August Cycles

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  1. apanta,

    I do understand, just to get to DE means that you have gone through your own failures and disappointments and you are thinking the donor can/should produce higher quality embryos than you can. At ER our donor had 9 eggs, 8 mature, 5 fertilized, at ET day 3 2 were grade A quality, one 7 cell & one 8 cell, we tx the two and were watching the other 3 to see if they were good enough to freeze, they didn't make it. So out of 9 eggs, only 2 were decent quality, I did expect more out of a DE cycle. I did get a BFP and have had strong betas, my p4 level has not been stable though. 1st U/S is Wed, I will be 6w1d. I am excited and hope to have a level of comfort once we have the U/S. Good luck with your beta, I wish you well.

  2. apanta, please try and stay positive. I know it is hard. I feel the same way, we have had so much bad news that it is hard to believe that anything will go right. Take care of yourself during the Tww! Fingers crossed.

    My ER is probably going to be on 9/2. Sis is coasting right now. She has a lot of follicles and her E2 is really high so I think they are watching her for OHSS. I am kind of worried but they keep saying everything is fine. Sis is doing great. I am excited but trying to stay guarded as well.

    Evergreen, good luck at your u/s! Let us know how it goes.

  3. Evergreen - Congratulations on your bfp! That first u/s must be exciting, but yet still a little nerve racking!

    Irish - Good luck with your sister! Please let us know how it goes.

    Afm - just waiting out my 2ww until 9/8

    Oh it is sooo hard!


  4. Hi ladies, we transfered 2 good embryos this morning. Both 6 cells. It doesn't look like we will have any to freeze. Trying to stay positive.

    Now I wait, and pray.

    apanta, only a few more days. Fingers crossed for you!

  5. Good luck Irish, It truely only takes one. Most of the girls that travel to CZ do not have anything to freeze (I didn't) so don't stress.

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