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  1. Hi ladies- I am 26 wks pregnant w/ boy/girl twins and was put on scheduled rest last wk after seeing my High Risk OB and finding out my cervix had shortened from 4.7 to 3.2 in 2 weeks. I saw my regular OB yesterday and had my cervix checked again and it has shortened more, I am now on modified bedrest. Anyone else on bedrest? Also- does this mean I will be on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy or is it possible to be placed on bedrest and then at some point being released to normal activity? BTW- my babies are doing great- gaining weight and passing all the tests and monitoring the high risk OB is doing every 2 wks. Any feedback/advice/ or similair stories would be appreciated

  2. I cant believe no one responded to you!

    I was put on bedrest at 28 weeks with my twins. I was hospitalized with pre term labor but an intact cervix. I was in the hospital for a few days and then released to home bedrest which meant only bathroom use and a shower every other day. I was readmitted at 31 weeks and then readmitted again at 32 weeks and I stayed in the hospital for a week until I delivered at 33w3d (had pre eclampsia in addition to the PTL) It was manageable but boring. I watched lots of bad TV and read lots of books. By 32 weeks my cervix was 3cm dilated and remained that way until delivery. The only good news was that since I was 3cm, my delivery was very quick. I delivered big twins at 33w3d (4.10 and 4.6lbs) but they had to stay in the NICU for 5 weeks due to feeding issues. So, try to follow the bedrest to keep them in as long as possible.

    Good Luck!

    Twin DDs-6y

  3. I agree with tellymonster about following bed rest as well as you possibly can.
    I was put on strict bed rest at 24 weeks because my cervix had shortened and since I lived alone my doctor knew I wouldn't be able to maintain bed rest all by myself, so he admitted me to the hospital.
    You will be on bed rest for the rest of your pregnancy or at least until 35 weeks. Short cervixes don't usually get longer. They continue to shorten but it may take weeks (hopefully) before it shortens to nothing. They shorten faster if you don't take it really easy.
    My bed rest ended at 35 weeks. They told me I could get up and walk around, but I didn't want to by then because I was so used to being cautious. I didn't really walk around a lot until 36 weeks. My twins were born at 37 weeks and 5 days.
    Good Luck !

  4. I've been on modified bed rest since 22 weeks. I am now 28.5 weeks. It hasn't been too bad since I can still walk around the apartment, shower, get food, lay on the couch, etc. I don't have cervical problems, but IUGR in one of my twins. Still- it's not easy to do.

    A lot of women with twins end up with bed rest- but it will all be worth it in the end when you get to meet your babies!

  5. I went from no restrictions to hospital bedrest at 24w due to PTL. I was there until 28w. Then I was on modified BR for 5 more weeks. Then all restriction were lifted until I delivered @ 36w6d.

  6. My cervix started to shorten at 25 weeks from over 4 down to around 3. I stopped working and started modified bedrest, I got up to shower and get something to eat each day. My cervix stayed around 3 until 28 weeks and slowly kept getting shorter from there. I made it to 34 weeks 4 days when Baby A's water broke. I would definitely stay off your feet as much as possible. My doctor was going to let me start doing more at 35 weeks, but I didn't quite make it that far. Good luck.

    D&R 5 yrs old

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