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  1. I am breastfeeding my twins, but they have been getting bottles regularly since they were born (they are 9 weeks now) of EBM and occasionally formula. I was doing bottles every night (of EMB or formula, depending if I had EBM available) to see if it helped them sleep longer for a while, and then we stopped for the last week to see if maybe nursing was preferable to help them go to sleep.

    Anyway, started with bottles again 3 days ago, and my daughter freaked. She had maybe half her bottle (2 1/2 oz?) but cried the whole time and screamed for 3 hours after until her next feeding. My husband also tried, but same result. I tried again the next day and had the same experience. Anybody have any advice? I want them to be able to take bottles so that I don't always have to feed them, and because I plan to wean them at about 6 months, so she'll have to take bottles and eventually formula again.

  2. Both my kids did this. Initially took the bottle and then stopped. Just keep trying. One day soon they will def take again. I know this answer seems frustrating but they will definitely take the bottle again.

  3. Tuesday, I think it really depends on who and when gives the bottle. My baby is also ebf (6 months) and although he has gotten about one small bottle a day since 3 weeks, it's still way easier from someone else. In fact I barely ever give him a bottle myself. I find also that my little guy in particular refuses the bottle at bedtime. I think for him it's much more comfort to breastfeed. I have tried everything, the only thing I can think of is that he does take formula in a bottle, so most bottles I give are formula (pretty rare though).

    I don't know, the only thing I can think of is to maybe pick a different time (like the lunch-time feed) and just stick with it.

    I too want the *option* of weaning if I decide I want to wean earlier than a year, so having him comfortable with a bottle & formula for that matter was important to me. I also like being able to leave him once a week for for one feeding to get out of the house.



  4. I've also had the same thing happen to me and am looking for suggestions on how to get my DD to take a bottle again. She's six-months-old and was bottle fed expressed bm for the first two and a half months, she had trouble latching, but when she did that was it and now she won't take a bottle. I've tried, DH has tried and my mom has tried. The only time she took it was when I snuck it in her mouth while breastfeeding. She fed for a few minutes and then I took it out to try and pass her off and no way would she take it again.
    I agree Brittany, it would be nice to get out for an hour or so and not worry about having to rush home. Everytime I go DH ends up calling me and then I hurry home. The last time, a few days ago, by the time I got home she was very upset and screaming.
    Someone suggested to me to try feeding her from a sippy cup and I plan to try that out.
    Good luck ladies!!

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