Baby asprin?

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  1. Is anybody on this or extra folic acid? I wasn't but now since losing my first pregnancy I wonder if I should take it just in case. Our baby came back normal so this is the only cause that I can think of that killed our baby - either a blood clot or an immune problem.

  2. I am taking Folgard (rx folic acid) bc I am + for 1 copy of the MTHFR and I guess I don't absord folic or B vitamins very well. Have your had the immunity testing and blood clotting testing done? I would definately do the blood work since your baby was normal. I do not like that the RE's or OB's do not start testing for immunity or blood clotting factors until a person has lost three babies. I did all my b/w after just a chemical, I insisted on it. Also, my RE told me it can't hurt to take baby asprin, I have taken baby asprin many cycles, it didn't do anything for me (all BFN's when taking it) but my problem is AMA not clotting factors or immunity issues.


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