, because it means the baby is doing its job and the fluid is going through them. It helps the kidneys and the urinary sytem develop and work. Also, some of it, the baby will swallow and that does help the lungs.

    I was in a total of 93 days. I had a c/s, my ob and peri said that the benefits out weighed the risks of her being delivered at that point and honestly I was ready too. 13w in the hospital is a long time, but totally worth it. My dd was breech, but they would not let me labor and do a vag birth because of the stress that it would put on the baby. A c/s is more controlled for them and they could get the baby out sooner.

    I just wanted to let you know that good outcomes do happen. Do not give up until there is no hope. And as long as your baby has a heartbeat you have hope.

    I am actually 24w6d with b/g twins currently. I am on bedrest also, my ob and peri do not know why I PPROM'd with my dd, so they are not taking any chances this time. I have been off work since 18w, on modified bedrest at home. I am doing 17p(progestrone) shots weekly since 16w. My Peri said that it has been shown to decrease Preterm labor by 33%. You both sould as your peri's about it. PTL is pretty common with twins, so it may be something that may benefit you. I am having u/s every 2 -3 weeks also.

    It really does help to think positive and yes the statistics are not on your side, but it does happen. a good website that is dedicated to pprom is, they have lots of postive outcomes (the green ones) the ones in blue are not so good out comes. I posted my story on there also.

    Good luck and if you need anything let me know.


  13. Stacy - thanks so much for your post. It really is encouraging for me because I lost my fluid somewhere between 21 and 22 weeks. I was told there was a 90% chance of delivering within 2 weeks of rupture, but I'm almost past that point now. I had looked at that web site, but got stuck looking at the bad outcomes so I made myself stop. So glad to hear that your little girl is OK and your current pregnancy has been OK so far.

    Cynthia - I also hate the fluid leaking out - I have bleeding too, so it makes it doubly bad. It just kills me that all the stuff is coming out and it's supposed to be going to my baby. Are you still bleeding at all from the SCH? I had a big bleeding episode last night and I was convinced that we were headed to the hospital at 1AM, but it slowed down before it reached the point that the doctors had told me would mean a hospital trip (2 pads in 1 hour).
    I can understand what a rotten position you're in with choosing between your children, having been through that earlier in my pregnancy. I think it might have been a little easier in our situation though since we knew it was an issue from the beginning so we were more guarded.

    My mom got here Friday night. We watched "Secret Life of Bees" last night and both thought it was like a Hallmark Hall of Fame made-for-TV movie. It was OK to get from Netflix but I'm glad I didn't pay to see it at the theater. The book was definitely better.
    Tonight she made me one of my favorite dinners and my favorite cookies, so I have a happy stomach.

  14. Stacy-
    Thanks for your story of hope. It definitely encouraged me to keep my spirits up. I, too, looked at the PROM website a while back, but then got too nervous reading some of the stories. This may sound crazy - but does it seem that when this happens to women, it either goes downhill really quickly (2 weeks) and ends in infection/delivery, OR you tend to hang on past that for much longer? Congrats on your daughter and on your successful twin pregnancy!

    Sorry for the bleeding - it is the worst feeling. And why must it always happen in the middle of the night? Out of the 4 major bleeds I had, only 1 happened during a normal hour. I still have a hard time going to sleep for fear of that "gushing" feeling I'm all too familiar with. Knock on wood haven't had any bleeding since 14 weeks. I'll be 20 tomorrow. It will be good when you can cross that milestone of being admitted into the hospital. I'm looking forward to that day, although it also scares the sh*t out of me because that is a whole new set of issues to face. Glad your mom is there. Doesnt it help a ton? I think mine is coming back next week, which will be good. Meantime, my sister came over today - we watched "16 Candles" and the entire 1st season of Sex and the City for what seems like the 100th time! I may watch Nights in Rodanthe - I noticed it was on PPV on our cable. Looks sappy, but about the level of movie I can handle right now!

    Question for you - do you still see your OB along w/ your peri? I only saw the peri once up until this issue (I was with my RE through 12 weeks though b/c of bleeding), but he mentioned after this week's appt I may alternate him with my OB -seeing one of them each week. It makes me a bit nervous b/c I feel the peri's equipment is light years ahead of my OB's. On the other hand, I would like to get to know my OB better, I just started seeing her w/ this pg b/c we changed insurance.

  15. I did a search on that P-PROM web site by the time of rupture, and was relieved to see that I'm almost in the window where it looks like there are mostly good outcomes. The peri told me that the earlier the rupture, the longer people tend to go before delivering - so I would guess that with an 18 week rupture you're in a better position to last longer - which has to be good for your little girl if nothing else. They told me that I had a 90% chance of delivering within two weeks of the fluid level dropping, and I'm beyond that point now.

    My bleeding is basically constant - like a period. I think that the placental abruption is different than an SCH that way. I go through occasional times of heavier bleeding, but mostly it stays the same. It drives me crazy.

    I have been seeing the OB every week alongside the peri, partially because until the point I go into the hospital, they would be responsible for the delivery if I go into labor. They have just been doing vitals, heartbeat check and belly measurement each time. I went this morning and my mom went with me and started crying when she heard his heartbeat. Once I go into the hospital on Sunday, I'm done with the OB.

  16. I am so glad you only have to make it through 2 more days before you can be admitted into the hospital. On some level that has to be a relief? Is your husband going to be able to visit you a lot? I know you said hospital is pretty far from your house.

    Had our weekly peri appointment today - there is no measurable fluid left around our boy. Not what we wanted to hear, but not a surprise, either. He did say the positive was that I made it past that 7-10 day window of infection and/or labor, so that put me in a whole other statistically positive window to deliver our girl.

    I am going almost 2 weeks until I see him next - he said there is really nothing that will change b/w now and then - both babies growing well, fluid around girl is good, and he would rather me stay at home off my feet. He is going to refer us to a neotatologist after that to come up with a plan. I know you understand the difficulty in digesting all this, but I'm still trying to stay upbeat, AND look at the positives in the situation.

    Meantime, we got a new rescue dog. We have one already, and although the timing wasnt perfect, there is something very comforting about having these 2 little pups that otherwise wouldnt have made it snuggling in bed with me! Is your mom still there until you go into hospital?

  17. Candace,
    I don't think you'll be lonely at the hospital. I was in the hospital on bed rest from weeks 24 until 35 with a shortened cervix and it was never a lonely place. There are always nurses and staff around and if you're there for a while you'll become familiar with some of them.
    I rented a T.V. and watched so much t.v.! It's really not that bad. You have people bringing you meals and waiting on you and if you ever need any kind of medical attention it's reassuring to know that you're already in the hospital.
    Good luck ! I hope everything goes well.

  18. I'm so sorry to hear that your little guy is anhydramnios. Making it to the 2 week point past abruption is a good thing though. Of course the worry will never go away.

    I don't think I could handle two weeks without the reassurance of at least hearing the heartbeat but I understand your doctor wanting you to stay home if there's no particular reason to go out.

    I don't think I'll be relieved until I actually make it to the hospital. I am scared sh*tless that something will happen in the next two days before I get there. It's an hour from our house and 45 minutes from my husband's office. I think he'll probably come every other day and then be around Friday-Sunday. My aunt and uncle live a half hour from the hospital so we're figuring he can spend the night at their house on the weekends and cut down on the drive a little. Next week he has to go to NYC for work for a day, and the hospital is on the way, so he'll probably do something like drive there to see me the night before, go into the city during the day, and then stop back at the hospital before he goes home. I have a feeling I'm going to be pretty lonely at the hospital.

    I can't believe you got a new dog in the middle of all this! Do you have someone to help you take care of it? What kind of dog is it and how old?
    We always talked about getting a dog if I didn't get pregnant.

  19. Candace-
    You made it this far, you will for sure make it to the hospital! I totally have faith in that. I'm glad your hubby's office isn't too far, and good that he has somewhere to stay when he visits you on weekends. You have to let me know how it is. I've always been so afraid of hospitals, and now I pray to make it far enough to go live there! Maybe in a weird way it will be good to have a change of scenery?

    I know - I can't believe we got another dog - totally bad timing. She is a little Chihauha (our other little guy is a Chi/Jack Russel who was found on the street hit by a car - he is now healthy and hyper!). Anyways, little Belle was found roaming the streets of LA - she had been dumped out after having puppies and was starving. She loves to snuggle and eat lots of wet puppy food. Our housekeeper comes every morning to take them out/feed and my husband usually gets home from work by 3pm or so to do the evening walks, etc.. My sis is also a vet and lives down the hill, so she comes over whenever she has time to visit. Lucky we have a dog door, so they can let themselves into the backyard, too. Oh, we also have a cat! Its a zoo around here, but its nice to have "company". You must get a dog someday - they really make you feel better in the crummiest of times - esp a rescue that you know wouldnt have made it w/o you!

  20. well, I made it to the hospital.
    I'm all checked in and the first steroid shots are in (the nurse acted like it was a big deal but I informed her afterwards that it was nothing in comparison to PIO!). They also started me on antibiotics, which I didn't think they were going to do. I'll have a growth scan tomorrow. One of the residents came in this morning and did a quick ultrasound with the portable machine to confirm what I was telling them that I know he's still breech because he kicks me down low in my belly and it's very consistent. He did a couple of measurements - the head size was fine, but the thigh bone was small - I'm not getting too concerned though because I know the ultrasound measurements depend on the operator. He got a weight estimate of 650 grams, which is good because it means he's growing on target. The last one we got was 450 at the fetal echo (22w1d) and the first neonatologist we saw said that 750 was a good first goal for weight - so we're making progress in that direction.
    The room is pretty small, but at least it's private. I have a flat screen TV, DVD player and refrigerator. The fridge is key because I discovered at lunch that they don't have diet Coke - they only have diet caffeine free Shasta, which just doesn't do it for me. So my husband is going to be bringing a 12-pack when he comes tomorrow.
    I don't think there's anything to be afraid of - other than a bunch of nurses wielding needles for blood draws and IVs.
    Does your hospital have a special antepartum unit? It is much nicer being here than my previous two stints at the local hospital where I was in labor and delivery with the screaming babies. It seems like they're pretty well set up here for people in for a long-term stay.

    I'm glad to hear you have help with the dogs between the housekeeper, your sister, and the doggie door. I couldn't quite figure out how that would work with bedrest otherwise! The hospital here has a dog visit policy - I was surprised to hear about that. So maybe yours will too and your guys can come visit you.

    (and just a note to the lurkers who I'm guessing are out there based on the number of views of this thread... if there's anyone else on bedrest who wants to join in, don't be shy - they more the merrier!)

  21. You made it!!! That is great! I am so happy for you.

    I wouldn't have expected the antibiotics, either, but I guess it can't hurt? I took 10 days orally after my water broke. Do they do the steroid shots in your butt? Nothing compares to PIO. I still have welts in one side. I swear, there was a golf ball size spot of oil after 12 weeks of those things that I can still feel.

    So glad your little guy is measuring well...that is really positive news. Our little guy is breech, too. His sister is not - but he is lower than her and breech as of now. Is there a point where they will induce you or do a c-section, or do you just go as long as possible? I haven't gotten as far as discussing that with my doctor - one week at a time. Is your husband going to be able to stop by a few days a week, then weekends if he spends the night nearby?

    I just looked online, and yes, it looks like our hospital has an antepartum unit with private rooms - yay. Its a huge hospital with a level III NICU, so I know it will be the best place to be around here. I couldn't find anything on the dog policy but I figure they allow dogs nearly everywhere in LA, so hopefully there will be a visiting policy. At least you have a nice TV, fridge, etc... its the little things that make a difference. And Diet Coke will make it better. Keep me posted on all....So glad you made it to this huge milestone.

    My husband went to Palm Springs to play golf for the weekend (I figured the guy deserved some time off from me!) so a bunch of my friends came over Saturday to make dinner and spend the night. It was a wonderful distraction.

    And, yes, if anyone else is out there in bed, join in!

  22. Yesterday's nurse did the steroids high on my hip just like PIO - today's did it lower on my butt. It burned a little going in but it wasn't bad. All done now - I think it will be at least a few weeks until they do them again.

    The nurse I had last night also works at the local hospital where I was before, and she had been my nurse the night of the biggest drama. I really appreciated how she handled things then and was glad to see a familiar face. She told me about a woman who was recently discharged and might give you a glimmer of hope. She ruptured her membranes at 12 weeks, was admitted at 24 weeks, then stayed here until she delivered at 36 weeks and the baby was OK - went home 4 days after birth. Fingers crossed that we'll both have similar outcomes! (though I don't even want to consider the thought of being in this bed for 11 weeks...)

    I'm sure you've seen all the news coverage about the snow storm that swept up the east coast... we're in the middle of it. So no visit from my husband today - it just isn't worth the risk and he is not even going in to his office. I am on the 10th floor of the hospital and can't really see the ground because of a myriad of hospital buildings below me, but from what I can see on the rooftops, there is a ton of snow out there. My husband said there's at least a foot in our driveway.

    That was very nice of you to let your husband escape to go golfing. Mine has his annual golf trip to South Carolina with his high school buddies scheduled for five days at the end of March. Of course he bought the plane tickets and booked the trip the weekend before all hell broke loose. We're going to wait until the week before to see what's going on before deciding if he's going or not. If it was somewhere like Palm Springs where he could jump in the car and be home in a couple of hours I would have no qualms, but this is a lot more travel.

    What are you doing about baby preparations? Like registering and getting a nursery ready? I put everything on hold for now figuring that if things are going to be OK, he'll be in the NICU for a while anyway and I can deal with it before he comes home. I went and very proudly parked in the "stork" parking space at Babies R Us and signed up for a registry after my Level 2 ultrasound at 18 weeks, when I felt like it was safe. Of course a week and a half later it all went downhill. I didn't actually add anything to the registry yet. I wanted to go to a baby boutique up in Boston to look at strollers and stuff and I guess that isn't going to be happening. I am totally stroller obsessed - currently I think I want either the new Peg Perego Si or the Baby Jogger 360. The more I lie here and look at stuff online though, I'm sure I'll get more ideas. The nursery is currently my office. It's already painted a really cheery yellow, so I'm leaving it that way and we just need to move my furniture out and get the crib and stuff. We have an Amby Baby already that I planned to use for the first few months in our room and I figure we'll figure out the rest later. I don't want a nursery full of furniture staring me in the face if something goes horribly wrong.

    I'm rambling... not a good sign that things are boring already!

  23. I laugh that at the start of this process, I used to be afraid of needles. During my first pg (which ended in M/C) I seriously hyperventilated when I had my blood taken. How times have changed!

    I'm glad you have a familiar nurse - that makes all the difference, I'm sure. I remember telling my nurse at my fertility clinic I wished I could take her with me forever, because she gave me so much comfort. That is a GREAT success story your nurse shared with you, too. I love hearing things like that to keep my spirits up. My girlfriend had her son at 26 weeks - no fluid since 20 weeks and cervix down to .5 or something crazy. He is now a thriving 3 year old. Yuck - I know the thought of staying in any bed that long is a tough thought. Sometimes I feel like I'm going nuts here all day, but we just have to think that there isn't a choice and its just what we have to do. Someday it will be a small memory in the grand scheme of life.

    That sucks about the storm - I saw it on the news this morning. Thank goodness you made it safely into the hospital before all of it hit. It makes me remember not to complain when it drops below 60 degrees here! (Not that I go outdoors anymore!)

    My husband has a plane ticket to a wedding in the Bahamas for one of his best friends in April. Same thing as you - I told him right now I dont want him that far away, but I guess we'll just cross that bridge later. I only feel comfortable knowing that he is a few hours MAX away from me. I know this has got to be so tough on our husbands, too, because I'm sure yours, like mine, always wants to "fix" everything for me and make it right. Unfortunately, he feels so helpless right now.

    Don and I were just talking about the baby preps last night. I already got the bedding - like you I was feeling really confident around 16 weeks. Heres a pic - I didnt get the bright pillows - I'm doing pastel yellow, blue, pink, green accents.
    The ceiling is a buttery yellow (like you I think I needed it to be sunny and positive), and I stupidly hired a muralist to paint the entire thing in a Hollywood theme with giant palm trees, a Hollywood sign, Walk of Fame with stars with the babies names in them, etc. I told him I will be waiting until after I give birth for him to paint, b/c I cant have a huge reminder of what could have been. I have buttery yellow star shaped rugs and found black furniture from Million Dollar Baby - think I will just get one crib. (In case you didnt guess decorating is my hobby!) I also boldly registered at Babies R Us for one of everything in pink and blue with a "Its a Girl and a Boy!" message. I have no idea about the strollers? I put so much time into researching the double strollers, and now I have no idea? I guess at this point I would rather be disorganized and happy than organized and disappointed. I think once I reach 24/25 weeks I'll let myself go in and really figure out what we need. Like you, I dont want a ton of stuff that I then have to deal with just in case things dont go well...

    I have a good feeling for both of us. You made it this far - MIRACLE. And my girl is still hanging on just fine - also MIRACLE. Do you make yourself a "schedule" every day? It helps me stay sane. Even if its stupid stuff like 10am "Watch Bridezillas" / 11am "Snack" / 12pm "Read Us Weekly" its nice to cross stuff off your "list". Hope you get to see your husband and get your Diet Coke soon. Can you get a nurse to buy you some from the vending machines?

  24. Debi - thanks for your post. I have been having yogurt every morning with my breakfast. I have PCOS and usually avoid yogurt because of the high sugar content but since I haven't had any GD issues so far I'm indulging in the full fat yoplait yogurt and enjoying every bite. Throughout the hospital stays, I've been having pudding cups for dessert, figuring that the first ingredient is milk so it can't be all bad. My husband is supposed to be bringing some string cheese to stash in the fridge - that is one of my healthy snack mainstays.

    Cynthia - I LOVE the bedding. That designer has such cute stuff it almost makes me want to change my plans...we have planned for a long time to use a Peter Rabbit theme. It was both of our favorite story book when we were little, and we have some wall hangings that my husband's grandfather made. I'm planning on solid color bedding to go with it.
    Sounds like you have quite the nursery planned. I can understand not wanting to have the mural done yet.

    I had a growth scan today. He's measuring about a week behind, which has been consistent for the last few weeks - he doesn't seem to be losing ground. He is about 655 grams which is 1 pound 7 oz. The good news was that they found a tiny bit of fluid (2.6) - not much but better than nothing, which is what they said he had at the last couple of ultrasounds. I'm not sure how much faith I have in the sonographer though. He said to me "you know the sex, right?" and I said "yes, we did CVS and we've seen it on about 15 ultrasounds." He then typed "GIRL" across the screen. At first I thought he was kidding but then saw he was moving on and clearly wasn't kidding. So I told him that it was definitely a boy, and he looked again and said something about the cord being in the way...

    I have not been good about having a productive schedule. Mine goes more like this:
    7:00-10:00 watch Today Show and spend time on Internet - facebook, email, check blogs, etc.
    10:00-11:00 think about doing something
    11:00-11:30 think about what to order for lunch
    11:00-12:00 Price is Right

    I was supposed to write a couple of thank you notes today but they haven't gotten done. My husband is on his way here now so maybe I'll try to get them done before he gets here with dinner from the outside world (and my diet coke!!!)

    I found another inspiring story for us - over on Fertile Thoughts, which generally drives me nuts.

  25. Hi Candace and Kit,

    I\'m not on bedrest now, but I spent 10w on bedrest in 2007 trying not to have my babies any sooner than possible.

    Candace, the fridge is key. I don't know if you like yogurt (my favorite is Cabot's greek style) but it's great for you and the baby. High in protein (packs the weight on the baby) and calcium (good for you since the baby is taking what it needs from your bones). That's mostly what I stocked my mini-fridge with, although there was the leftover skim milk since they always brought me 2 cartons.

    Kit, my furbabies were the things I missed most at the hospital. Once I was granted wheelchair privileges I tried to talk DH into bringing them for a visit, but we could never coordinate the visit with the weather.

    Good luck to both of you.

    (Oh, I was admitted at 23w4d in PTL with triplets; delivered at 32w5d (the last 2 weeks at home on bedrest))

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