BCP\'s in IVF cyle?

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  1. Just wondering how many people are prescribed Birth Control Pills the month before their cycle? I am gearing up for my third cycle and am wondering if maybe I need a protocal that does not involve birth control??

  2. Hi. I'm doing my second IVF fresh cycle and both time been on BCP. When is your cycle? I start lupron tomorrow

  3. I did BCP and lupron my first IVF cycle and had fragmentation. I am currently in my 2ww for my 2nd IVF and this time I did not do any BCP or lupron and I didn't have any fragmentation. So sometimes the BCP works for people and sometimes it doesn't. Good luck to you.

  4. I am a poor responder and never use bcp, main reason is bacause as far as I know bcp can actually suppress my ovaries and thats the last thing I need. I came to know for some clinics, the reason they use bcp is to time their patients cycles so they can do proper planning, dx and so on. Nothing else.

  5. I used bcp a month to reduce my ovarian cyst before steaming. I had OHSS so I couldn't do fresh. On my next cycle it was found that my ovarian cyst has increased to 5cm so I was given bcp again for another one month to reduce to 1.2cm before my transfer (natural FET). I am 5 weeks pregnant.

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