Baby A measuring behind Baby B

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  1. At my 20 week growth scan they noticed that Baby A had a velamentous cord insertion and while the baby had the appropriate measurements for 20 weeks, there could be issues down the road due to not getting enough nutrients from the placenta (bec the cord is not positioned properly). Today i went for my 22 week doctor visit which was just a quick sonogram to check cervical length and heartbeats. The doctor noted that Baby A is visibly smaller than Baby B.

    i'm hoping that Baby A is just smaller relative to Baby B but still within normal growth range but i wont know for another two weeks when they do my 24 week growth scan. But, my doctor is now scheduling growth scans every 2 weeks (instead of every 4) to monitor the babies more closely. She talked about potential bed rest, steriod shots to help the lungs develop if i need to deliver early, etc.....

    This is all seriously freaking me out and even though she told me not to worry, thats not really possible! Anyone else have any experience with this????

  2. Mohamed, my experience is different than yours, but I'll share what I know and suggest posting on the high risk board or doing a search for your specific diagnosis. You also may want to check the bedrest board. I was on bedrest at 22w with triplets due to ctx. At 23w4d we went for a growth US (BTW, good that they are monitoring you so closely) and found out my cvx was funneling (opening from the inside), I was over 50% effaced (they could feel my son's head), and I was having ctx 4 min. apart. I was admitted and put on mag sulfate. I got the steroid shots at 24w exactly for their lungs. I spent 49 days on hospital bedrest and it was totally worth it, although not easy. My babies were born at 32w5d with the smallest weighing 3lbs10oz and the largest at 4lb5oz--almost a pound differential. The smallest came home about 2w after her birth weighing less than 4 1/2 pounds. Her brother took nearly a week longer. (The youngest actually came home first.) While size is important, there are other things that factor in as well. I hope my story gives you hope and I'll be praying for you and your babies. My babies were doing quite well when I left the house this morning; they were 14 mos. on Sunday.


  3. I know exactly how worry you are.
    At my 29 weeks U/S they found out that baby B was 20% smaller than baby A and only in the 8th percentile.
    The good news is that being monitored very closely (I go now every other day)I got to 31 weeks and 2 days (today) with the goal to get to 32 at least.
    The big milestones are 30 weeks and then 32.
    As long as you are monitored closely everything should be OK.Ask ton of question and do not worry to ask to go more often to your DR.
    What we are experiencing happens to 15-25% of all twins pregnancies so they now what they are doing.
    Good luck and keep me posted on how you are doing.

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