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  1. I am pregnant with my 3rd baby. Last year I gave birth to twins Preston Perry and Jordana Kathleen. I am not sure what the gender is but we are having such a battle on names. I don't want anything really popular because our last name is Hill. The middle is going be something from my family. Here is the list of Boys and Girls names we like and also the middle name list


    Anna (this seems a little popular too me but thinking of adding another name to it)

    Middles names for Boys
    Arthur (my dad)
    Julian (my grandmothers maiden name)
    Dean (my brother)
    Peter (my grandfather)
    Perry (my deceased brother but we already used this with our son)

    Robin (my mother)
    Lee (my moms and sister middle name)
    Jean (my aunt)
    Christine (my other sister)
    Daria (my first name)
    Nicole (my middle name)
    Kathleen (my grandmother who past away which we used for our daughter)

    I am open to suggestions.

  2. My faves on your list:

    BOY: Dominic - boy (I also like James but James/Jim Hill seems like there'd be a lot of them out there). I actually hear the other names on your list QUITE a bit these days, but don't hear Dominic too much.

    -Other boys names I like: Graham, Grant, Seth

    GIRL: Paige or Morgan for the girl (my least fave is Arielle)

  3. Okay, you don't want anything too popular or too common with your last name. Strike Jackson, Carter, Brady and James from the list. The older brother is Preston, so toss Parker.

    Here\'s what's left:

    Maxwell - Max Hill or Maxwell Hill. Sound okay, but kind of choppy.
    Spencer - This is very nice
    Julian - WINNER!
    Harrison - while not as common, alliteration and sounds very generational along with Grayson, Carson, Jackson, Bryson, etc that will be his classmates.
    Dominick - Ditch the K and call this one WINNER as well.

    Onto the girls:

    Morgan - Do you really want a Jordan and Morgan?
    Paige - sounds choppy with Hill, but okay.
    Anna - sounds like On a Hill. or And a Hill.
    Emilia - Emily is tired, so tired, so very, very tired. #1 name for over 10 years, now replaced by...wait for it...Emma.
    Nicole - this one is okay, but Danica and Mallory are better.
    Arielle - Nice name, too many Ls.
    Samantha - What in the Sam Hill are you thinking? I don't know if kids will get the reference, but it will haunt her someday.
    Danica - WINNER. Sounds good, unusual.
    Mallorie - Spell this Mallory and you have another WINNER.

    On the middle names - most of the girl options look like common filler for their generations and I'm not sure how meaningful they are - Lee and Nicole, particularly. Have you considered using the opposite form of the names, such as Petra for Peter or Julianne for Julian?

    Danica Robin Hill
    Danica Julianne Hill
    Danica Leanne Hill
    Danica Christine Hill
    Mallory Daria Hill
    Mallory Christine Hill
    Mallory Petra Hill

    Spencer Julian Hill
    Spencer Dean Hill
    Dominic Arthur Hill
    Dominic Julian Hill
    Dominic Peter Hill

  4. I like Danica Nicole or Danica Robin for a girl.

    For a boy I like Spencer Julian or Spencer Dean.

  5. i like samantha lee and maxwell dean (since ds got other borthers middle name)

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